Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what ten of cups tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Ten of Cups General Meaning

The Ten of Cups signifies celebration and abundance in families, friendships and relationships. It connotes the mending and fixing of broken affairs brought by jealousy, anger and other negative feelings.

It represents the troubled and anxious emotions being fixed and settled as time goes by. It signals a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when all of these issues are resolved.

A portrait of a happy family is evident on the face of the card. A happy couple is seen embracing each other while their children is joyfully playing at the side.

They are blessed with a lovely home and beautiful children and they are seemed to be living in gladness and contentment. The green pasture in the backdrop symbolizes fruitfulness and fertility while the calmness of the river stands for the peace and tranquility that governs their relationship.

The rainbow in the sky signifies the end of misery, suffering and agony while the ten cups placed in the giant arc implies abundance and wealth being showered by the heavens.

Ten of Cups Upright Meaning

If the Ten of Cups is placed in an upright position, a feeling of happiness, bliss and euphoria may be felt. Its presence is a positive indication of joy, fulfillment and contentment in your relationship with your families, friends and loved ones.

You are able to achieve your desires, needs and wishes in life and you feel a deep sense of worth and gratification. Take a moment to acknowledge these blessings and be grateful that all of these are given to you.

Love Meaning - Ten of Cups Upright

Among all the cards of the Suit of Cups, this is one of the greatest for romantics. For single people, this means that your future is bright, should you ever find the love of your life.

You will have a wonderful, productive family with children, decent housing, furniture, and all other affordances of a truly amazing family life. If you’re a couple, this means you’re well on your way to being secure in every aspect, allowing you and your children (if you have any) to pursue other areas that you might be passionate about, like recreation.

Wealth Meaning - Ten of Cups Upright

Opportunity and triumph await those who behold the Ten of Cups in its upright position. Here, you can see an entire family looking victoriously at a rainbow, with their children playing around on the side.

What this means for you is that you’re going to be huge: your business will evolve into a potential juggernaut in your industry, and you will gain sufficient motivation to keep on working and thinking; inspiration will regularly come to you, and you will regularly enjoy luxuries such as time with your family. Indeed, the rainbow in your life stretches far and wide!

Ten of Cups Reverse Meaning

The harmony and happiness that you have been longing seemed to be far and remote from your reach. You may experience a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration brought about by the disruption of peace and tranquility in your relationships.

There is a need to cultivate a culture of love, care and understanding in order to fix and mend what is broken.

Love Meaning - Ten of Cups Reversed

If this card is one of the greatest to have when upright, it’s one of the worst Card in Reverse. It means that your relationship could be in danger from all the worries and anxiety that surround it.

If you don’t have anyone, it’s advisable for you to bide your time, as you might not be ready. For couples, it could mean that something is putting a damper on the romance.

Jealousy and financial problems are the typical culprits in unbalanced relationships, so you will need to work as a team to fix your issues.

Wealth Meaning - Ten of Cups Reversed

Wariness should be the disposition of anyone who encounters the reversed position of this card. As with all other matters in life, you may be led to false opportunities and poor decisions due to bad advice and your own need to earn money.

In financial matters, this can be particularly devastating, since investing on the wrong things can literally suck the life out of your bank account, leaving you vulnerable down the line. As such, do not let instinct and greed rule you.

You will succeed, but only if you exercise prudence and virtue in all matters relating to money.

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