Six Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Six Of Cups General Meaning

The Six of Cups speaks of nostalgia, childhood innocence and the joy of recollecting the past. It is a beautiful remembrance of all the persons and occasions that sparked happiness in your life, including those that broke your heart but made you learned a lesson.

This may be in the form of a past romance, rewarding achievements received during childhood years or simply through a merry reunion with family, friends and loved ones. In this card, a figure of two children can be seen basking in a background filled with cups and flowers.

It shows a boy with a red head dress giving pretty white flowers to a girl. This represents the passing and giving away of traditions, practices and other happy memories.

Behind them are structures similar to that of a castle or mansion which is a symbolism for a safe and comfortable refuge.

Six Of Cups Upright Meaning

When placed upright, the Six of Cups is a manifestation of innocence, childhood joy and kindness. It epitomizes how happy and ecstatic you were in the past and how blissful it is to ponder upon it.

These memories may have occurred during your childhood, teen or early adulthood days but there is a nostalgic feeling that it only happened yesterday. You may feel elated or overly thrilled by the thought of reminiscing it but do not forget that all of these are a history now.

Do not drown yourself to these musings as you may experience difficulty in moving on with your life. Furthermore, it may signify the desire to go back to your old self— your home, past school or childhood hometown.

It may also imply your yearning to meet an old friend and to rekindle the fun experiences you have shared together. These are things that added meaning to your life and you become fulfilled and contented when you try to recollect all of it.


Love Meaning - Six Of Cups Upright

In the context of romantic relationships, this card is truly endearing. To be precise, this indicates a special bond between you and your partner, strengthened by the things that once made up your childhood.

For example, the two of you may be into the same TV shows and frequently bond over what they meant to you when you were growing up. This is special because, in many ways, it means both of you were meant for each other from the very beginning.

In which case, know your partner more, look for your sweet childhood spots that you may bond further. You can bond over other things that you discovered as an adult but before the two of you met.

It may even help you find out something new about your partner even though you’ve been together for years. After all, some people are too shy to pour out all their interests to their partners out of fear of judgment.

Regardless of the things that you and your significant other discover as ways to bond together, these will surely help bring you closer and become more knowledgeable of the person you are with. Such acts are guaranteed to keep the spark between you and them bright and glowing.

Singles can use this to their advantage, too. Perhaps you have similar childhood tastes as the person you are interested in, and it may even help you become closer to each other.

Who knows, you might even thank Tom & Jerry for helping you build a bridge towards your crush’s heart.


Wealth Meaning - Six Of Cups Upright

An upright Six of Cups shows the value of sharing insight when making financial decisions. It represents collaborating with other people in order to improve everyone’s financial status simultaneously.

No one achieves success all by themselves, so it is essential to gather whatever leads and advice that those close to you can offer. As you go along with their commentaries and opinions, you will soon find the most suitable roadmap to achieve your goals.

This also means that if you’re already looking to get people together for a deal or a new method of business, your plan’s success will be magnified, as not only will you be lucky, everything is optimal: the climate for business is good, your friends and partners are willing and able. Now is the right time to collaborate, so don’t let this pass! At the same time, though, keep in mind the people whom you are working with.

While most of them might be genuinely interested in achieving success with you, some are just out there trying to abuse your enthusiasm and plan to manipulate you. Be vigilant and make sure that you are working with those who have your best interests at heart.

Keep a sharp eye on the opportunities and an even sharper one on the people who claim to be on the same path as you. Success is within your reach, as long as you choose the people who are worthy and sincere in achieving the same goals as yours.

Six Of Cups Reverse Meaning

You have become too attached with the past. There is difficulty in moving on from this phase and you have become too devoted on thinking about it.

Your happiness seems to be dependent on your history and it feels impossible for you to detach from these memories. In order to move forward, it is best if you would view it as an inspiration and not as a habitual addiction.

Always remember that there is nothing wrong with being overly sentimental but do not let this volatile emotion consume your future.


Love Meaning - Six Of Cups Reversed

The reverse represents a purely transactional relationship between you and your partner. By this, it means you are probably being used just for one specific thing.

No true bond exists beyond the giving of gifts or sexual pleasure, so the relationship could be void at its very heart without you even realizing it. This setup could seem preferable, but more often than not, such relationships are the breeding ground for much sorrow.

You must evaluate if this is the case in your relationship with your significant other. Sometimes, some people feel that way after a particularly nasty fight and are not remarkably accurate in their partnership.

However, most of the time, this feeling may be a fact. As such, you might want to start thinking about leaving the relationship or drawing firm boundaries to make the relationship more mature and stable for both of you.

Often, though, the first option is the most viable one, especially if it has gotten to the point where both parties are just in for the benefits and no longer for the emotional bond. Breaking off the relationship may be the best way out, but remember to do things civilly and politely.

But if you choose to fight to keep the relationship, then do so for the redeemable aspects of it all. Make sure, though, that it is you and your partner who is up to the job of salvaging.

Otherwise, you would just be wasting your time, and you will be better off with someone else. .


Wealth Meaning - Six Of Cups Reversed

On the other hand, the inverted Six of Cups represents everything that is wrong when you choose to work alone, so if you’re not doing this already, this could be very bad for your future prospects. Humans are inherently social creatures, thus all aspects of humanity-- especially wealth-- can only really be there if you work with others.

Learn to become a team player. While indeed, so many things in life can be accomplished efficiently when alone, it is still advantageous to have capable and equally dedicated people by your side so that you can do something that would exceed expectations.

If you have a team, actively ask them for their opinion and work with them to find solutions, because every mind available will directly increase your chances of not only succeeding at your work but also getting a huge income. If your teammates make mistakes, be patient with them.

After all, “to err is human; to forgive, divine.” Rather than go ballistic over their shortcomings, guide them on what must be done to ensure that you will be maximizing profit.

Remind them constantly that they can do great things, while at the same time, you must also set an excellent example for them to follow. Create lasting connections with the people whom you will be working with for a long time.

Only when you and they can establish rapport and understand each others’ work ethic can you adjust to one another to ensure a more harmonious and efficient workplace.

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