protective qualities of blue crystals

December 1, 2022

Blue Crystals: Harnessing Their Protective Qualities


Heaven sent; the blue crystals are beautiful. Because of the high frequency and positive vibrational energy these blue crystals emit, they have a very therapeutic effect. Simply having a blue crystal nearby provides instant relief, a sense of calm, and the assurance that you are free to speak your mind without fearing being judged. 

There are numerous varieties of blue crystals available, and some of them are imbued with soothing and comforting healing. Still, the lyrical vibrations of other blue crystals are more mysterious and ethereal. All of these things will help you loosen the blockages in your throat chakra, and all of these things will soften and strengthen you. 

Selecting the appropriate blue stone is intuitive; you should believe that the blue crystals will speak to you and then take the lead. You may ask yourself, “what are blue crystals used for?” Well, you’ll find that there are blue stones for protection and so much more. With that said, are you ready to find suitable blue crystals for yourself?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Discovering the Blue Crystal Meaning and its Properties
  • Learning about the Blue Crystals for Healing and their Powers
  • Finding out about the Blue Stones for Protection and their Potency
  • Unearthing the Perfect Blue Protection Stone for you and your Loved Ones

The Top 17 Blue Crystals that will Benefit You:

#1: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is so beautiful that it will make you fall in love with its shifting light of deep blue and gold. These dark blue crystals are shrouded in secrecy and have a storied past steeped in legend. Additionally, Lapis Lazuli is traditionally known as the stone that wards off the evil eye. 

Lapis is a stone that helps us become our guiding light. It is a protective stone, an artistic stone, and a stone that is always ready to plunge you into self-awareness. This stone activates intuition by connecting to the third eye and opens the throat chakra, allowing divine truth, knowledge, and peaceful clarity to flow freely through both energy centers.

#2: Aquamarine

The Aquamarine stone, which glistens in sea-bright tones of green and blue, is composed entirely of water’s clean energy. These sky-blue crystals have rare power that responds to your siren song and simultaneously makes it feel cold and refreshing. This stone will ensure that you have faith in yourself and the belief that the universe wants what is best for you. 

It will also protect you from negative energy. It inspires you to go with the flow and draw on the freedom of expressing yourself personally. Aquamarine is a stone that encourages peaceful living.

#3: Blue Kyanite

With the assistance of Blue Kyanite, you will find that both your thoughts and mouth open up. You can learn to harness the loving energy of kyanite and utilize it to heal your expression if you locate this gem clothed in shades of blue. Kyanite is a stone that is full of loving energy. These light blue crystals us the confidence to express our minds and the ability to do so from a position of unclouded insight. 

Kyanite in blue stimulates higher levels of conscious thought and invites us to investigate expanded concepts of who we are. It gently teaches us to pay more attention to what is going on in our minds so that we may become more aware of what we desire and learn how to ask for it.

#4: Sodalite

Sodalite is a powerful energy source because it captures the ocean’s vibrant energy and salty colors as it crashes upon the coast. These royal blue crystals encourage you to speak your truth, take responsibility for your integrity, and forge your route through life. Sodalite stimulates the mind, leading to more profound communication and creativity. 

It also helps your artistic mind strike a balance between logical and rational thought. When we can maintain this equilibrium, we can make sound decisions that aren’t merely driven by the intensity of our feelings. The soothing qualities of sodalite are always ready to bring harmony to your head and heart.

#5: Larimar

Larimar is a stone that will help you connect your voice with your heart. It is filled with a stunning blue radiance. This gentle and calming stone is about pouring water on the flames of rage rather than letting them consume you. You won’t be cut off in any way, even though it may cool your blood and calm your racing thoughts. 

Instead, Larimar channels that energy into communication that is calm and collected. These pale blue crystals wish for you to speak your truth and to do it from a place of conscious connectedness, and they will do everything in their power to assist you in accomplishing both of these goals. In addition, it helps reduce tension and worry and encourages a more lighthearted and carefree view of life and the world.

#6: Azurite

Azurite means grace, depth, dreams, and increasing one’s inner vision. It is said to be as profound as the galaxy that hangs overhead. Also, Azurite stimulates the third eye chakra, which in turn stimulates the awakening of insight, the deepening of intuition, and the assistance in finding one’s own internal compass. 


This crystal not only links with the third eye but also connects with the heart and the neck, creating a complete and pure line of energetic strength that runs directly through your top chakras. Azurite can also help you get rid of worrying sensations and free yourself from self-limiting thoughts, which is another one of the many benefits of using this stone.

#7: Blue Calcite

With the help of the soothing energy of blue calcite, you can let out a deep emotional sigh and learn to let go of things that aren’t doing you any good. Blue calcite exudes calming energy and is said to align with the throat chakra and the third-eye chakra. Doing so helps us maintain a connection to our unique interpretation of truth and purpose. 

It is said that Blue Calcite is one of the most potent instructors since it helps us improve our memories, teaches us how to lead from a place of knowledge, and helps us remember new information. Blue Calcite has been known to have a sedative effect, helping those going through difficult times or dealing with sorrow. This allows our bodies and minds to better digest the pain that we are experiencing.

#8: Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate exudes an indescribably calm atmosphere and reminds one of the warm summer breezes. This stone’s surface is covered in a swirling pattern of the palest shades of blue, bringing mental calm and the capacity to sit in quiet reflection and take it all in. 

