Page Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

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Page Of Cups General Meaning

The Page of Cups is habitually associated with good news, ingenuity and sensitivity to one’s intuition. It encourages the pursuit of artistic concepts and the adoption of creative notions through the use of intuitive thoughts.

It signifies that when you accept and embrace the novelty of these ideas, you will expose yourself to numerous opportunities and breath-taking adventures that would help shape your life towards success. As shown in the card, the Page of Cups is exemplified through a poetic young woman who is full of fantasies and emotions.

She is dressed in a lovely blue robe with a dozen of beautiful flowers imprinted on it. Her head is adorned by a bohemian-inspired cap with a long blue scarf flowing from its back.

She holds a golden cup on her right hand with a fish popping out, as if telling her that she is set to embark on a fairytale adventure.

Page Of Cups Upright Meaning

Listen to the voice of your intuition and follow what your heart tells you. Open yourself to new and fresh ideas and do not be doubtful in pursuing it.

Your creativity and ingenuity will take you to different places and this would be your stepping stone towards achieving your dreams and goals in life. When you feel the impossibility of attaining it, redirect your focus and adjust your perspective towards it.

Do not give up and be persistent in making these visions come true. When you experience fear in showing your true emotions, the Page of Cups tells you that now is the right time to make it known to others.

Do not be ashamed of demonstrating it to the whole world. Expressing what you truly feel is the first step in embracing the real you.


Love Meaning - Page Of Cups Upright

The youthfulness of the Page shows that your relationship is as majestic as the spring. Everything is falling into place, your first months are really productive and filled with love, and there doesn’t seem to be any indication of things going wrong at the moment.

Immerse yourself and enjoy all the goodness that life offers you. Not only is this opportunity quite rare to achieve these days, but also it can give you the release from all the stress and emotional burdens that you have been carrying for so long.

Take full advantage of this, especially if you’re trying to move forward with life-changing plans such as having children or even an expensive vacation. Now’s the time to bond and solidify the romance, so make good use of the moment.

Spend time with your significant other, go on a vacation with your family, invite your friends to a night out. Whatever you plan to do as you enjoy your sweet time and live your life, keep your loved ones involved.

After all, happiness is best enjoyed when shared with the people who matter. The milestones that you will be meeting during this period will not just take effect for a few months.

Instead, they would influence you for the rest of your life. And so, with all these things in mind, make the moment count and make good choices you will thank your future self for.

Live in it. Breathe it in, and enjoy it!


Wealth Meaning - Page Of Cups Upright

You are a very lucky person if you end up picking this card. This is because the Page of Cups in the upright position knows the true extent of your ambition and moral fiber.

The goals you have set ever since you were a child fuel you to keep on going, despite everything that has happened in your life. Yet, despite your high hopes for the future, you know that you must keep an intact and functioning moral compass to help you go through everything.

Now that you are building your career, you know that you have to shoot for the stars without stepping on someone’s dignity. It was hard work, but you managed to do it, and now you are being rewarded for valuing character and ethics over greed and profit.

Many people don’t understand this, but integrity and ambition actually do work together: by genuinely making friends instead of just using them as tools, you are literally investing in your social capital, meaning you have more people you can call for financial growth. The fact that you don’t treat people like tools means that you will succeed in your endeavors for years.

These people will look at you with gratefulness and hope for all that is good in your life. As a result, they will help bolster you, especially during challenging times, and all hope seems to have been lost.

Indeed, the golden rule will shine best during this moment as your friends will repay the kindness you have shown tenfold.

Page Of Cups Reverse Meaning

Your artistic and innovative traits are no longer serving its purpose. The ingenuity and creativity that once sparked you with joy are now beginning to fade.

You are no longer inspired in pursuing your passion and you start to experience a low self-esteem. There is a tendency for you to be depressed and this may bring failure and resentment on your plans.

It would be difficult to get through this but you can start by accepting your flaws and weaknesses and embracing your imperfect self.


Love Meaning - Page Of Cups Reversed

With youth comes immaturity and rashness, and in relationships, the Page of Cups shows just these. While it is good to move things forward, taking things too fast could end up backfiring, especially if you don’t consult anyone.

Sure, life is too short to hide your feelings or hold back on whatever it is that you want to do. But it would help if you also remember that there is a time for everything.

Being too bold and reckless would only complicate things for you and your significant other. It can also lead to unnecessary arguments between you and your partner as you try to assert your individual wills in what would otherwise be a rational partnership.

With that being said, you need to be especially cautious. Take things slow and enjoy your time.

If you and your partner are sure of each other, you won’t dive headfirst into the unknown. Rather, you would allow yourselves to adjust to each other and gauge whether or not you are compatible before taking things even further.

Don’t let your impulses drive your every choice and think wisely about what you and your partner should do next. Be rational and logical.

Emotions are great to have, but decisions should not be left to gut feelings alone. You also need to hear out the voice of reason to avoid creating any further mistakes.

Through this, you can be sure that you will help the relationship flourish without damaging things along the way.


Wealth Meaning - Page Of Cups Reversed

The reversed Page of Cups represents everything that a businessperson with financial savvy dreads: complete lack of motivation and recklessness. The primary reason why people tend to “get lost” in financial matters is that they don’t quite know what to do in general.

There may be too many options for you to choose from- or nothing at all. Both situations are equally bad because of the implications and the consequences they may have on your career.

Most people would then wallow in their confusion or self-pity, preventing them from making sound decisions. This causes them to make rather unhealthy choices, cutting themselves off from long-term growth.

If you ever find yourself in this position, do not be afraid to reach out to other people. You have a wealth of people to ask for advice from.

Former teachers, colleagues, even relatives can offer you food for the thought that you can utilize to ensure that you would be gaining the very best that life and your career can provide you with at present. Study your friends and their methodologies and then implement their best methods to formulate your own plans and guarantee financial security.

Adapt to the present situation to take advantage of the momentum that these people will be giving you. It would be a bit difficult to adjust to it, what with all the things you have to keep in mind, but once you get the hang of it, you will soon reap all the fruits of your labors.

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