Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what five of wands tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Five of Wands General Meaning

If you ever get the Five of Wands, there’s a great sense of confusion here. This is apt, considering that the card itself makes this point by not having any sense behind its imagery.

For example, you’ll notice that the people in the image seem to be holding the wands in multiple directions: two of them are wielding their wands vertically, while 3 more are holding theirs vertically, so there’s no telling what they intend to do with the wands. Further, you’ll notice that 4 people seem to be looking at each other, while another one looks upward.

This suggests both a sense of conflict and apathy, which is further magnified when you look at the differences behind their clothes and expressions. Some are holding their wands joyfully, one of them seems to labor with both hands, while another seems absent-minded.

Looking also at the wands themselves, you’ll see that they in fact overlap, which indicates chaos and the multiplicity of perspectives. Because of this, you’ll need to be very careful.

Disunity, disorder and conflict are the main problems this card presents, and you’ll be able to counter these best by knowing exactly where your place is in social and team-based settings.

Five of Wands Upright Meaning

When you get the upright position, it means you’re probably doubting a lot of things or that you’re in an environment which makes teamwork difficult. Perhaps you’re doubting the honesty of the people around you or even the authenticity of your own motives, and this could be interfering with your ability to work with others, but you have to remember that distrust only breeds distrust.

. At this point, compromise and adaptation will be your two best friends.

Talk to others and make the first move. Who knows, you might have more in common with others than you think!

Love Meaning - Five of Wands Upright

This is a time of disagreement between the two of you. While it isn’t so grave as to actually cause significant friction, the differences in perspective and a slight inability to meet in the middle can sometimes cause things to escalate unnecessarily.

The problem with this setup is that while it indicates a healthy relationship, it is also a defect that leads to more serious, destructive moments. Likewise, if you’re single, you may be too ambitious or argumentative for your potential partner.

Hence, it is important to set guidelines on how to end complicated debates amicably.

Wealth Meaning - Five of Wands Upright

This card suggests the existence of a conflict in the workplace-- and that you might soon be playing a big part in it. This is likely because you’ve had fights before, and now that you’ve another undertaking that needs completion, you’re going to be working with the same people, with different ideas and temperaments.

In an image that shows five people fighting, what will you do? Will you eagerly participate in the carnage, or will you step back and mediate the conflict, so you can all grow together as people? The choice is yours.

Five of Wands Reverse Meaning

If the upright position indicates doubt, the reverse indicates the reality of those doubts. What were once simmering conflicts could now be actual infighting between you and your team as skillsets and perspectives clash almost daily.

With no one stepping up, there is no way to resolve the anarchy that has since taken over. At this point, you are presented with a trilemma: either you assume a diplomatic or dictatorial role to help keep your team together, make drastic reforms in the team dynamic or leave and start over.

The key point to remember here is that with confusion comes choices, and that whatever choice you make could change your future with others.

Love Meaning - Five of Wands Reversed

By contrast, the reversed position indicates that your relationship has reached a fever pitch of constant yelling and abuse. In fact, it seems that things won’t be getting better anytime soon.

There’s a reason for you to hope if either of you is capable of swallowing their pride for the sake of the relationship, but if you’ve become too drained to attempt reconciliation, the best thing to do would be to think about finally cutting the rope, because unfortunately, the only way out in some cases is to really let go of things altogether.

Wealth Meaning - Five of Wands Reversed

In the reverse, this card shows that you are about to have a resolution to your interpersonal conflicts, which is great if you’re looking to explore new avenues in your career. For example, an old business partner you may have had quarrels with in the past seems to finally want to reach out to you and resolve past differences, and any coworkers you’ve had difficulties with may finally stand down.

This bodes particularly well, because in the battles ahead, you will need people who can offer help and provide necessary assistance for boosting your bank account.

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