Four Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Four Of Cups General Meaning

The Four of Cups is a vivid manifestation of apathy, indifference and boredom. It signifies that you may have been living life in a standstill and there is difficulty in progressing and moving out from your safe zone.

Your existence in this world has become so monotonous and dull and there is dissatisfaction and frustration with what you possess right now. It urges you to disrupt the tedious cycle and set new goals.

In order to move forward, it is important to take risks and look for new and exciting paths. The card depicts a young man who is meditating and relaxing under a giant tree.

He seems to be isolating from the world, contemplating about his life and future at the top of the mountain. There are four golden cups found near him but his attention is centered at the three situated at his front.

He is too focused on looking at it that he neglects to see the beauty of the cup presented to him by a hand in the air. This symbolizes a person’s trait of dwelling too much on problems and disregarding the many blessings and graces he has received.

Four Of Cups Upright Meaning


Love Meaning - Four Of Cups Upright

The Four of Cups in the upright position symbolizes an aversion to forming personal bonds and a general feeling of loneliness. In romance, this can be a particularly serious problem, as you are denied a wonderful experience twice: first by your fear of connection and second, by the sadness that eats away at you because of that fear.

This feeling is very much valid. Even those with romantic partners would sometimes feel this loneliness.

It may be a result of the lack of connection between you and your significant partner or an aftereffect of the fatigue that you may be experiencing after a particularly nasty fight. At their very core, human beings are social and romantic creatures, which means your sadness may be instinctive, and that the best way to resolve it is to open up a bit more, especially if you’re already in a relationship.

It is best if you tell your partner all about this feeling that you've got so that you can address it accordingly. You two are now comrades for life, and it's only proper that you are open and honest with your inner confusions and pressing concerns.

Singles need not worry about wallowing in this loneliness, too. Talk to your family and friends about this problem to address and do something about it properly.

Remember that your mental health is essential, and it is through the help and support of those you love and trust that you can withstand all of your challenges.


Wealth Meaning - Four Of Cups Upright

In matters concerning financial growth, the upright position of this card symbolizes the problem of hesitation. Opportunity awaits you right now, and yet you can’t seem to find it in your heart to grasp it.

It could be that you’re actively doubting your capabilities or motives. It’s also possible that you’re being too cautious.

The sadness the man shows in the card is exactly the emotion that comes with too much caution because you know that sometimes not taking any chances is worse for your finances instead of taking a calculated gamble. What you must do right now is change your mindset.

Allowing yourself to be dragged down by your fears, doubts, and insecurities would delay your path towards greatness and affect the quality of work you will be producing. Start by taking on tasks that demand more time and effort than what you usually pour into your work.

As you go along, take note of the strengths and weaknesses that you have discovered and developed. These will help you pinpoint the things that hold you back, and you can then address them adequately.

This is your moment, your time to shine. Be bold and believe that you can do whatever it takes for you to reach your dreams.

Taking the leap of faith can lead to many uncertainties, but you cannot reach the peak of your career potential or achieve the financial security you want if you choose to be stagnant.

Four Of Cups Reverse Meaning

The Four of Cups Card in Reverse is the opposite of the apathy and boredom that you have managed to surpass. It indicates your drive and motivation to conquer your fears and to start with a clean slate.

You are motivated to win life’s obstacles and you are determined to emerge victorious. You have taken the back the much-needed energy and enthusiasm to slay whatever is capturing you negatively.

You are very inspired to escape from your dull and restless life through pursuing your passion or whatever it is that keeps you alive.


Love Meaning - Four Of Cups Reversed

This is one of the few instances where the reverse is actually positive because it means you’ve finally accepted your fears and are about to take the first step-- or that you should. Life and love are full of opportunities and possibilities for you to discover, and coming to terms with your own personal weaknesses is the first key to unlocking them.

Accepting and loving yourself is the first step towards achieving the true love that you deserve. You are not perfect, and it is okay! The flaws within and out make you who you are and make you even more lovable because they show the humanity inside your soul.

You’re beginning to understand that your most painful heartbreaks and saddest days don’t define your romantic life and that there’s someone out there just waiting for someone like you. There is no such thing as perfect love, and fairytale romances only exist in fiction.

The actual test of love lies in accepting the person you are with no matter what, as long as it is within reason. Breakups and fights are there to help you and not hinder you in finding happiness and love.

When you have finally accepted these facts of life with a gracious and grateful heart, only then would the universe reveal its plans to achieve the love you deserve. The maturity you will have is then the ultimate determinant of whether you are truly ready to settle down.


Wealth Meaning - Four Of Cups Reversed

Having the Four of Cups Card in Reverse position could mean that you’re feeling an immense sense of regret. You’re probably thinking about the glory days and how your failed business venture could have thrived back then, or about not being able to take your dream job despite all the years of hard work.

Having regrets is part of the human experience. Yet, once you let yourself drown in your sorrows on the things you can no longer change, you become stagnant.

Worse, old wounds would reopen and fester, affecting your very being even if those events happened all those years ago. It is tough to maintain a cheery attitude when regret looms, but regret is a result of not moving on.

This outcome thus tells you not to think about what could have been, but of how you’ll earn more money later. Take note of what you have now, and be grateful.

Then, find ways to maximize these so that you can finally climb your way back to the top. It won’t be an easy ride, but you will find yourself back on track sooner than expected if you dedicate yourself to it.

Yes, you cannot change so many things that you have done in the past. But what you have is the present, and what you can do right now can still change the future that you will have.

Who knows, you might still be able to redirect your life back to the path where it should be.

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