The milky-blue colors drain out thoughts of anxiety and replace them with simple joy and thankfulness instead of the negative thinking that was there before. 

Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful healer that paves the path for self-acceptance, protects from electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and clears the throat chakra of any obstructions that may have been caught there.

#9: Blue Apatite

Utilize the restorative power of blue apatite to propel you further in your ascent. This emerald-green stone is absolutely stunning when it comes to cleaning up emotional problems and putting down our baggage so that our hands are free to grasp what’s next. 

Blue Apatite, much like the tide, can wash away feelings of weight and worry while simultaneously helping to raise our vibrational frequency. This gem inspires you to think imaginatively and take a more unconventional approach when finding solutions to problems.

#10: Blue Quartz

The blue quartz colors have undertones similar to those of the nighttime and navy blue. This stone, like all other varieties of quartz, has no problem amplifying the energy that you put forth. The vibrations that are emitted by blue quartz are soothing, and it frees us from rigidity. 

It provides us with the inner strength and confidence that tells us it is safe to let go of our grip on something. Openness and a heightened awareness of one’s independence come hand in hand with sentiments of flexibility. All of these factors contribute to increased communication not only with ourselves but with others, as well as to the intuitive living.

#11: Blue Sapphire

The Sapphire crystal, known for its regal hues of blue, is associated with virtues such as loyalty, intelligence, and perseverance. It is a beautiful stone to turn to in transition since it allows you to calm the mind, improve your self-discipline, and find your way through the chaos. You can discover more information about how this stone can benefit you here. 

Blue Sapphire also delivers a cleansing energy that works on both the emotional and physical levels to drain out impurities from the body and shake free harmful thought patterns in the mind. Blue Sapphire is a stone of transformation. It instills the value of sound judgment and helps you grow closer to the person you love.

#12: Celestite

In the celestial light emanating from the Celestine stone, heavenly hues of white, silver, and blue come into collision. This dazzling gem is brimming with ethereal power, and utilizing it will offer you access to those higher abilities. 

Celestite will astonish you with its dedication to assisting you in gaining admission to higher vibrations, making it an excellent choice for individuals who wish to infuse their lives with more ethereal energy. The development of clairvoyant abilities, exploration of dreamwork, and activation of the third eye chakra is all components of Celestite’s compassionate work.

#13: Chalcedony

Chalcedony’s calming energy will ease your concerns and help you break free of the stress and anxiety holding you back. This precious stone can assist you in bringing sentiments that have been buried to the surface so that you can allow them to wash over you like waves in the ocean. 


Chalcedony has an extremely relaxing energy, which means that even if it stimulates the rise of these sentiments, it does not do so in an overpowering manner. When you wear this stone, you will feel more at ease, centered, and connected to the here and now.

#14: Dumortierite

With the self-assurance-boosting force of dumortierite, you should get up and take charge of your own life. This stone possesses tremendous power and can activate the brain in the most beneficial manner possible. 

In addition to reawakening any psychic abilities that may have been dormant, dumortierite has been shown to increase levels of patience, bolster intellectual capacity, and bring emotional balance. Those who have this deep blue stone in their lives benefit from all of these things, which help to bring them strength and a sense of empowerment.

#15: Chrysocolla

The Chrysocolla stone’s kaleidoscopic palette and positive energy have us feeling jubilant and colorful. This treasure flaunts a stunning ensemble of green and blue tones, accented with brilliant streaks of copper coloring. The teaching stone is a type of gem that is all about inviting you to walk into your highest truth, and it is all about inviting you to step into your highest reality. 

This is because Chrysocolla stimulates your appetite for learning new things. Additionally, it encourages you to be expressive of who you are, which helps you become more self-aware. When combined with the balancing task of bringing light and love to your heart and throat, you can be sure that your voice comes from the core of your sincerity and desire.

#16: Spinel

Spinel evokes sentiments of happiness, hope, and the spirit of renewal. While it comes in various colors, we appreciate blue for its capacity to empower people to break free from outdated ideas. 

Spinel keeps you from feeling stuck by reminding us that moving forward brings motion and growth. On the other hand, Spinel makes your path forward more conscious by balancing your need to succeed with the significance of reflection, thought, and focused practice rather than inviting you to forge ahead with a moment’s thought.

#17: Blue Moonstone

Declare your acceptance of otherworldly power as you invite the healing energies that emanate from the tumbling Blue Moonstone into your life. The beauty of this stone lies in its delicate and girlish qualities. Although the blue moonstone and its sister, the white moonstone, share many of the same capabilities, it is particularly effective at dispelling any negative energies clinging to your chakras. 

The Blue Moonstone will calm and stabilize you while providing a sense of completeness in every moment of the day. It will never stop nourishing you, providing you with everything you require, and being an incredible support sensation 24 hours a day.

Final Word:

When it comes to power, blue crystals are fantastic at complimenting each other. For example, you can combine a light blue crystal with a dark blue stone to tap into your spiritual side, while a lighter blue crystal can bring the light inwards and strengthen your foundations of self-respect, honor, honesty, and compassion.

Which of the blue crystals do you think suits you best?

Let us know in the comments down below!

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