spiritual cleanse in a new age

October 13, 2022

How to Master Spiritual Cleanse in the New Age


Spiritual Cleansing on a deeper level is one approach that can be used to resolve issues of this nature. It is a sort of energy healing that allows you to recognize and cure the illnesses of your soul that may be causing them to materialize in your day-to-day existence. Think of it as a cleanse for your body—a spiritual purge, if you will. 

When you put your body through a detoxification process, that is the primary objective, right? It is to eliminate all the junk that’s been building up in your stomach. On the flip side, the purpose of spiritual cleansing is to purge your soul of any blemishes or imperfections it may have. Generally speaking, these contaminants represent our negative energy. 

The majority of us, when confronted with our challenges, believe that the only way out is through extraneous means or resources. We frequently believe that the solution can be discovered in our immediate environment. On the other hand, some of the difficulties are inherent. Are you having a difficult time with your soul cleansing?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Learning how to do a spiritual cleanse properly
  • Mastering spiritual purification with cleansing methods
  • Giving yourself a spiritual bath through a cleansing ritual
  • Warding off karma and negativities through spiritual cleansing

How to do a Spiritual Cleanse to protect your Aura

Our auras will constantly be exposed to negative energy, no matter what we do. You do not remove yourself from others when you want to shield yourself from negative energy. What you should concentrate on is how you react to their energies. After all, humans require interaction with other living things. 

To protect yourself, you must learn to filter what you acquire from these conversations. A psychic attack occurs when you are exposed to negative energy. You, like viruses, must create a defense mechanism to prevent energy blockages from entering your system. Recognize that you can reject them. 

To be clear, rejecting negative energy does not imply refusing to talk to a crying buddy or only hanging out with joyful people. When we talk about rejecting negative energy, we mean not allowing it to affect you more than it needs to. 

Empaths are excellent examples. As an empath, you tend to absorb the emotions of the person you’re speaking with. You treat their difficulties as though they were your own. As a result, you carry the burden in your soul even if you shouldn’t. 

Through educated conversation, you may protect your aura from negative energy. This implies that you do not just interact with other beings. You evaluate their energy and accept only energies you believe will improve your spiritual wellness. Have the courage to reject everything that makes you unhappy through spiritual cleansing.

Steps to perform a Spiritual Cleanse

#1: Examine Your Spiritual Health

Where do you stand spiritually right now? The first step toward spiritual purification is to assess your spiritual health. Are you usually content? Or do you have a lot of bottled-up rages and other emotional problems? You can’t get rid of negative energy if you don’t recognize it in the first place. Acceptance is essential for soul cleaning. 

After discovering your underlying difficulties, the following step is to resolve them. Reconciliation is the only method to resolve a problem. If you still harbor grudges against family, friends, or coworkers, resolving them through nonviolent confrontations is better. Otherwise, throw it all away. The purpose of spiritual cleansing is to cleanse your heart of all grudges.

#2: Practice Meditation

Meditation, as we all know, entails a variety of relaxation and mind-clearing practices. If you want to purify your soul, you’ll need these. When the body and mind are relaxed, it is simpler for the soul to receive positive energy. As you practice meditation regularly, you will feel lighter and brighter overall. This is the result of expelling your negative energy with each session. 

Zen meditation can also help you develop a more comprehensive view of difficult situations. You approach problems with greater understanding because you are generally at peace. You do not react in an instant. You understand how to take a step back and relax. As a result, you are shielding yourself from potential psychic attacks.

#3: Have a Spiritual Bath

A spiritual bath is more than just a candle-flower-wine bath. This bath is designed to help you get rid of negative energy. Most individuals prefer using natural materials such as salt, dried flowers/herbs, and even seeds instead of bath bombs and other artificial scents. Salt is extensively utilized among them because it is thought to be a powerful repellent of hostile forces. For a simple spiritual cleanse, use Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, or natural sea salt.

#4: Always Exercise

Exercising is another effective method for dispelling negative energy. You’ve probably heard of folks who resort to exercise when anxious. Aside from the neurochemical consequences, exercise gives people a sensation of power and solitude. 


Do you ever feel the outside world doesn’t matter when you’re too concentrated on your routine? As though you’re trapped in a vacuum? This is because your energy is at a velocity that no outside force can break. You will feel more energized and in command of your body after your session.

