Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what three of wands tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Three of Wands General Meaning

In the Suit of Wands, the Three stands for contemplation, meditation and calm, but also uncertainty. This is best represented in the image of a man holding one of the three upright wands while staring into the horizon.

Among them, you can find a blue line-- the boundless sea, while the ground seems to have some faint shades of red, indicating the Fall season. You’ll also notice that the background seems to have the color of the sunset: pale orange.

There is no sun to look at, however, which means that nighttime is looming closely. When you look at the background as a whole, it represents a great sense of doubt and even upheaval: you don’t quite know where you’re going, and so you stay and notice for yourself the twilight of nature and the end of brilliance.

Far from the bright yellow hues of the Four of Wands, you are now facing the fact that once again, you’re about to return to a life of monotony, unable to figure out what will happen next. However, for all of this, know that everything’s okay.

Sometimes, the first step to solving life’s mysteries is for you to get lost in them: to just enjoy nature’s calm, and use it to figure out what to do next.

Three of Wands Upright Meaning

With the Three of Wands in this position, you’re guaranteed a sense of stability and rest. You’ve probably just come from a week or month of endless toil, and if you’re looking for a time to rest with a sense of security, getting this card is your best indication.

Saving enough money and accomplishing your most important life objectives means that you’re now able to think of what steps to take next without thinking about things that could affect your bottom line. Your raw effort has guaranteed you a measure of protection from life’s unpredictability, so relax and enjoy the calming sunset.

Take a break!

Love Meaning - Three of Wands Upright

In romantic readings, the upright Three of Wands represents a time of exploration and dreams. Just like the man looking at the horizon, life has put your relationship at a crucial point where you can think about more general goals.

For one, if you’re dating, you can start thinking with your partner about whether you’re dating to marry or just going with the flow. If you’re single, this is a card of hope, because it means you will be meeting plenty of people, which only increases your chances of finding your match.

Wealth Meaning - Three of Wands Upright

In Tarot readings about finances, the Three of Wands symbolizes the power of making wise choices. What makes this very good for you is that all the choices are great right now.

No matter which path you choose to take next, be it going to human resources petitioning for a promotion or leaving your job and being an entrepreneur, you are going to have a very smooth start. However, this can leave you confused too, because the choices are so good, you won’t know which one to pick.

Try to see what choice would best fit your personality.

Three of Wands Reverse Meaning

The reverse position indicates worry and even a sense of loss. At some point, you might have tried something really huge but it didn’t work, and now you’re unsure what to do next.

The comfort of a calm environment is still there, but there’s only so much a calm place can do to relieve your anxiety. In this case, you need to meet calmness halfway: destress yourself and loosen up.

Try to enjoy the things you might already be missing out on and let all of the negativity brewing within you go. Find a sense of release first, because only then will you be able to figure out what to do next.

Love Meaning - Three of Wands Reversed

The Three of Wands Card in Reverse means that you are suffering from a deeply personal defeat. Since you’re in a relationship, this card effectively prescribes sharing about your personal anxieties.

On the other hand, this also shows that your partner is a great person, able to understand and empathize with the depths of your sadness, represented by the wand upon which the man’s hand rests. Remember that in a relationship, your burden is also the burden of your partner’s.

By sharing your problems, you are showing that you’ve faith in your partner.

Wealth Meaning - Three of Wands Reversed

In contrast, the Three of Wands Card in Reversed position means that you’re essentially in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Whatever choice you make could potentially backfire due to preexisting circumstances beyond your control.

You may be thinking about getting a new side hustle, for one, but because everything is messy at this point, you might not survive working two jobs simultaneously. However, not getting the job also means not earning money.

In this scenario, you will want to pick the option that does the least damage to you financially.

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