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January 8, 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot of Sexual Magic


Man has been aware of the mystical and artistic power implicit in sexuality and the sexual act from the beginning of time. Furthermore, if magic is recognized as one aspect of reality, it is not unexpected that sexuality – which is so vital not only in the individual’s life but also in the life of the rest of humanity – plays a crucial role in magic as well. This brings us to the Tarot of Sexual Magic!

The sexual dimension’s magic power can be grown by abstinence, virginity, or preserving sperm, allowing the magician to channel the energy that gathers within him or her in a metaphysical direction.  There is even an exceptional artistic value to this tarot artist-based deck. The Tarot of Sexual Magic is perfect for on-the-go readings and you’ll see why soon enough.

This facet of sexual magic was personified in antiquity in priestly figures such as the Delphic virgins or the vestal virgins of ancient Rome. People’s sexual magic is more typically communicated through the act of sexual desire, embracing rather than resisting the urges that motivate the human person. Wish to know what makes the bestselling sexual magic tarot so great?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Innovative New Decks: Sexual Magic Tarot
  • Using the Sexual Magic Tarot as a Magical Tool
  • Becoming a tarot expert and expert reader with playful energies
  • Developing innovative primal drive with the Tarot of Sexual Magic

How the Tarot of Sexual Magic Influences Males and Females

To grasp the core of sexual magic, one must recognize two opposites that are independent yet mutually reinforcing: men and women. Masculinity represents the aspect of reality that is associated with the creation and the potential to fertilize.

In the Tarot, the male is linked with the suit of Swords and Wands (both of which are traditionally phallic symbols) as well as some of the Major Arcana, such as the Emperor, the Hierophant, and the Sun. The female symbolizes the aspect of reality that is associated with receptivity and fertility.

These aspects are connected with the suits of Chalices and Pentacles, as well as several of the Major Arcana, such as the High Priestess, the Empress, and the Moon, in the Tarot. On a mystical level, sex is the one time when the male and female merge and coexist.

This is a tremendously powerful aspect. Most people call it “passion,” but for those who have been initiated into magic, it signifies a significant strength that can be used and managed to modify and change everything.

What is the Tarot of Sexual Magic for you?

The Tarot deck, The Sexual Magic Tarot, can be used for a variety of purposes. Above everything else, it can be utilized in the same way as a standard deck would, but with a strong sexual impact. It can be utilized for individual divination and inspiration.

As long as the reader remembers that the images and symbols were chosen to correspond with the sensual, passionate, and secret sides of each individual’s psyche. The body, according to this Tarot, is the way to attaining the spirit.

Second, the Sexual Magic Tarot Cards can be viewed as a ritual map of an erotic route, or as a series of pauses on an individual’s or couple’s journey towards sexual knowledge. In this sense, the journey begins with the Magician, who embodies sensual purpose, and progresses via invitation and refusal, abandonment and doubt, to union, pleasure, and sensory freedom (symbolized by the Fool).

The third and more complicated part of this deck is the employment of the Tarot as a magical tool within a mystical and sexual act. In truth, each Arcana is a graphical and symbolic representation of a spell or ritual from the vast book of sexual magic.

Within this regard, it is critical to understand that sexual magic emerges from abandon and awareness, from instinct and drives that transcend corporeity. Those who intend to utilize these methods to dominate others or to achieve their own desires will fail.

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The Arcana of Tarot of Sexual Magic

Examining the Arcana The descriptions of some of the characteristics of each Arcana that may be relevant to the reader in understanding this deck is provided below.

  • The name: gives the Arcana’s traditional name as well as the number linked with it.
  • The act: denotes a vital word that describes the Arcana’s role in the individual’s or couple’s sensual path (in cursive type).
  • The magic procedure: denotes the magical action to which the Arcana refers, as well as the ritual or spell to which it is symbolically linked (in bold type).
  • The description: suggests a divinatory meaning or inspiration that can be used in a traditional reading.

Major Arcana

#1: The Magician

Who I am. Courtship. Intentional Magic. A new story is driven by desire; willingness and enthusiasm ensure success.


#2: The High Priestess

Waiting. The Formulary of Magic. It is already written in the book of destiny: the magical procedure necessitates knowledge and patience while you wait for a change within yourself.

#3: The Empress

The third character. Invitation. The Alphabet of Magic. Thought is a precondition for magic; when put into action, the concept creates reality.

