The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the chariot tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Chariot General Meaning

The Chariot represents a long and winding journey that would put your patience, tolerance and other virtues into test. It is portrayed as a celestial figure sitting under a blue shelter that is embellished with pretty white stars.

The crown found on his head implies that he is an enlightened one while the crescent moon attached on his shoulders emphasizes the divine spirit that leads and guides him to the right path. The presence of a bright square silhouette on his chest signifies the earth element and how it keeps him rooted on the ground.

Furthermore, two charming sphinxes can also be seen marching with him. These black and white creatures embody a strong and conflicting force which the chariot needs to overcome.

He should be the one guiding the sphinxes and not the other way around.

The Chariot Upright Meaning

As you trudge along the pilgrimage of life, it is inevitable to experience rough and bumpy roads. But bear in mind that this too shall pass.

The upright position of the chariot card denotes the will to surpass difficult problems and the drive to break insurmountable boundaries. It gives a message that when you persist in winning challenges and obstacles, victory is surely within reach.

When you are in proper and full control of your affairs, you can easily achieve your goals and desires in life.


Love Meaning - The Chariot Upright

Love requires an ironclad resolve and a firm grip on mutual foundations for it to be truly strong and everlasting. This particular outcome highlights the wisdom of perseverance in a romantic relationship and alludes to the possibility of an upheaval that will stretch your loyalty and dedication to their absolute limit-- it could be an incoming quarrel, financial difficulties, or god forbid, even a tragedy.

To prepare for the possibility of great suffering, you and your partner need to act as pillars for each other to stand on. With the strength of will, you two will come out stronger than ever.

Just as the sphinxes in the card are bound tightly to the Chariot, so must you be and your significant other. Saying that you are committed to one another is not enough; prove that you will not leave each others’ side no matter what happens.

The challenges you will face are a far cry from the usual petty couple quarrels you may have. They will be painful and often reduce both of you to tears.

If you aren’t as steadfast enough, this chaos will result in a disaster for the two of you. Thus, you need to reassure one another that you will make true of your promises to be each others’ ride or die no matter what.

Trust in your love and your faith in one another that you will be able to see these challenges die down together. Times are tough, and having someone by your side may be just the key to surviving this life.


Wealth Meaning - The Chariot Upright

The Chariot is exactly what you think it suggests. Considering that it portrays a man of vast wealth on a Chariot with two sphinxes, it means that great victories will come your way.

In ancient times, victorious emperors and generals would march into capital cities after a successful conquest. You may not be riding such vehicles anytime soon, but the same feeling of victory will surely be within your reach.

For your business, you will see yourself ahead of all other competition, with sponsorships and deals sending your company’s overall earnings even higher. In the workplace, this translates to you instantly getting a promotion, with your teammates cheering you on such a magnificent victory.

This success of yours is truly well-deserved. You have been working hard for so long that your efforts are finally being recognized.

  It is essential, though, that you don’t just rest on your laurels. You achieving that much at the present means that you have so much potential lying dormant within you.

  There is more to achieve in this world, and you know it! Just because you are enjoying success right now, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop at that.  As time will pass by, you will find yourself trudging through unfamiliar territory.

Previously unseen challenges will come your way as a further testament to your victory and your ability to overcome whatever difficulty will come your way. This entails significantly increased responsibility and an even greater need to stay consistent, but celebrations are very much in order.


The Chariot Reverse Meaning

It may connote lack of full control and direction. It may mean absence of focus, motivation and willpower to outdo challenges and beat the odds of life.

Let this be a reminder that when you redirect yourself towards your goal, achieving or fulfilling it will never be impossible. It signifies that when you keep your eyes on the prize, you will surely be right on track and will not feel lost.


Love Meaning - The Chariot Reversed

With this card in the reverse comes the idea that perhaps your relationship is not as sturdy as you may think-- or that your resolve for a committed relationship isn’t as strong as it should be. Love and romance will always be challenged by obstacles and personal calamities, so the requirement for personal will is often exorbitant.

Since you’re seeing this in the negative form, you may need to actually step back and look at yourself in the mirror, because it could be that not knowing yourself may do more harm than good in a relationship. Without you knowing it, you may have been acting toxic towards your significant other.

If you do not work on this soon, you might find yourself in a bitter conflict, and your relationship shook to the core. The chaos that might ensue is akin to a chariot losing the animal that pulls it.

You will be caught off guard and thrown off, injuring you in the process. Worse, the chariot (aka your relationship) will be reduced to fragments because you did not prevent it from breaking down in the first place.

Because of this, you have to be on guard, especially when the reins holding your relationship are starting to unravel before your very eyes. You need to stop the momentum and assess the situation carefully before proceeding.

It is time for you to exercise your iron will and determination to keep your relationship strong. Only then will things start to look up for you and your partner.


Wealth Meaning - The Chariot Reversed

Brace yourself for significant losses. The Chariot in the reverse position does not bode well for your financial prospects.

You can visualize your current situation as that of a person turning upside down in his chariot and falling to the ground. This time, though, the chariot is your wallet, and the person stands for your money.

The financial mistakes you’ve been making all this time will start to catch up on you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sooner or later, you will be witnessing a gradual depletion of your monetary resource as you scramble to keep with your financial obligations.

There are many reasons why this is the outcome you ended up getting: you have probably been mismanaging your resources, or making a string of awful decisions for your business. At the moment, you’re rather safe, but unfortunately, all actions have consequences, and you might start feeling the effects soon.

It would be best if you start setting aside emergency funds. The amount from this funds source will then be your ticket to surviving the next few months as the storm will rage on outside your doorstep.

  A thorough reassessment of how you spent your money is in order while all these are happening. Next time, though, you need to be more prudent when it comes to your finances.

Granted, these losses won’t be too catastrophic as to impoverish you, but this is life’s warning to you about the effects of being too confident.

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