Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what nine of wands tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Nine of Wands General Meaning

You may be situated in a good place right now but with the appearance of the Nine of Wands, a handful of problems and struggles may be possibly encountered in the future. There is an impending set of obstacles and challenges but if you remain steadfast and patient, you will not be defeated by the troubles and pain that it is bound to bring.

Do not let these negativities devour your positive energy and hopeful spirit. In this card, a seemingly weak and exhausted man can be observed standing on the ground while holding a long wand.

He is gazing on the sides in dismay and uncertainty as he knows in himself that a forthcoming battle is looming around the corner. He appears frail and injured but he is trying his might to regain his strength and power in overcoming these struggles.

There is still a feeling of positivity and hope in his eyes and he is somewhat confident that he can conquer all of it when the time comes.

Nine of Wands Upright Meaning

The Nine of Wands Card in Upright indicates that you have remained hopeful and persistent when problems and struggles come knocking at you. You may fall on a cliff, stumble on the ground or drown in the waters but these challenges will not prevent you from achieving your dreams and goals.

You may experience rejection, sadness or anguish but you will not allow these negative emotions consume your optimistic spirit. You continue to be patient and confident even if the world conspires to bring you down.

This card is a perfect reminder that you should face these troubles with hope, fortitude, determination and courage. When you have all of these qualities, life will never be able to defeat you.

Love Meaning - Nine of Wands Upright

In romance, the Nine of Wands indicates a healthy sense of caution. As shown by the man carefully looking at his surroundings, you are prudent and always eager to survey your current circumstances before making any conclusions, let alone acting on them.

As such, it is a very good trait to have, because it means you are never suspicious of your partner and are very trusting of them. While it is true that you feel a sense of fear, you are confident in your relationship’s strength and will gallantly ensure that no amount of suspicion will break it.

Wealth Meaning - Nine of Wands Upright

The Nine of Wands is a perfect indicator that something may be setting off your alarm bells. In wealth, this means you’ve become highly suspicious of others.

Indeed, it is true that one can never really discern another person’s motive, but for your financial benefit, you need to strike a balance between being cautious and trusting others to do the right thing, especially in a team setting, where collaboration and dialogue often lead to victory. Be on the lookout for danger, but don’t close yourself off completely: that is the secret to gaining wealth.

Nine of Wands Reverse Meaning

You are scared and frightened of facing the predicaments and obstacles of life. You fear that you will not be able to overcome all of it as you are afraid of losing and failing.

You are unable to accept risks and commitment because you are terrified that things will not happen in the way you wanted it to be. But with the Nine of Wands Card in Reverse, all of these problems may vanish if you go through it with determination, bravery and discipline.

Running away from it will not fix nor resolve the problem but will just worsen the already complicated situation.

Love Meaning - Nine of Wands Reversed

You are afraid, almost beyond consolation, about the state of your relationship with your significant other. You might even be feeling too suspicious about the prospect of infidelity, and you may have already gotten into so arguments with your partner about it.

While it is true that nothing in life or love is ever certain, this card impresses upon you the value of trust in a time of great fear, because just like the wand that the man is holding, trust is what will allow you to feel safe and it will likewise prevent you and your relationship from collapsing.

Wealth Meaning - Nine of Wands Reversed

You are under heavy emotional strain, and may even be on the verge of psychological collapse against all the things currently occupying your mind. You are consumed by your greatest doubts, and you can’t seem to do anything other than sit in a corner, lamenting your current reality.

With this card, you’re asked to realize that wealth does not sit well with angst. The time you spend moping is better used listing your options and implementing them.

Look to your best friends for comfort and don’t be ashamed to ask what to do next.

Open up your mind and realize your true identity.

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