Six of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what six of wands tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Six of Wands General Meaning

The Six of Wands is a card you’re gonna want to look out for, if only because it represents the euphoria of success. In this particularly imperial card, you will see a man astride a white horse-- indicative throughout antiquity as a symbol of nobility and power.

He wears a laurel wreath on his head, which is the Ancient Roman symbol of both imperial authority and gravitas. In his right hand is a wand with a circular bundle of leaves fastened onto it, much like a standard around which his joyous people can gather-- and indeed so, because you can likewise see other people carrying the remaining five wands and marching with him.

Notice also that his clothes match the colors of each wand and that he looks at the direction of his people, proving not only his royal design, but also a sense of mastery over his subjects, his cause and himself. Likewise, drawing this card means you are in the midst of a glorious triumph and that you are about to receive a great honor.

You are distinguished for your valor, virtue and courage. Many people look to you for wisdom, protection and authority, and as such this also carries a sense of great responsibility.

Six of Wands Upright Meaning

The upright position shows a sense of pride and self-mastery. This means you have most likely done something with which to distinguish yourself in some way.

For this, there’s great reason to celebrate, especially since you most certainly deserve it. But the card also has a cautionary side to it.

Remember that in success, you are not alone. You may wear all the laurel wreaths in the world, but if you alienate others or forward a cause that isn’t just, no one will celebrate with you.

You are a powerful leader, but you must act justly and humbly, for only then will your victory be truly magnificent and complete.

Love Meaning - Six of Wands Upright

This card and position is perfect for just about any type of relationship, as this means that the two of you are not only united, but able to lead each other in areas where one might be lagging. For example, your loved one might be a good lawyer and you might be good at financial management, so you’re always able to instruct one another and squeeze the most out of your skills to help the relationship stay in momentum.

This makes the two of you a perfect couple, as you consider yourselves equal and improve one another constantly.

Wealth Meaning - Six of Wands Upright

Employers and team leaders who end up drawing the Six of Wands in its upright position are tasked with the heavy but ultimately fulfilling burden of motivating their subordinates to work harder. As you already know, morale directly increases income, because it increases productivity especially when there is high demand.

If you’re an employee, this could also be a sign that you need to help motivate your other teammates. You could take the emotional lead by comforting them, and also by advising them on their financial matters.

Be kind and your kindness will return to you several times.

Six of Wands Reverse Meaning

The reverse of this card reveals the inner aspects of leadership. While successful leadership always warrants a celebration, the true test to one’s authority is your personal ability to stay atop your white horse and lead people through adversity.

It shows you that what makes a leader is not the number of trophies or medals in one’s closet. It’s not even the number of people who believe in you, but the personal iron within yourself and your ability to inspire others when morale is low and teammates are difficult to manage.

When you see this card, it behooves you to remind yourself of the essence of leadership as hard times may fall upon you and your team.

Love Meaning - Six of Wands Reversed

Your relationship is the living embodiment of disorder and uncertainty at this stage, with nothing getting done, disagreements being too frequent and emotions always flaring up. What makes it particularly difficult is that any one of these could literally kill your relationship given enough time.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, the two of you will need to breathe and come up with a clever solution to making sure that you’re always in harmony when making crucial decisions for your relationship. A healthy and orderly union is a stable one, so make unity your foremost priority.

Wealth Meaning - Six of Wands Reversed

The Six of Wands in the Reverse position presents a great problem especially for those seeking to unite their teams under one banner. For example, resentment may be festering in your ranks in part due to everyone being too ambitious to work together.

Uniting them is imperative if you wish to keep problems at bay. Additionally, the card also represents a lack of personal organization on your part.

You’re probably not managing your finances in a sustainable way, resulting in routine overspending and storing little money for more important things. Continuing this routine could be catastrophic, so reconsider.

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