#5: Manifest via Visualization

Some may dismiss visualization as simple daydreaming, but it is a powerful tool for increasing happiness around you. Visualizing your dreams, happiness, and even simple things like nature may significantly impact your energy. 

If you want to undertake some spiritual cleanse, visualize your life without the things or people who stress you out. Consider a life with financial security, a contented family, and excellent health. The more you envision optimism, the less time you have to entertain anything else.

Steps to Perform a Spiritual Cleanse on your Environment

#1: Smudge

Smudging is the most common method of purifying the energy in your environment. This is accomplished using sage, palo santo, and other plant materials. Smudging has been performed since ancient times, according to faiths such as Buddhism and Christianity. The most popular phrase today is incense, which comes from the Latin word incensum, which means “burnt.” 

By smudging, you are attracting positive energy into your environment. The smoke functions as an air cleaner. It is claimed that once the smoke departs the room, it takes all negative energy. Because so many individuals have discovered this practice, smudging supplies are widely available, even in your local grocery store. Herbs are typically formed into sticks for easier burning. Some people, however, prefer bundled ones for stronger smoke.

#2: Clear Out Your Clutter

Spiritual cleansing can also be obtained by clearing your space regularly. If you like to keep old material that may already be considered trash, you can bet that negative energy will attach to it; how your room/house appears is often a reflection of your mental state. If everything around you seems disorganized, it merely signifies that your soul is trying to maintain order. 

As Marie Kondo puts it, throw away anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Make room for something new and improved. The only way to cleanse your environment is to ensure room for optimism. When you work in an orderly place, you will notice that it is much simpler to breathe and move. This will inspire you to create more.

#3: Bless Your Food and Water

Some may find this absurd, but you can bless everything that enters your system. You influence the energy of your water and food by blessing them. Your intentions have an impact on how the body absorbs things. It’s as though the body understands that you trust what you feed it. This pleasant energy will assist the body in reaping the most nutritional benefits. 

A quick prayer before a meal is required for religious individuals. This assists you in shifting your energy to complete bliss and thankfulness. Others would appreciate it if you expressed gratitude to nature or the universe. The bottom line is to show your spirit’s gratitude in your unique way.

#4: Utilize Healing Crystals

Crystal healing is becoming increasingly popular among those seeking a spiritual cleanse. For a long time, crystals have been promoted as traditional medicine. They are now thought to be comprehensive cleansers of energies and auras. Different crystals have different effects on their users. 

Placing clear quartz in your room, for example, instantly increases the positive energy surrounding you. Alternatively, keep an amethyst near your bed to help you sleep. Amethyst emits the calming energy required for restful sleep. Finally, a tiger’s eye on your office desk will undoubtedly give you the motivation boost you require.

#5: Immerse Yourself in Nature

Nature has a way of healing that everyone can agree on. This is why it is critical to reconnecting with nature regularly. If you can’t always get away, bring nature to you. Purchase some indoor plants. Indoor plants will bring the energies of the soil into your home. 

When you have plants in your home, you will notice that it instantly brightens up. Plants emit a certain sense of calm and peace. Seeing greenery within your home will undoubtedly improve your mood. The vibe will inspire you to be more positive in all you do. Nature plays a vital role in spiritual cleansing.

Is it possible to Spiritually Cleanse Overnight?

Remember that spiritual cleansing is a process since this is an essential point to keep in mind. This is a journey of some sort. You can’t call what you’ve done spiritual healing just because you added some Epsom salt to your bathtub or bought a bunch of different plants. Just focus on one day at a time. 

The most important thing for you to do at this point is to build a routine in which you include all the stages discussed earlier. A shift in one’s disposition is not the same as having one’s spirit purified completely. You can feel happier now than when you woke up, but does that mean your spirit has been purified? 


The objective is to sustain that state of contentment over a considerable amount of time. Be constant in your spiritual cleansing practices, as doing so will cause a shift in your whole outlook. You experience a sense of lightness and calmness and an increase in the clarity of your physical, emotional, and mental being.

Final Word: 

Spiritual Cleansing will undoubtedly make a massive difference in your life, especially when you find the proper ritual or method. It will bring you the sense of calm and clarity that you need to prosper in life.

Which steps of spiritual cleansing do you find to be most effective?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments down below!

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