Most of us are familiar with a basic understanding of Astrology, we usually know what our astrological signs are, and how they relate to our personality, and experiences of life.

However, there are some lesser known aspects in Astrology that enhance our understanding of ourselves and others. An example of one of these aspects are elements which have a long history in and of themselves that doesn’t only apply to Astrology, but always applies as a form of divination.

There are four elements; Earth, Fire, Air and Water, and three astrological signs linked to each element. Each element carries different energies and aspects and the associated astrological signs will display aspects of these elements too. Below is a list of each element and their associated astrological signs.

The Elements & Their Astrological Signs

Earth = Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Fire = Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Water = Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.
Air = Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Astrological Elements


Earth signs are generally grounded in reality, they are practical, they enjoy material things, and creature comforts. They work hard, so that they can create and build tangible, and realistic experiences.

Earth signs know how to put a plan together, and how to bring that plan into reality, and they are very wise. But they are often considered, slow paced, methodical, and sometimes stuck in their ways, which can be frustrating for other elements.

Earth Energy - astrological elements

Earth is the slowest paced element out of all of the elements but is the element that can bring things into reality. And since the Earth is the foundation, and purpose for everything, earth sign individuals are often found trying to help other signs ground their ideas into reality, even if you don’t like what you hear. So don’t be frustrated when an Earth Sign bursts your bubble sometimes, they don’t mean it, they can see what you need and are trying to help.


In contrast to the element of earth, fire is fast, energetic, furious, and magical. Fire represents, energy and spirit, which also moves fast.

In general fire signs are usually the life and soul of the part, for they are indeed the life and soul – that is what their energy and spirit represents.

Fire Sign - astrological elements

Fire signs can be friendly, louder than some, energetic, fast paced, and fun. They will blow away any cobwebs, and when they enter a room they can warm it up, just through their presence alone. But they can be overbearing, and are also quick to temper. They can flare up fast, and can become out of control, which can sometimes lead to destruction.

Be patient with a Fire Sign if he’s a bit too fast and energetic for you. He’s trying to make you feel alive.


Water Signs are the keepers of emotion, they will happily swim around in it all day long if they could. They are the nurturers, the carers, counsellors and advisors. They excel at keeping others happy, they don’t like confrontation too much, and can get caught up in a fishing hook of emotional manipulation very easily if they’re not careful. They are creative, imaginative, and gentle, but they can be unrealistic, chameleons, and live in a fantasy world, or will retreat when they need to address something difficult.

Water Sign - astrological elements

Water signs move faster than Earth signs, but not as fast as air, or fire. Routine keeps them feeling secure, and they are often mysterious. There will always be something about a water sign that you just cannot uncover, their hidden sides are, well, hidden, and often mystical. They teach us about unconditional love, but the same time they protect all of themselves.

Be patient with a water sign if you notice them change their personality to fit in with others, or if they retreat from confrontation, they don’t mean it, they just want everybody to be happy.


Air signs are fleeting, changeable, refreshing, air has no place in the ground of earth, but it’s energy feeds everything. It’s the invisible force that fuels our spirits and cleanses our earth, It never stays still, it never stays around for long, it is liberated and free.

Air Energy - astrological elements

Air reflects mental energy, and shows us that when we have ideas that we must ground them so that they can take form, it’s the only way air can give life to something, by inspiring and then using other elements to create. Likewise, other elements cannot create without air.

Be patient with an Air sign if he seems distracted, it’s his nature. It’s very difficult for an air sign to totally relate to other elements because he can’t sit still for too long, he’s busy feeding the world with his idea’s. He just wants to inspire you and to do that he needs to keep moving.