#4: The Emperor

Virility. The Stones’ Mysteries To wield the power bestowed upon you, you must first master yourself.

#5: The Hierophant

Support. Magnesium Powder. You must first safeguard yourself and ensure that you have support before calling on a higher power. Your objective must be crystal clear.

#6: The Lovers

Seduction. The Plants’ Red Magic. Nature is an infallible guide: plants and animals are good models to follow. Magic perfume both seduces and sustains us in key emotional decisions.

#7: The Chariot

The Chariot is the seventh chapter. Conquest. The Command Sceptre. To defeat a foe, you must switch tactics and perspectives, pretending a retreat and then launching a powerful surprise attack.

#8: Justice

Justice is the eighth chapter. Meeting. The Power Sword. To achieve love, you must exchange something for it and pay the consequences for your mistakes in the past.

#9: The Hermit

Refusal. The seed’s retention. Slowing down allows the magic to take root. The psychic force’s power is twofold when it is suppressed.

#10: The X

The X represents the wheel. Change. The Mirror’s Seduction. Possibility of capturing a favorable destiny or modification of old wants and feelings By observing, you can determine where and how to alter your strategy.

#11: Fortitude.

Dominion. The Contact Mystique. To resist outside attacks, supremacy necessitates the greatest concentration of magical might.

#12: The Hanged Man

Sacrifice. Bonding. A strong tie, even if platonic; magical action in the face of obstructions and helplessness.

#13: Demise

Abandon. The Instinct is sublimated. Temporary sex abstinence enhances your desire. A relationship in transition: even the end of things must be embraced calmly.

#14: Temperance

Discontent. Love’s Filter Friendly yet cool relationships that will be warmed up by the power of plants. The filter of love awakens dormant desire and restores relational harmony.

#15: The Destroyer

Magnetism. Orgy is being liberated. Eros is a grandiose power that, when abused, can lead to deception, betrayal, or extortion.

#16: The Tower

Betrayal. The Doll’s name. A perilous scenario, betrayal, dishonesty, or an impending break-up.  Use all of your resources to defend yourself against this threat.


#17: The Stars

Attraction. The Union’s Mystique. A non-obligatory deed intended at attracting gives peace and relieves the soul of spitefulness. It is merely a romantic invitation to love; the rest will happen on its own.

#18: Fancy

The Moon. The Love Spell. A slow but powerful magical action based on music and the creation of happy imagery. It dispels deception and illusions, restoring domestic tranquility and promoting fertility.

#19: The Sun

Fascination. Fusion. The eye is the soul’s mirror, and it generates via the power of thought. When partners present happy images to one other, the relationship achieves togetherness and long-lasting splendor.

#20: Decision

It was love at first sight. The Power of Sound. The unexpected bursts forth to transform a stagnant situation, changing the level of the spirit.

#21: The World

Pleasure. Intimacy is magical. Touch promotes continuity, a satisfying and complete connection, calm and long-term contentment, and a peaceful family.

#22: The Fool

A hedonistic outburst. Giving surrender to love. We have been liberated from uncertainty thanks to the magical action, urging us to surrender to love. Spontaneity is willingness and willingness is spontaneity.

Minor Arcana

#1: Chalices

Ecstasy. Ace. The Comb and Brush’s Magic Loving enchantment is capped by achievement, fulfillment, and celebrations; good reasons to be happy and in love.

#2: Participation

The Scarab’s Mysteries Tenderness, attraction, affection, and teamwork. You can seduce by allowing yourself to be seduced.

#3: Drive

The Egg’s Mysterious Power. The egg represents the promise of life. It denotes progress, love success, and comfort from heartbreak.

#4: Habit

The Magic of the Scissors. The Magnet and the Coin Routine-induced immobility, habit, and indifference must be combated.

#5: Guilt

The Glowing Ember’s Magic. The weight of the past and its effects is constantly remembered, but it must be put behind in order to break through unduly burdensome relationships. You must be open to new experiences and liberties.

#6: Memory

The Parchment’s Magic. A portrait brings back memories of those who are no longer with us. It may rekindle the desire for an ex and dismantle hurdles from the past.

#7: Flight of Fancy

The Four Mint Leaves Have a Magical Power. The permeating perfume of mint is like the thought of our loved one on us: it stimulates romantic ideas and intentions.

