Five of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

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Five of Swords General Meaning

The appearance of the Five of Swords refers to conflict, arguments and disputes. It is also linked to the defeat, downfall and misery that comes after engaging into a battle or fight of some sort.

The feeling of losing in the said encounter will be grave and hurtful but one must not be pessimistic and cynical about it. Every person must handle loss and defeat with hope and positivity and must exert great effort in moving forward from the pain of failing.

In this card, a man can be observed looking at his opponents with grace and contentment. He seemed to be pleased and gratified with the way he defeated his enemies as he gazed steadily on them from afar.

There are five long swords that can be found within his immediate presence and these were believed to be snatched from his adversaries who walked away in grief and sorrow. The sky that can be found above them looks gloomy and cloudy as the sadness brought by the confrontation still does not cease to exist.

Five of Swords Upright Meaning

The presence of this Card in Upright indicates that you are engaged in a conflict or fight of some sort. There is a tendency for you to be involved in disputes and disagreements and this could verily lead to aggression and hostility.

You might think that you have won the battle but there is still a feeling of loss because you have offended and hurt other people. A part of you is bursting with regrets because you know in yourself that you have inflicted pain on them.

Other than that, it may also mean that you desire to attain a lofty and risky ambition. You may be too engrossed in reaching the said dream and this could yield negative effects on you.

Thus, it would be better if you would stay realistic and practical with your visions and plans in life.

Love Meaning - Five of Swords Upright

This indicates the possibility of a huge impending loss, which you’ll inevitably have to cope with. In a relationship, this can mean that an event can cause it to either buckle or break, or that one of you may lose something extremely important, requiring the other to be the emotional pillar that they’ll soon need.

Sadly, losses in relationships it can be extremely taxing. As such, you need to trust each other, because at a time of great defeat, the world may not bat an eye, but an earnest lover will always stay by your side.

Wealth Meaning - Five of Swords Upright

This is a card of surrender and defeat, and likewise bodes poorly for anyone unfortunate enough to see it upright. The basic idea behind this is simple: as you can see in the imagery, men are walking away defeated, but one of them maintains a smirk; this is the smirk of a traitor within your midst, who could be mismanaging your company’s funds or sowing confusion within the team by opening up points of conflict.

Avoiding this outcome will require you to be draconian by weeding out the worst elements of your team or your own worst tendencies.

Five of Swords Reverse Meaning

You have come to realize that the tension brought by the conflict has become too overwhelming. Therefore, you have decided to move on from it and just forget about the despair that it gives.

You are now ready to forgive yourself and put the sadness and pain into oblivion. You are now determined to devote all of your time and energy into productive and valuable things.

Love Meaning - Five of Swords Reversed

The Five of Swords’ reversal indicates the necessity of a resolution. Just as all battles draw to a close, so too should any emotional conflicts you may have with your partner.

The thing to note with this outcome is that it’s usually a positive thing, so this means it most likely won’t result in a breakup. All that you need to remember is that however big the conflict is, an amicable and fair resolution will almost always be reached if the two of you have a strong bond of which you can both remind yourselves.

Wealth Meaning - Five of Swords Reversed

Amazingly enough, the inverted Five of Swords represents victory as a result of cohesive teamwork. In particular, this outcome alludes to overcoming the most difficult financial hurdles one faces as a result of a unified team spirit.

The key to properly embrace this card’s blessing is for you to handsomely reward and thank your team. Don’t let your bond fizzle away once you’re done working together on a task; maintain connections with them and genuinely try to be there for them, as it means more people will lend you a hand in the future.

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