King Of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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King Of Swords General Meaning

The King of Swords is an excellent manifestation of authority, discipline and boldness. It is an epitome of a strong and wise old man who is adept about life and the challenges that accompany it.

Due to his extensive knowledge and experience in this world, he shows brilliance and integrity in handling any problem that may come along his way. The card is exemplified through a figure of a king sitting on a colossal and elegant throne.

He is seen holding a long sword in his right hand which is pointing towards the direction of the sky. It symbolizes authority, insistence and truth— all of which are necessary traits in making him a great ruler.

His regal stance strongly exudes intellectual and physical power while the blue cape that covers his back is a representation of his spiritual understanding and fulfillment. Images of butterflies can also be seen behind him and this is an illustration of metamorphosis or transformation.

King Of Swords Upright Meaning

It signifies the need to maintain your stern and authoritarian figure but without compromising right judgment and rational thinking. It urges you to use your intellectual power in executing plans and goals and in making the right decisions in life.

This means that your judgment must not be greatly influenced by your emotions and what your intuition tells you. You will need to consider your intellect and reason when confronted with the necessity to make a choice.

Other than logic and critical thinking, it would also be helpful if you would stay observant and attentive with the things around you. This will enable you to rightfully assess the things to be avoided and the potential consequences of your actions.

The King of Swords in an upright position also means impartiality and objectivity in formulating a verdict and the embodiment of a high standard of ethics and morality.


Love Meaning - King Of Swords Upright

The King of Swords represents in its positive sense purity, justice, and strength, which also reflects itself in romantic relationships. This confirms that the relationship you have and your intentions for one another is without malice or any degree of perversion.

You know what you were entering when you started your relationship. This awareness aided you and your significant other in making mature and informed choices to ensure the strength of your partnership and reinforce the love and commitment that started it all.

Both of you make decisions that are ultimately fair and balanced for both parties, to the point where you can trust each other to make the right call in more dire situations. Lastly, it is strong and robust, capable of withstanding any misunderstanding as well as infinite growth.

Yours is about as perfect as any relationship can get. Singles are also bound to experience this stability too.

Because you readied yourself sufficiently, the following relationship that you will have will be for the books. It is for the long-term, and your partner will be as committed as you are.

If you so choose, you can even settle down with them! Love is bound to last with the presence of this card. While indeed, you may have to contend with a couple of challenges, these will be no match to the strength that you and your partner exhibit in ensuring that everything turns out well.

"Forever together" is yours for the taking; it is now up to you to make this happen!


Wealth Meaning - King Of Swords Upright

In tarot readings about wealth, the King of Swords in the upright position represents a rare personal maturity and a capacity for leadership. You are the sort of employee managers are after; able to take initiative, calculating in their decisions, and be wise enough to reconcile both the company’s philosophy and your team’s various idiosyncrasies.

Consequently, you are extremely organized in your spending and constantly aiming to improve your prospects by taking on tasks of increasing difficulty. For this card, your attitude is the basis of your prosperity, and because you are so positive, you will excel.

This talent of yours will catch the attention of your superiors and certain groups and individuals. As such, several offers will be made, ensuring that you will be enjoying a higher position, along with bigger pay and several benefits to boot.

The decision to choose which opportunity you will avail of will, of course, be up to you. Regardless of your choice, though, be sure to pick out the one that will bring you the most happiness in the long run.

Don’t forget your goals; take note of the offers that align with your principles and the goals you have set for yourself. All the while, though, you are called to maintain the consistency of the quality of your work.

Improving yourself is also on the cards; if you want to, you can raise the bar for yourself and create bigger and better things! Just take note, though, that you are ensuring your well-being, despite everything.

King Of Swords Reverse Meaning

While the King of Swords portrays an authoritarian and dignified figure, the reversed position of this card implies grave abuse of discretion and power. There is a tendency for you to be too controlling and manipulative because you want things to be done according to your way.

You are too consumed by your selfish thoughts and you easily burst into anger when you are not able to get what you want. It may also imply illogical financial decisions and unreasonable work ethics.


Love Meaning - King Of Swords Reversed

The negative of the King of Swords signifies perverse intentions, wickedness, and even weakness. With this result, it is possible that your partner may only want you for the satisfaction you can provide, not for the way you are.

Of course, you will not notice this right away. When you were starting, you may have been high on your love for them that you choose to disregard the red flags, believing that they're just a mistake on your part.

Or perhaps they were in love with you, but this disintegrated into something more sinister. This can result in an extremely toxic setting where emotional abuse and even outright violence can run rampant and making things worse.

There are many reasons for why this is, but it can be best summarized as having a weak foundation where the two of you end up depending on each other rather than genuinely loving and caring for one another. It is essential, then, that you clear things out with your significant other.

You have to know and understand each other's intentions for staying in the relationship so that you will know what it is all about. This way, you will know if your relationship is still worth fighting for or not.

Should the person tell you that they are doing things for their love for you, then perhaps you should believe them while also making sure that they are true to their word. But if they say otherwise and things have turned for the worst, then don't hesitate to cut off- you deserve better!


Wealth Meaning - King Of Swords Reversed

The reversed King of Swords represents the complete opposite of an upright, outstanding King: you have a propensity for immaturity, and you may not even care enough about your team. In many ways, this constitutes a problem because immaturity directly increases your tendency to bicker as you and your team endlessly nitpick each other’s mistakes.

This also means you are a reckless spender, constantly emptying your bank account for pointless things. To grow financially, you have to grow as an individual, and this cannot be done if you’re only thinking about yourself without controlling your urges.

Be more aware of the responsibilities being handed to you. They weren’t just given for the heck of it, but because people believe that you are capable and competent enough to complete those tasks.

It is then up to you to make accurate of this expectation since this will also dictate how much you will make in your bank. It would help if you also grew up when dealing with others.

If you are used to being this annoying prick to get your way in your workplace, then surprise, surprise- this ain’t it! You must learn how to become mature and professional, or else you may even lose your job! As you work on yourself and become more committed in your quest to be a respectable and mature individual, those paying attention will notice the changes. Through this transformation, you will become the recipient of so many opportunities, all results of your willingness to transform your life.

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