Five of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Five of Cups General Meaning

The Five of Cups carries with it a feeling of sadness, grief and disappointment. It symbolizes loss and the hardship, frustration and sorrow you experience in coping or dealing with it.

It connotes a painful and morbid emotion that is felt when you lose a significant person or thing in your life. It also stands for regrets, doubts, avoidance and desolation.

The card is portrayed through a figure of a person dressed in a black coat. He seems to be covering his face from the world due to the despair and misery that he is experiencing.

Five golden cups can be found surrounding him but three of them fell on the ground. He appears to have not noticed the two cups standing at his back because he was too engrossed in weeping for those who fell.

Also, a river and a castle can be seen in the background, representing the gush of negative emotions felt by being away from home.

Five of Cups Upright Meaning

You are placed in an unhappy situation and you seemed to be really upset about it. You are so consumed by the feeling of frustration because things did not happen in the way you want it to be.

You are indulging yourself in failure and resentment because you believed that all of your efforts were hastily put in vain. There is difficulty in moving forward because you are too attached on the bad things that occurred in the past.

Also, the Five of Cups Card in Upright also suggests that you are experiencing difficulty in letting go of these negative thoughts. You are overly stuck in these mistakes and you do not have the strength to break its strong chains.

If you continue to drown yourself in these emotions, you will never experience happiness and fulfillment in this world.

Love Meaning - Five of Cups Upright

In all romantic relationships, precedent often sets the tone for many others. This is especially true of the Five of Cups, which symbolizes sadness, pain and an immense sense of desolation.

However, it isn’t all that bad. The betrayal of a loved one can make it very difficult for you to commit yourself again, but this is an indication of growing caution and judiciousness.

Ironically enough, this makes the card a positive one in its own right, because it’s giving you the chance to honestly reflect about past mistakes and being a much better human being.

Wealth Meaning - Five of Cups Upright

In life, nothing ever truly lasts. Towers crumble, life eventually dies.

With the Five of Cups in the upright position, this means that right now, you’re going through significant emotional pain due to the loss of certain prospects. Perhaps your business has gone bankrupt, or that you just lost your job, and it’s making you anxious about what to do next, especially financially.

However, contrary to the card’s seemingly negative imagery, it actually only tells you to just release your pain, because letting go is a great way to bounce back and succeed later.

Five of Cups Reverse Meaning

The Five of Cups Card in Reverse signifies that you have survived this particular storm in your life. It implies that you have experienced recovery from the pain and anguish brought about by such loss.

You have now accepted the fact that it happened in your life and made you unhappy and miserable. You see it as a blessing in disguise because it taught you so many valuable lessons and realizations.

You are grateful about it because it made you strong and resilient. With these experiences, you believe in yourself that you can survive another wave of problems and challenges.

Love Meaning - Five of Cups Reversed

This outcome shows that you might be carrying a rather heavy burden on your chest, especially a bad memory of someone you may have loved with all your heart in the past. Unlike the upright position, this is probably forcing you to make even more reckless decisions, such as hanging out with multiple partners, finding temporary sexual and emotional release.

It can feel like you’re trapped in a ruthless cycle, and the only way out is to restore your self-worth. This certainly isn’t a walk in the park, but talking to a friend would help you.

Wealth Meaning - Five of Cups Reversed

This is an unfortunate position, for while the upright position represents one or two singular events in your life, this one represents an ongoing emotional burden that is stopping you from seeing financial opportunities. It could range from personal insecurities to feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness, both of which are trapping you inside a bubble of your own emotions.

Overcoming this isn’t easy, but if you find a way, it would inevitably help you get your financial skill back. Your finances depend on your emotions; working through them will definitely do the trick at a time like this.

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