Four of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what four of wands tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Four of Wands General Meaning

There is much to look forward to with the Four of Wands as it symbolizes collective achievement and community. In the image, each wand stands perfectly upright and without opposition.

Two people can be seen waving bouquets, as if greeting whoever is about to enter the makeshift gate. On the wands, you can see a bundle of flowers, further showing the symbol of celebration and triumph.

Further still on the background, there seems to be a castle, which was the abode of medieval soldiers during ancient times, hinting the feeling of finally being at home after a long war. All of this detail is covered beautifully in the colourful glow of yellow, showing the brilliance of the moment being portrayed in the card.

Just below the castle walls, three more people can be seen gathering towards the middle, waiting patiently for their triumphant sovereign. The meaning of this on your end could not be more delightful.

The person being celebrated isn’t shown in the image, so it could be you and your friends. As it stands, you have most likely done something great for the community and have had plenty of people help you in the process.

Reward yourself for this most glorious victory and congratulate yourself for a job well done!

Four of Wands Upright Meaning

This is a triumphal moment for you. You’ve thought things through, you’ve fought your battles hard, and you’re now at your greatest element yet.

People may be cheering you on, and you may even hear your tarot reader congratulate you! However, you should never lose sight of your principles and virtues as a human being. Often, the greatest of falls comes from a false sense of security and pride.

The Four of Wands in the upright position does tell you to feel happy about yourself, sure, but always remember to plant your feet firmly on the ground with humility.

Love Meaning - Four of Wands Upright

With the telltale arch, we may be looking at a really wonderful moment coming to grace your relationship. Perhaps your partner is thinking about proposing to you and you just don’t know it yet, or a great personal victory like a promotion will help you get a raise and fast track your existing plans for the family.

At any rate, you have every opportunity and right to celebrate soon enough, and you’re going to want to share the positive energy to your friends and family, so you can altogether celebrate true love at its very best!

Wealth Meaning - Four of Wands Upright

Heralding future triumphs is the hallmark of the Four of Wands in its upright position. Specifically, in the context of personal wealth, it means you are going to earn money in a spectacular way.

If you’re the head of a business, this means that you will be securing a deal that will cause your employees to cheer for you and your company. If you’re an employee, this means you’ll be helping your team in such a huge way that you’ll be getting proper recognition.

This card means you will succeed with fanfare!

Four of Wands Reverse Meaning

With the reversal of this card comes a potential reversal of one’s fortunes. The triumphal arch is disfigured in the reverse, indicating bad luck or a potential fall which may require you to absolutely look things through.

If you’re at the peak of your career, it’s time to ask yourself the hard questions. What could be the traits that could bring about one’s downfall, and how do you stop yourself from becoming another Icarus? Try to step back from your world and recall the things that got you to where you are now, and exercise great caution.

Love Meaning - Four of Wands Reversed

For the reverse position, you’re going to want to stay lowkey for a bit, especially if the two of you are constantly bragging to others about the state of your relationship. The problem with being too confident about your state of affairs is that it unnecessarily creates an expectation for you and your partner-- that you have to constantly please a crowd in order to validate your relationship.

Love isn’t always about sharing things, but also enjoying each other in intimate silence, without anyone looking. Take advantage of the privacy to make the relationship even stronger.

Wealth Meaning - Four of Wands Reversed

As of the moment, you are in the midst of a calm before a raging storm. You’re probably relaxing right this second, thinking that everything is in order, but do not let your guard down.

Later in your life, you will encounter new difficulties that will once again test your mettle as a worker and as a person-- and the challenges will not be ordinary: it can mean betrayals, infighting and general disharmony with your fellows. Careful mental and emotional preparation is necessary if you wish to prevail in the coming months and keep everything nice and steady.

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