Seven Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

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Seven Of Wands General Meaning

The Seven of Wands is a card that represents industry, vigor and vitality. In the card, you’ll see a young man atop a hill, legs open and firm, furiously fending off the assault of multiple wands, with one of them seemingly having launched itself at him.

In the background is a clear, if not slightly darker, sky, indicating the amount of stamina and time this man is pouring to keep the wands at bay. You’ll also notice that the clothes the man is wearing are ragged and folding in some parts, further showing just how much strain he is enduring in order to keep himself together.

In stark contrast to the Eight of Wands, the wands show no symmetry whatsoever as none of the wands are fully upright; the wand to the left in particular seems to be pointing to the right while all the other wands are tilting to the left. This represents a significant obstacle in life or any enemy, bent on ruthlessly grinding you down.

As such, this card tells you to keep a firm resolve in facing life’s challenges and warding off the chaos all around you, both internal and external.

Seven Of Wands Upright Meaning

This position shows the impermanence of achievement and the need to always stay firm. No triumph ever truly lasts and no one is ever truly secure in their victory.

Sooner or later, you will be facing obstacles that will once again test the integrity of your character: perhaps a difficult teammate or an unexpected consequence of one of your previous actions could appear and test your resolve. At moments like these, you need to muster the courage to fight for your righteous place.

This is no time for timidity, because you will need a stoic, relentless vigor to face what could be your life’s greatest challenge yet.


Love Meaning - Seven Of Wands Upright

Upright, the Seven of Wands represents righteous courage and bravery. In relationships, this means that you and your partner have the fortitude and emotional strength to outlast anything that could challenge your relationship.

You have one key element that many relationships wish for: true, undying trust. You are each other’s best teammates, making you very capable of fixing nearly every problem, financially, even in terms of your own respective families.

The two of you understand that it is only through a stable relationship that you will power on through every challenge that you encounter along the way. Call it codependence, synergy, or what have you- this partnership of yours is strong and definitely for keeps.

Your relationship is especially stout and sturdy, and you would do well to keep it that way by constantly working together and comforting one another in dire times. Yes, there will be trials along the way for you and your partner.

But this is not enough reason for you to lose your faith and hope in each other. You both know that it is only through a mature and understanding relationship that you will be able to withstand whatever life throws at you and that arguments are just there to help you strengthen your love.

And if you are still single and looking for that person who will become your rock, don’t worry! Someone is coming your way, and it is your ability to synchronize with that person that will prompt your relationship with them to be strong and virtually unbreakable.


Wealth Meaning - Seven Of Wands Upright

With the image of the Seven of Wands is that of a man valiantly holding his own against seemingly animate wands comes a good revelation: financially, this means none of your problems will be too difficult to solve. As an individual, you are resolute and always willing to find a way no matter how desperate the situation you’re put under.

The way out will be due in large part to your previous actions. You may not know it then, but you have been preparing for this incoming trouble a long time already.

Such foresight will allow you to avoid incoming conflicts like a pro and largely avoid any significant income losses in the process. As a boss, you are bold and capable of staying -- and appearing -- strong to the employees who look up to you.

All in all, this means you will be earning a lot in the foreseeable future. Of course, you know that there is trouble brewing.

Yet, you also believe that there is something that you can do about it if you and your coworkers can work your way through it together. Your strength of character and charisma will be the key for you to power through all the troubles with relative ease.

It will be a challenging time, but it isn’t anything that you won’t be able to withstand. With the combined power of your commendable wits, hard work, and cooperation with your coworkers, there isn’t any challenge that you won’t be able to face head-on.

Seven Of Wands Reverse Meaning

A reversal of the Seven of Wands indicates anxiety, distress and absolute urgency. With all the wands bearing their full weight down upon you, there’s a possibility that you could slowly give in to your inner doubts and even lose the will to keep yourself together.

These are truly tough times for you, but perhaps it’s a good time to think deeply and establish within yourself your strengths and weaknesses. Life isn’t just about facing challenges and gritting your teeth, and more often than not, the answer to your problems could be as simple as clearing your mind before pushing yourself forward.

The fight is still ongoing, and if inner strength is failing you, perhaps cunning might be your next best weapon.


Love Meaning - Seven Of Wands Reversed

Your relationship is losing its most major battle, and it is at a pivotal point. Both you and your partner are at your wits’ end simply trying to maintain the relationship stable, either because one of you remains financially inept or worse, too emotionally immature to understand when to just help instead of arguing.

This is the time when you and your partner should sit down and talk about whether continuing your relationship would still yield benefits or now. It will be a tough decision; emotions are fragile, and whatever you decide on, it will cause the two of you irreversible pain.

Because your inner demons are winning, you might already be seeing some telltale signs of your relationship being terminal and unable to continue further. This is sad, but you will have to brace yourself for the final blow and think about how to move on.

The least that you can do for one another is to have closure. It will allow the two of you to accept your separation with grace and ease the transition from having each other to becoming single once again.

If you still believe in second chances, then you will find your way back to each other in the future- that is, if you already worked out your issues. For those who are still waiting for the right person to love them, then you might have to keep on waiting for a bit longer.

If you are patient enough, your heart will be significantly rewarded.


Wealth Meaning - Seven Of Wands Reversed

Your stress levels are approaching their thresholds and your grasp on matters may be weakening as a result. In fact, you may even be thinking about just leaving the job entirely due to its conditions being increasingly unbearable.

At this, you can choose one of two things: persist and push forward, which entails hard work and the need to develop a strong, positive mentality or leave, take a much-needed mental health break and reevaluate your life choices. At any rate, your life is on a pedestal, and what you do from here will decide much of your financial future.

There is no surety on what comes next if you choose to resign and move along. On the one hand, you will be free from your present burdens and potentially land yourself a job you would like.

On the other, it might affect your prospects and affect your finances considerably. Staying will also have its consequences.

It might give you the push to further your skills so that you can work more effectively and efficiently in your current workplace. However, you would still be subject to the same stressors you have right now and might affect your wellbeing.

Whatever you choose, take heart. You are at a crossroads in your life, and you need to decide whether you are going to make or break.

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