Strength Tarot Card Meaning

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Strength General Meaning

The strength card is a clear manifestation of stability and steadiness in times of obstacles and hardships. It depicts the characteristic of being still and disciplined when faced with challenges.

In this card, a woman dressed in white can be seen holding the sharp jaws of the lion. Notwithstanding the possible dangers that may be brought by touching it, she remained calm.

She was unfazed and undaunted by it. It is an excellent portrayal of dominion and control over problems and adversities despite the insurmountable difficulties that accompany it.

On the other hand, the lion represents the bravery, courage and passion inherent in every person, which, if not properly controlled, may result to his downfall and destruction.

Strength Upright Meaning

A strength Card in Upright is a positive indication of calmness and stability amidst danger or trouble. It shows that you can handle stress and fear effectively without being overly anxious.

It proves that when a danger or threat is imminent, you can manage it well by staying calm and relaxed. This shows resilience and strength in dealing with risky circumstances.

Also, it exhibits your tendency to be compassionate and kind towards others. It implies that you have a long patience and that you are willing to extend your helping hand on others even if it would put you at risk for danger.


Love Meaning - Strength Upright

The Strength Arcana embodies confidence and the possibilities of bold undertakings. In a romantic sense, the message is all too clear.

A part of you may be thinking about finally getting out of your shell and meeting others-- and if this is correct, heed that voice within you and march to battle. By taking it upon yourself and making the first move, you’ll certainly find the right person.

It certainly won’t be an easy battle, but with this tarot card on your side, you can be assured of your success. There will be a few challenges here and there, but if you have proven your iron will, then the world may work in your favor.

Fighting to win someone’s heart may sound so old-timey, but this is a way for you to prove that the love you have for them is worthwhile. Besides, think about it: the ability to love someone despite everything the world throws on you is a pretty baller way to defy all the odds.

If you’re already with the right person, then this card is even better for you, because it confirms the purity and righteousness of your love for each other. Strength will then manifest itself in various ways.

It may be through a closer bond with your partner or you proving that your relationship is worth fighting for. Whatever is the state of your heart right now, having the Strength tarot card means one universal thing: that love, no matter what it takes, is worth the sacrifice.


Wealth Meaning - Strength Upright

If there’s any card that proves the relationship between grit and financial success, it is naturally the card that represents grit itself. The Strength card in the upright position means that you have shown utmost dedication and loyalty to the cause of your company and that you will be rewarded greatly for all your efforts.

Being loyal to your workplace is a pretty tough thing to do, considering how competitive the employment market is. But the mere fact that your iron will have got you through years of office drama is a testament to how strong you are as a person.

Alternatively, if you are starting your career in your current workplace, your strength of character will undoubtedly get noticed by your superiors. You may be given various tasks, each one more difficult than the last.

With your determination and brilliance, though, you will emerge victorious through all these. A promotion might be on your way, should you be able to sufficiently prove yourself as a capable and efficient worker in your company.

If you’re managing a business yourself, this means you’ve successfully overcome the initial hurdles of the year, and thus can expect an increase in profit. All of this will ensure that you’re all set for the future.

You will need an incredible amount of strength as you keep up with the increasing demands for your goods and services. As the money keeps coming, so does the need to catch up to the market.

Don’t let exhaustion get to you!

Strength Reverse Meaning

This is the opposite of being calm and discipline in times of predicaments. It shows that you are fearful and full of dread when the going gets tough.

There is lack of confidence, perseverance and dedication in fighting the battles and challenges of life. Also, it would mean that you have lost the glowing spark that once illuminated you, blowing away the happiness, passion and fulfillment that have made you a bright and joyful person.


Love Meaning - Strength Reversed

The reversal of the Strength card constitutes self-doubt and a reversible lack of courage. Often, this is caused by a false sense of caution.

Make no mistake: love does require patience and prudence, but it doesn’t mean sitting around on your laurels, waiting for it to come to you. Love, much like all other things, requires a powerful will.

Slacking around as you wait for “the one” won’t do. The world doesn’t revolve around you, and you must prove your determination to have someone by your side.

Only by then will the world lead you the way towards the person with whom you are meant to be for the rest of your life. Even then, you have to show that you are strong enough to handle whatever challenges you will encounter in your relationship.

On the other hand, if you already are with someone, this card is a reminder that you have grown complacent. Without you knowing it, your relationship is already hurting because of your lack of effort.

To keep the strength of your bond with your partner, you must go the extra mile, the same way you did to win your heart. Consistency and determination will indeed go a long way in maintaining your relationship with your significant other.


Wealth Meaning - Strength Reversed

A reversed Strength card shows weakness to temptations and the lack of courage to proceed with financial undertakings. You may be wasting your money on pointless matters and are perhaps afraid of anything that could disturb your current life.

The strength of character that you have previously exhibited is starting to slip away. At worst, you may have been an unmotivated and unhappy worker lately.

Your current work situation doesn’t sit well with you anymore, and you will find yourself absent-mindedly doing your 9-5 without much thought. Eventually, you may be doing your outputs with much less effort than before, as if your strength is slowly slipping away.

Unfortunately, this means that you’re not only trapped in monotony, but you’re also actively losing money in the process. Dealing with these problems should be your top priority by establishing a sense of order in everything you do.

On the other hand, you will be engaging more and more in frivolous things as you try to cope with your current situation. You may not realize it, but your bank account has been taking heavy hits as you indulge yourself too much.

A heightened awareness of your current situation is for you to regain your strength, so to speak. You will have to recalibrate yourself so that you will become a better worker, and in turn, rake in sufficient funding to keep yourself afloat.

Resist your cravings and focus on more important things, for only then will you truly experience the embrace of financial stability.

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