Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what ace of cups tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Ace of Cups General Meaning

The Ace of Cups is an excellent reminder that success and progress can be attained if you maximize your creativity and intuition wisely. It signifies a strong burst of emotions which may be in the form of extreme bliss, satisfaction and love in several aspects of life.

In this card, a giant hand lurking from the clouds can be seen holding an enormous golden cup. It is brimming with sparkling water coming out in abundance which stands for the purity of a person’s emotions.

The five streams overflowing from it symbolizes intuition and the significance of heeding to the call of your instinct. If you take this cup to quench your thirst, it would not be impossible for you to experience emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

There will be copious joy and happiness if you would follow the decrees of your inner self.

Ace of Cups Upright Meaning

It connotes emotional and spiritual fulfillment in the different areas of life. This may open doors towards a new and exciting adventure that will empower you to live life to the fullest.

It gives you the opportunity to start with a clean slate and to put the pain of the past behind. By doing this, it would be easy for you to heal and move forward from the sadness, grief and frustration that have devoured your positivity.

So, when this golden cup is being offered to you, do not hesitate in drinking its waters. It will surely satisfy your emotional and spiritual thirst.

Love Meaning - Ace of Cups Upright

This truly wonderful card represents the beginning of multiple things and the guarantee of stability. In a relationship, this means that many opportunities will be made available for both you and your partner to move your existing plans forward: a job offer, heightened fertility, success in investment and so much more.

You need to take advantage of the full benefits of this card and explore many things to get the most out of your life together. This is likewise true if you’re single at the moment, because it means there’s ample opportunities for new romantic beginnings.

Wealth Meaning - Ace of Cups Upright

Much overflows from the Ace of Cups, and in the context of wealth, this means money and even more money. This card is particularly great because the Ace of Cups’ effect is amplified the harder the effort.

For example, if you’ve had to survive crunch time in the previous months, then all of the effects of your work will come back to you several times in the form of extra pay and even recognition from your boss as you inch one step closer to a promotion. This is a card that rewards dedication, because dedication breeds opportunity.

Ace of Cups Reverse Meaning

It may imply that the waters overflowing from the cup are not put into good use. It then becomes empty and unfilled, just like you.

When this card is placed Card in Reverse, there may be drought and famine in your emotional and spiritual health. You become emotionally unstable due to the feeling of pain, failure and frustration that have continued to linger on you.

There is a sense of loss because the thing that gave you immense happiness is no longer serving its purpose. You are no longer capable of pursuing the creativity and passion to do beautiful things because your inspiration towards it is vehemently fading.

Love Meaning - Ace of Cups Reversed

In the context of love and relationships, the opposite position represents rashness and being too demanding. You might be recklessly pining over someone who isn’t interested in you, or that you’re investing way too much attention into the tiniest details of your relationship instead of focusing on the long run.

Squeezing as much blessing from life is a good thing, but if you demand too much from your relationship, both of you could end up paying for it dearly. Enjoy life as much as possible, but learn contentment and move forward one step at a time.

Wealth Meaning - Ace of Cups Reversed

Reversing the Ace of Cups represents a combination of two things: an ill omen and an inner void. This card carries urgency with it because there is no greater enemy to financial growth than personal dissatisfaction.

This is because a low-paying job that you love is better than a high-paying job that you hate. Consequently, being in the latter will hurt your finances, because you won’t want to work as hard.

As such, consider going for greener pastures. It is risky, but if you do it right, you will be much happier and wealthier with your next venture.

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