Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Eight Of Cups General Meaning

You feel stuck in a solitary and stagnant world but you are not brave enough to escape from its chains. You are experiencing difficulty in abandoning some old habits but you don’t have the courage to overcome it.

You feel terrible that you are not able to make progress or accomplishment but you don’t have the strength to make it possible. The presence of the Eight of Cups is possibly the cure and solution to this dilemma.

It encourages you to break your barriers and move on with your life. It speaks of change and how you should embrace it in order to advance and grow further.

As seen in the card, an individual covered with an elegant red cape can be seen walking towards a mountain. He seems to be abandoning the precious golden cups found behind him probably because of the boredom and exhaustion he feels in collecting it.

It signifies that he desires of a higher goal and he is ready to conquer it. He is no longer happy with his present disposition and he is excited to move on to the next level.

Eight Of Cups Upright Meaning

You seemed to be dissatisfied with your current life and you aspire to reach a higher purpose. Your everyday routine no longer thrills you as it has become tedious and monotonous.

You dream to meet new people, explore new places and experience life-changing adventures. You have come to realize that the world you are living in has become too familiar and you are no longer happy about it.

But with the Eight of Cups Card in Upright, the transformation that you have been aiming is now within reach. The transition that you have been waiting is now possible because you have found the strength and courage to pursue it.


Love Meaning - Eight Of Cups Upright

Like certain cards in a Tarot reading, the Eight of Cups is unfortunately easily misconstrued to mean just the pain of letting go. In truth, its meaning is moving on from negative experiences, especially in romantic contexts.

These experiences can range from your current partner’s tendency to be late during your dates to heavy and potentially traumatic events such as when you caught them cheating on you with a close friend. Indeed, these events may have caused you to lose faith in love because they were too painful to bear.

When you look at the stack of cups in the image, you notice that it’s not finished. In romance, this means accepting the fact that not everything is going to work perfectly or smoothly, and that the best option is to just start over.

Whether you will be doing this through breaking up and moving on or going back to the start with your current significant other is up to you. What is important is that you can start over to let yourself heal from the pain and love anew.

The same goes for people who are still single. Allowing yourself to move on from toxic exes or crushes who never reciprocated is the first step before you engage in another love affair.

This way, you won’t hurt the person whom you’ll love next because you know that no one deserves to be in pain because of love. In other words, you need to hit the reset button and be on the lookout for future blessings.


Wealth Meaning - Eight Of Cups Upright

In the financial realm, the Eight of Cups in its upright position represents the value of making tactical retreats and abandoning plans without sentimentality. This means that if you’re in a business or if you’re working on a problem at work if your plans are hitting a snag and no amount of modifying can alter the outcome, you need to do away with them, or else you could face bigger problems.

For example, you may have been thinking of launching a new product line that seemed to hold the promise of significant financial and marketing benefits. Unfortunately, for no reason at all, things are not going to plan.

Take this as a sign that this is not a good venture, and it would be best to set it aside for a bit or scrap it all over. While letting go of something you’ve worked hard for is unfair and hurtful in all ways, you need to do this for your sake and that of your company and coworkers.

Some things are better off as ideas and never to be realized as actual working plans or products. Additionally, it may even become a liability to everyone.

There will always be losses in a venture, and regaining the capital doesn’t happen overnight for most businesses. At the rate your idea is going, it will get you closer to bankruptcy than publicity.

In general, in order to increase your financial capacity, you must be willing to concede when something is lost and reevaluate your strategies when necessary.

Eight Of Cups Reverse Meaning

You seemed to be living in a state of confusion and doubt. You feel unsure and uncertain about the path that you will be taking in the next days of your life.

You do not know what is good or best for you as you are struggling to make the right decision. On the other hand, the Eight of Cups Card in Reverse may also indicate that you are fearful and unconfident in undergoing such change.

You are hesitant in pursuing it because you have been too attached with your comfort zone. Staying within it is not a bad thing but it will hinder you from experiencing growth and maturity.


Love Meaning - Eight Of Cups Reversed

The reversed order of this card indicates two terrible things. On the one hand, it shows an obsession you can’t let go of, such as your partner in a relationship that is clearly too toxic for the both of you to continue.

If you want to retain your relationship with your significant other, then do your best not to get hyper-fixated on things, as this might develop into the obsessions mentioned above and create a rift between you and the person whom you love the most. Try to balance your love and appreciation of someone or something with reality.

Do not set impossible wants or needs that involve them, nor should you make them into the center of your life. Keep things moderate and healthy so that your partnership won’t break down as quickly.

On the other, it predicts a disaster that might require you to break off the relationship. Both are awful outcomes, but at the end of it all, the best way to deal with an ill omen is to not expect too much and simply move with the ebb and flow of life to prevent further pain.

You will need to prepare yourself for the impact of this unfortunate event. If you happened to be in a relationship with your partner for years already, then you will have to accept that time is not definitive of a solid and unbreakable connection.

Despite this, do not lose heart and believe that love still has plans for you somehow.


Wealth Meaning - Eight Of Cups Reversed

In the reverse position, the Eight of Cups represents the emotional turmoil that comes from having to abandon something you’ve worked on for a long time. This could be a business idea that has been brewing in your head but doesn’t seem to be tenable.

While letting your imagination run wild with all the possibilities is fun, it is often overlooked how reality is the anchor on which everything must happen. This is true to whatever you are planning right now, whether it be work promotion, pay raise, or business.

The reality that you are living right now doesn't take too kindly to the things you want. It will constantly take and take until you have nothing more left for yourself.

This includes even the current chance to make it to success. In the end, it will leave you exhausted as you don't seem to achieve anything despite your work.

Unfortunately, this can be something that can cause a lot of angst in the future, but if you find yourself in this position, know that you are not alone. Reach out to your friends and ask them to plan with you.

Listen to their advice and consider their advice, especially if you know that these people always have your best interests at heart. This setback is simply territory and wouldn't last forever.

You still have time to restart your planning session to make things count and up to your standards. You only really lose in life if you stop trying.

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