The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the lovers tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Lovers General Meaning

The lovers represent love, relationships and important life choices. The man and the woman found in the card symbolizes a happy couple living in a simple abode which is protected and governed by Raphael, an angel of air.

The snake that can be seen lurking in the fruit tree portrays the fall of humanity into the sphere of sexual desires and temptation. Lastly, the air on the background signifies the importance of communication in a relationship in order to foster a healthy and strong bond.

The Lovers Upright Meaning

An upright position of a lovers card implies perfection and harmony in a relationship. Their trust and loyalty towards their bond give rise to a strong foundation and partnership, strengthening and uplifting their love and affection for each other.

It could be in the form of marriage, common law partnerships and other kinds of intimate relationships. Also, the presence of the lovers Card in Upright represents the need to make crucial life choices which may be opposing and contrary to each other.

You will need to have the proper discernment and judgment in order to choose the best option among them. This will help you determine the things that matter to you and how to properly deal with it.

Love Meaning - The Lovers Upright

In all of romantic Tarot reading, getting the upright position of the Lovers Arcana is like getting the jackpot in a lottery. The idea of two people sharing in the world’s beauty together is so embedded in this arcana that it can only mean a totally positive omen with nearly no negative effects whatsoever.

You and your partner are truly meant for one another; your presences in each other’s lives complete the two of you, and together, you are able to weather even the harshest storms that life can possibly offer, so take heart (pun intended)!

Wealth Meaning - The Lovers Upright

In financial terms, the Lovers in the upright position is not only rare, but perhaps among the very best cards, as it means that not only are you financially stable, you might even find a business partner or lover who possesses the same financial savvy as you do. This means that you’ll be earning double the amount successful people usually do on their own, expanding your options and prospects much faster.

More than that, it will also make the family unit stable and happy, as you’re now able to spend without seriously hurting your bank account.

The Lovers Reverse Meaning

It may indicate that your relationship with your partner has turned sour and cold. There may be some heavy issues between the both of you that necessitate immediate attention and resolution.

There may be a need to make some changes and adjustments with the way you treat the other partner. Do your best to fix these problems in order to bring back or maintain the balance in your relationship.

Furthermore, it may also mean fear or anxiety towards commitment. It may imply that you have doubts in committing with someone or perhaps confused on who to choose among the suitors or persons who have been swooning over you.

Love Meaning - The Lovers Reversed

Among all the arcanas and outcomes, this is the worst for any romantic scenario. It represents the notion of a false unity rooted only in lies, deceit, lust or even all of these.

Sometimes, people will choose to keep living this way because it provides them with a sense of order, however twisted this might be. However, this card may urge you to turn away from that arrangement and honestly evaluate the best course of action.

With this card, it could be that you need some time alone in order to truly understand why things aren’t working out.

Wealth Meaning - The Lovers Reversed

With the opposite, the Lovers signifies a lack of coordination between you and your team, partners and especially your significant other, as the reverse suggests. An important component of wealth is transparency and collaboration, as through it, you are able to maximize your earnings to help make room for multiple expenses at once.

Without these foundations in your work and at home, you’re setting yourself up for some serious pitfalls which could affect all other areas of your life. As such, you need to start sorting out your differences with others, or things could get out of control.

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