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Shining The Light On Shadows Through Numerology

Numbers are assigned to every aspect of our life, from our birth date to the longitude and latitude of where we were born. We have numbers for how we express…

Chart of Astrology
Astrological Chart Reading: Part 1 – Understanding The Elements and Components of A Birth Chart

Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to look at any astrological birth chart, either yours or someone else’s, and quickly see the most important components of somebody’s personality…

The sky make a beautiful view
Encountering Your Higher Self

Imagine a version of yourself that is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, free totally of the stresses and struggles of life. With many of us having a hard time just getting…

Leo Sign
It’s Leo Season! Here’s How To Own The Lion Shift This Month

Last month saw us relishing in comforting arms of Cancer, where our homes were lit with candles and coziness. Self-care, meditation, self-reflection and a slower pace were high up on…

Rock are different color and see the beautiful of rock
The Magic Of Crystal Healing

If you’ve taken a physics class you understand that all matter, at an atomic level, is constantly vibrating. From gases to liquids to solids, the particles that make up the…

A man think about telepathic
The Power Of Telepathic Healing

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Experiencing that eerie sensation of someone’s eyes on you and then turning around to find the stairing culprit, many claim, is an…

Planet Earth
The New Earth Theory

As iconically stated in the 1979 film Hair, many believe we are currently at the dawning of the astrological Age of Aquarius. As we leave behind the dogma ridden Age…

A girl stand on the highest rock and see the beautiful of the world
How To Use Numerology to Set Perfect Goals For Your Life

There is a little known but interesting way that we can work with our birth date numerology which is perfect for helping us to set and achieve goals in a…

Spirit from astral plane
Exploring And Navigating The Astral Plane

Scientists have recently theorized what spiritual movements have been maintaining for millennia: our reality is multi-dimensional. Whether it is the lokas of hinduism, the sefirot of Kabbalah, or the dimensions…

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