Two of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what two of cups tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Two of Cups General Meaning

The presence of the Two of Cups is a symbolism for partnerships, commitment, relationships and the love that is nurtured in it. It may be in the guise of a romantic affair with your partner or a long and lasting friendship with your close pal.

There is joy and happiness when they support you all the way or when you simply spend quality time with them. In this particular card, a picture of a man and a woman can be seen exchanging their cups with one another.

They are seemed to be attending a significant or momentous event and they are grateful for the chance to be able to participate in the said occasion. The figure of Hermes’ caduceus seen between them stands for cooperation, trade, negotiation and the dual order of things while the chimera found above it represents passion and the burning drive to get things done.

Two of Cups Upright Meaning

It indicates the presence of a partnership built from a strong foundation. It embodies a harmonious and reliable relationship with the other partner as it is grounded on mutual respect, understanding and empathy.

In terms of career, the appearance of this Card in Upright implies that you are being appreciated and loved in your workplace. You are at ease with the people around you since you are sympathetic and considerate in dealing with them.

With regards to your financial status, it may mean that you are able to manage your debts and obligations well. You are able to balance the money and wealth you are handling and it is not difficult for you to resolve any financial issue.

Finally, when it comes to love, it may signify commitment and a long-lasting relationship. Both of you are determined to keep the romance burning by continuously understanding each other’s flaws and weaknesses.

Love Meaning - Two of Cups Upright

The upright position of this card is one of the best outcomes you could possibly hope for in a Tarot reading, as it means the possibility of a lasting relationship. If you’re already with someone, this means both of you are going to last long, and if you continue to fan the flames and keep things together, everything will stay well.

Your partner is loyal, caring, and worthy enough for you to entrust your entire life. This also bodes well for you if you’re single, because your next relationship may well be the best one ever.

Wealth Meaning - Two of Cups Upright

In matters of business and careers, the Two of Cups in the upright position suggests that an advantageous partnership might be headed your way. This is particularly useful for you, because wealth is something you never earn by yourself.

Further still, having a lot of friends to count on may be one thing, but having someone who will always have your back through thick and thin such as a spouse or a loyal business partner will definitely increase the rate of your financial growth. This is a very good omen for you, as it definitely means more prosperity and stability.

Two of Cups Reverse Meaning

You have failed to maintain the balance and harmony that was once present in your affairs. The stable and peaceful partnership that you have previously nurtured is now shattered into pieces.

You encounter misunderstandings and quarrels as time passes by but this can be fixed if you would just talk it out. Increase your patience in dealing with your partner and be the first person to open up to him.

Love Meaning - Two of Cups Reversed

The opposite of a great partnership is a toxic one, and in romantic relationships, the strain of this could be amplified, especially if you’re very invested in it. This is because your partner may be manipulating you, or that the very core of your relationship isn’t built on genuine love.

Your relationship may look fine, and you two may be holding hands frequently, but all of this could unravel very rapidly later. As such, exercise extreme caution.

There’s still a chance for things to get better, but prepare for the worst just in case.

Wealth Meaning - Two of Cups Reversed

When reversed, the Two of Cups represents duplicity and lies; two deadly characteristics of a false partnership. This can manifest in many ways; perhaps a coworker you trust may be talking about things behind your back, or your business partner is only after their own interest and will leave should your company lag financially.

This card also hints at the presence of hostility within the workplace, which could already be having an effect on your team’s cohesiveness. As such, this outcome tells you, rather sternly, to be vigilant of your surroundings so you don’t lose everything.

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