#8: Insecurity

The Mysteries of the Thistle Bundle. Despite his reserve, you must endeavor to get to know your partner’s personality. Under the thorns, you’ll find the proper choice: a person who is honest and sincere.

#9: Euphoria

The Lantern’s Illusion. The lantern’s brightness secures the triumph of love, overwhelms the senses, and dispels rivals and hesitations.


#10: Attachment

The Chalice’s Mysteries. Attachment between spouses directs the relationship toward continuity, which is required for the formation of a happy family.

#11: Knave

Jealousy. The Ink’s Mysteries Doubts are slinking around in the background. Despite the great distance, you must find a means to communicate and meet.

#12: Knight

Modesty. The Red Candle’s Power. Are self-awareness and sexuality a result of shame or discretion? You can’t find yourself unless you interact with other people.

#13: Queen

Tenderness. The Yellow Leaves’ Magic. A sensitive and peaceful story gets you to the point of calmly deciding your future.

#14: King

Satisfaction. The Spiced Tea’s Magic. Surprises, awe, and frequent bantering must fuel a transparent and joyful partnership.


#1: Satisfaction

The Three Candles’ Magic. Mind, flesh, and spirit are all intertwined in a satisfying partnership. The intimacy that precedes intercourse is the foundation of love.

#2: Feelings of embarrassment

The Verbena’s Mysterious Power. Embarrassment, doubt, anxiety, and apprehension about getting involved must all be overcome.

#3: Temperature

The Earthenware Pot’s Mystique. A connection must be able to provide warmth and protection in order to be meaningful. To be able to receive, you must first give.

#4: Enjoyment

The Fan’s Mystique Pleasure is like burning coals: it doesn’t burn (you), but it does burn.

#5: Completion

The Rose and the Violin’s Magic. You can’t give up on changing the world around you to make it more like your beliefs. And besides, the world is where our love lives.

#6: Boredom

The Cut Apple’s Magic. There are love stories from the past and love stories from the future. Today, there is just one love, and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

#7: Exhaustion

The Mysteries of the Seven Knots. If you don’t learn how to offer energy to your lover, your love will become less pure and precious over time.

#8: Lack of interest

The Magic of a Cup of Coffee. Because it represents straightforward and honest feelings, an affectionate, soft, and compassionate attitude might help you overcome your partner’s disinterest.

#9: Dominion

The Magic of a Lock of Hair Reserve and discretion give birth to secret, wild, and passionate loves in which two individuals nourish one another.

#10: Desire

The Mirror’s Mysteries Love’s soul is vanity. You must first love yourself before you can love another, and you must first love yourself before you can love another.


#11: Knave

Arousal. The Mysteries of the Wine Goblet Experimentation leads to excitement, but neither can persist without some moderation.

#12: Dissatisfied Knight

The Green Lemon’s Magic. Patience allows the desired fruit to ripen, whereas hurrying turns every Chalice bitter. Coolness.

#13: Queen

The Mysteries of the Bay Leaves. You must overcome your partner’s coolness and persuade him or her to be generous, both emotionally and economically. This will instill calm, safety, and sincerity in the couple.

#14: King

Fear. The White Dove’s Magic. Fear widens the gap, and pursuing your mate will not help. Happiness is the result of two people working together to become closer to one other.

#15: Ace of Wands Union

The Statues in the Fire’s Magic Abandonment is self-surrender. One loses one’s desire to participate in something far greater.

#16: Proximity

The Mysterious Power of Sliced Bread. Sharing every piece of food allows you to connect with another person without losing yourself.

#17: Kissing

The Mysterious Power of a Ribbon Tied Around Your Leg. The force of comprehension and desire, as well as the yearning for nostalgia, assist in rediscovering an emotion you thought you had lost.

#18: Having fun

The Seven Beans’ Mysteries Sexual intent emerges from play and delight, just as harmony emerges from happiness.

#19: Observing

The Jug with Three Ribbons’ Magic Good fortune and happiness are not always and only for ourselves, but can be carried on to others in the hope that they will be returned to us in the future.

#20: Intimate

The Hare and the Dove’s Magic Getting closer, growing apart, misleading, affirming…every game of pleasure must come to an end, and all doubts must be removed. 

#21: Whispering

The Lizard’s Mysteries. Sunlight dispels doubts and suspicions. Clarity sheds light on feelings and situations.

