Three Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Three Of Cups General Meaning

The Three of Cups portrays a momentous event; a celebration; a festivity of some sort. It signifies the advent of an unending and great happiness brought about by the success of a project or undertaking.

It suggests of the joy that a person may obtain when he nurtures a harmonious relationship with his family, friends and loved ones. It speaks of bountiful blessings, abundance and peaceful affiliation with others.

This card illustrates the figure of three women who are having the time of their lives. They are raising their golden cups in the air which illustrates that all of them are in a festive mood.

The wreaths found on their heads signifies success and victory and the fact that they are situated on a field adorned with flowers and fruits elevate their joy to a whole new level.

Three Of Cups Upright Meaning

When put in an upright position, the Three of Cups speaks of bliss, happiness and joy when success and achievement are within reach. It speaks of the delight and pleasure you get when you accomplish an important duty or task.

It stands for the abundance of blessings you are capable of receiving when you reap the fruits of your hard work and labor. It may also represent a joyous or significant event such as job promotion, marriage, birthday or any festive occasion.

Other than that, it may symbolize the satisfaction and contentment you get when you foster a peaceful and loving relationship with others. It may be in the form of a harmonious family life, a romantic affair with your love partner or a supportive and caring set of friends.

It indicates the celebration and jubilation that is experienced when you bond and reunite with the people dear to you.


Love Meaning - Three Of Cups Upright

This is a time to celebrate your relationship and commemorate the things that make it great. For couples, try to look back to the day you first met and the things you used to talk about back in the day.

Remember your most tender moments with one another, and reflect on what you’ve become because of those moments. Further, you’ll also want to spread the love and joy to your loved ones and friends, because in a world currently filled with negativity, your bond may just be the oasis of inspiration other people are looking for.

It pays to be grateful for the love that you have. Not everyone in this world gets to have that "one great love" that will hold them, dear, no matter how tough times get.

Give back to them whenever you have the chance; life is too short of denying those we love the things that they deserve. Being single is also not an excuse to pay it forward! You have family and friends whom you can pour your love and attention to.

They also deserve all that is good in this world, and you can make them feel that way. Who knows, your plans to spoil your loved ones may lead the way for you to your true love.

Love in all its forms is worth celebrating. Take this chance to give the love around to everyone; it'll help remind the world that there is still some good left despite everything and that we can find happiness in our relationships.


Wealth Meaning - Three Of Cups Upright

The upright Three of Cups represents the prospect of victory in your next move. At the moment, you’re at the precipice, probably thinking of doing something new to enhance your financial prospects, be it talking to your boss about getting a raise or a promotion, working for a brand new company, or even making one yourself.

If a part of you is hesitant, or if you’ve been looking for a sign from the heavens, then look no further than here, for soon enough; you will be sharing your triumph with all of your friends and family. This is your opportunity to improve your prospects.

The hard work and dedication that you have poured into your current job have been more than enough; it is time for you to move on and maximize your potential. After all, being stagnant would not do you good, especially if you aim to venture into greener pastures that will give you financial security.

You are now more than capable and ready to make things happen. Whether it is becoming a part of your company’s higher administration or establishing a business of your own, this is your chance to make your dreams happen and checking out every goal that you’ve got! Don’t let your fears get to you.

While it’s okay to feel them (we’re human, anyway), allowing yourself to believe in them will only jeopardize your way to achieving the success you have always wanted. Be brave and take heart- everything that you deserve is within your grasp, you just have to take that leap of faith.

Three Of Cups Reverse Meaning

It may imply social awkwardness, isolation and loneliness. You find yourself alone and segregated from your circle of friends and there is difficulty in mingling and catching up with them.

It may indicate that your focus and attention are overly centered towards your studies, career or personal growth that you fail to devote some time in bonding with them or enjoying their company.


Love Meaning - Three Of Cups Reversed

With the reverse position, one can expect this card to mean a time of transient, illusory joy and subsequent mourning. Nothing is permanent in this world, and unfortunately, this also means some relationships tend to die faster than others.

This means that you may be happy with your partner now, but unless your future plans are clear and your bond is completely ironclad, then don’t expect too much from the experience. In such a case, the best thing to do would be to accept the things may not go as planned and enjoy each moment while it lasts.

It is a depressing thought, but as said, nothing lasts forever. Accepting that the love you now have may not be the right one for you is an essential step to moving on.

That way, the relationship would die a natural death and wouldn’t cause as much pain to you and your significant other. But if you are genuinely determined to make things work, then this is the time for you to create a long-term game plan for your relationship.

It might sound corny or even outright questionable, but it is an excellent way to reassure yourself and your partner that the two of you are working hard to make things go your way. And to those who are single, this is not your time to engage in a relationship with the person you are interested in.

Heck, they might not even be the person whom you would be having that happily ever after that you have been looking for.


Wealth Meaning - Three Of Cups Reversed

This outcome of the Three of Cups indicates that you may not be as close with your friends and allies as you think you are. This is bad in many ways because setting them off could shatter your link with them, crippling your social network.

In financial matters, you need allies-- people who will work with you. If you don’t have the right ones, you will be in danger.

Thus, it would be best if you reinforced your connection with these indispensable people. Create a rapport with them so that they will be reassured of your presence.

In turn, they will give you the assistance that you need should the time come for you to ask for help, especially with your finances. Additionally, you also have to reciprocate this effort that these people are giving to make your relationship with them as professionally close as possible.

Being a reliable asset to them will further their trust in you, and all parties will be able to collaborate well soon. To prevent betrayals without losing lots of friends, you will need to choose between two things: burn bridges with untrustworthy people or use those whose interests align with yours.

This does not mean that you have to be manipulative. You are to choose the people you can rely on to realize the extent of your talents and potential fully.

Those who drag you down do not deserve a spot in your life; they will only cause negativity and will not improve your fortunes.

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