Ten of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what ten of wands tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Ten of Wands General Meaning

The presence of the Ten of Wands may indicate too much burden or responsibility. It implies that a person may be carrying excessive workload or may be suffering from extreme stress and burnout.

He may be struggling to get things done as his obligations and duties continue to pile up. This may cause him panic, fear, frustration or disappointment.

In this card, a man can be seen walking while carrying a heavy load of wood. He seems to be in deep pain and exhaustion while carrying these ten wands.

The town to which he is approaching may appear close and near to him but with the excessive weight of the wood, it feels as though his destination is still a thousand miles away. However, it may also mean that he has finally dealt with the struggles in life and that he is about to rest and calm himself upon reaching the said place, notwithstanding the distance that he needs to surpass.

Ten of Wands Upright Meaning

You deserve to rest and relax after battling with the intricate predicaments of life. At this point of time, you have successfully hurdled through the many challenges and obstacles that this world is giving you.

Its time to reward yourself after days or years of hard work and patience. You are now reaping the fruits of your labor.

Other than that, the Ten of Wands Card in Upright may also mean that you have been carrying a lot of responsibilities. With your strong mind and brilliance, your family, friends and loved ones depend on you when they think they cannot solve their own problems.

The responsibilities referred to in this card may pertain similarly to the duties and plans that you need to attain in order to maintain your progress and success. Enjoy and seize it while it is still present but do not disregard your health and emotions.

Love Meaning - Ten of Wands Upright

An upright Ten of Wands symbolizes fortitude and the determination to keep on marching despite all the weight on your shoulders. This is a very important trait when it comes to relationships, as it almost certainly means you’re the sort of person who doesn’t lose their cool.

With your calm, stoic demeanor, you are able to keep things together both for you and your partner. You are a pillar of strength, and you always make sure that you are never a liability in your romantic union.

Thus, your relationship is guaranteed to last a long time.

Wealth Meaning - Ten of Wands Upright

In wealth, the Ten of Wands represents strength through much adversity. This makes it such a powerful card for you, especially since acquiring money is always a matter of personal endurance.

You’re amazingly resilient that you’re able to carry the full burden of your profession without complaint or even the slightest hesitation. As such, this makes you an amazing role model for other people seeking to take inspiration.

The card also hints at your capacity to succeed because of how industrious you are. If you get this outcome, be happy; huge rewards are headed for you.

Ten of Wands Reverse Meaning

Your obligations and responsibilities take so much of your energy and spirit but most of it are unimportant and redundant. Majority of the burdens that you have been carrying are not essential for your progress and growth.

To free yourself from this unnecessary baggage, you will need to evaluate and screen out the things that does not good to you or will just cause you too much stress or pain.

Love Meaning - Ten of Wands Reversed

The reversed Ten of Wands indicates that all your personal problems are taking their toll on you and might already be seeping into your relationship. This could cause you to lash out often on your partner, and in the worst case scenario, no amount of positive reinforcement might get through you.

If this is the case, know that your best friend and true love is very worried about you right now, and while they’re willing to help you out, you need to meet them halfway by opening up to them a bit more and letting them soothe you.

Wealth Meaning - Ten of Wands Reversed

A reversed Ten of Wands represents the negative side of keeping an emotional burden. In financial matters, this is everything, because negativity is a destabilizing force that prevents you from making rational decisions under pressure.

In fact, it can also prevent you from communicating properly altogether. The loss of a friendship or some past regret may be throwing you off your game and preventing you from looking into what would otherwise be a resplendent future.

Dwell not on what has since come and gone and let go of your emotional yoke, as that will open the door to further wealth.

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