#22: Amusement

The Swallows’ Mysteries Pleasure, in and of itself, is the essence of spring. Enjoying sexuality as a hobby gives you some room to breathe.

#23: Caressing

The Three Little Birds’ Magic. When a situation is suspended or obstructed by doubt, you must act quickly to remedy it because it cannot last indefinitely.

#24: Penetrating

The Toad’s Spectacular Magic. The might of man collides with the power of women. In order to be successful in love, both partners must be satisfied.

#25: Abandoned Knave

The Mysteries of the Olive Branches Character peculiarities might not always imply unreliability. To see the core of the feelings, you must look beyond appearances.


#26: Embracing Knight

The Spike of Wheat’s Magic. The tie that keeps others from escaping us is formed not from fear but from delight, not from chains but from freedom, not from past promises but from future aspirations.

#27: Undressing Queen

The linked rings’ magic. Daily joys foster honesty and devotion between partners. Every day, you must entice your lover as if it were the first time.

#28: King

Taking a close embrace. The Mysteries of the Nine Knot Bracelet Commitment is essential. The conquest is the result of serene willpower and mutual perseverance to offer yourself to each other.

#29: Swords Bonding

Ace. The Mysteries of the Knotted Red Rope Recognize that connection entails giving of oneself. Accepting skepticism and changing it into trust is what it entails.

#30: Greeting

The Black Chicken’s Magic. Compassion and empathy are born from making the correct promises and then keeping them.

#31: Taking

The Power of Fire and Salt. Before you can find the guts to terminate a now-empty relationship, you must draw attention to conflicts and incompatibilities.

#32: Masturbation

The Mysterious Power of Black Pepper Excitement enables you to compensate for a lack of affection. Nevertheless, if this continues, you will need to seek professional help.

#33: Upsetting the status quo

The Purple Flower’s Magic You must overcome your fear of being judged, your embarrassment, and your sense of inadequacy. You must change things up and take some chances.

#34: Rolling around

The enchantment of verbena in the brook. Searching for new vistas requires both a pair and a single person. The rest of the world exists outside of your everyday routine. 

#35: Try it out

The Seven Red Tulips’ Magic. Only starting isn’t enough, but it’s a start. Because not every seed ripens in a single day, you must persevere. 

#36: Scratching 

The Green Cloth’s Magic Green liberates sensuality and allows the body to guide the spirit before the mind can. You can’t teach the flesh if it’s not willing to listen. 

#37: Caressing

The Black Cat’s Magic. Taking some space to restore harmony, exciting to satiate desire, giving of oneself to let mystery die: even the world of love is a paradoxical place. After each error, you must start over. 

#38: Squeezing

The Tears Have Power. Even pain has the potential to be transformed into power. You should not avoid emotions, but rather use them to discover the true substance of your desires. 

#39: Knave

Biting. Bitter Almonds Have Power. The couple’s enemies are both within and outside the house. They should exchange glances. Vigilance does not detract from the enjoyment, nor does pleasure detract from vigilance. 

#40: Knight

Taming. The Frogs’ Magic is a story about the magic of frogs. Hunting is an ancient pastime. Although the ends justify the means, today’s prey will become tomorrow’s hunter and vice versa. 


#41: Queen on the prowl

The Black Candle’s Mystical Power. Death does not come from solitude. A bad relationship must be evicted, even if it means breaking your own heart. 

#42: Fondling King 

The Black Orchid’s Magic. Love is composed of power. True love is capable of pushing beyond the limits of strength. There are various types of strength.

Fears and Desires

This straightforward divinatory spread can be used to read the cards for oneself or a Querent. After you’ve shuffled and cut the deck, draw three cards and arrange them in a triangular formation on the table. 

  1. The first card indicates a person’s desires. 
  2. The second card is a symbol of fear.
  3. The third card suggests a possible life lesson. To apply this spread, keep in mind that in every circumstance, especially one involving love or sexuality, an individual is torn between his own desires and worries. 

Before denying the former and disregarding the latter, it is essential to grow and learn from experience: a life lesson formed of a meeting-confrontation between desires and anxieties.

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Final Word:

Having the Tarot of Sexual Magic is an exciting and practical addition to your tarot deck collections as it also possesses exceptional magical energy and bestows upon you great gifts of rich tradition. Who knew that witchcraft and tarot cam ensure you quality and a better source for your sex life?

What does the tarot of sexual magic mean for your personal tarot journey?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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