Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what eight of pentacles tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Eight of Pentacles General Meaning

Are you a hardworking person, willing to endure the harshest training in order to achieve your goals? If so, then this card is definitely worth your attention. This suit’s eighth card represents the profundity of working hard and showing your passion towards the things you want to do in life.

This is embodied in the simple image of a worker forging together pentacles to be hung onto the adjacent post. The length of the post goes way beyond the card’s limits, indicating that the remaining wands on the ground and on the man’s worktable will eventually be placed there, forming a sturdy, beautiful line laden with symbolism.

Of course, if you get this, you will be filled with nothing but the highest encouragement, since the card tells you that your efforts aren’t for nothing: like the worker making the coins, you are also making something grand enough for all to see-- art, academic essay, a towering building, or simply increasing the affection and love of your loved ones towards you. That being said, this card gives you every reason to continue pushing ever forward so that you can eventually reach something truly superb.

Eight of Pentacles Upright Meaning

This outcome impresses upon you a great sense of responsibility and duty-- not to others, to be sure, but to your own specific humanity and sense of self-worth. Life will always give you a reason to make you feel less than what you really are, but your own effort will show you what you can really do.

By honing your craft and constantly improving, you can eventually achieve stability and perfection in everything that you do, and you will be honoring yourself in the process. Your own achievements will lay out the statue of your own wonderful existence, and all you really have to do is to keep building on it.

Love Meaning - Eight of Pentacles Upright

A relationship that is founded on constant effort and cultivation is the lesson that an upright Eight of Pentacles wishes to impart. For the two of you, this is a very good thing, since you are both in love with one another and are willing to put up with every misery and pain just to keep one another happy.

It is an enviable trait and a reminder of what could happen if relationships stay strong throughout every single problem. Stay happy together and never get tired of your romance, because you are life’s greatest blessing to each other.

Wealth Meaning - Eight of Pentacles Upright

With patience and relentless effort come great and even overflowing reward; this is the final lesson of the Eight of Pentacles. As you can see in the card, some of the pentacles aren’t yet hung on the post, and one of them is on the ground, which can mean many things from the nature of your laborious work to the blessings that come with accomplishing it.

Likely, this also means that you own one of those lucky pentacles, in the form of a helpful colleague who will help you in all your financial endeavors. Wealth is coming soon.

Eight of Pentacles Reverse Meaning

The reversed outcome represents the natural human tendency to focus too singlemindedly in achieving one’s desires. While the drive to excellence will always be a good thing, excellence is multifaceted and will never include beating yourself up for being unable to meet a self-imposed exceptional standard.

Getting this outcome means coming to terms with the fact that there will always be flaws in your work, and that it’s okay to make mistakes so you can come back and improve on them later. In another way, it’s an outcome that teaches you about the beautiful humility of acknowledging one’s imperfections.

Love Meaning - Eight of Pentacles Reversed

For the reversed Eight of Pentacles, your relationship may be taking a bit of a hard turn due to stress. Both of you are overworking separately, perhaps to the point where you can’t bond effectively once you get home.

In some cases, arguments might already be reaching their worst peaks, which could lead to very serious problems for the relationship. As such, this outcome suggests that you both take time off from your work.

Try to go on an extended vacation and make yourselves happy again. Give yourselves time to love each other and recover what was lost.

Wealth Meaning - Eight of Pentacles Reversed

Are you stressed out of your mind with your current job and thinking about leaving it for good? Is the nature of your work becoming too much for both your physical and mental health? If so, then the Eight of Pentacles in its reversed position is a sign that you should prioritize yourself. Earning wealth is not just a matter of constant industry, as we have to acknowledge down the line that people need their rest and relaxation.

To stop yourself from feeling ill or otherwise devastated, give yourself a breather and let your dependable colleagues handle the remaining tasks.

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