Temperance Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what temperance tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Temperance General Meaning

The temperance card exudes patience, self-control and balance. It signifies that when you are plagued with difficult struggles and hardships, it is better to face it with tolerance and fortitude.

It necessitates a calm and stable mind when problems seemed to overwhelm your sight. In this card, an angel can be seen holding two golden cups.

The said creature is dressed in an exquisite white robe but its gender is not specifically evident. This symbolizes the equilibrium in the two types of sexes and the balance of the two opposing forces.

Also, the foot of the angel on one side is submerged in the water while the other is placed on land. This shows the relevance and connection of the subconscious and the material world and how it will foster harmony.

The same reason can be inferred from the act of the angel in mixing the water of the two goblets.

Temperance Upright Meaning

The upright position of the temperance card indicates calmness and patience when faced with obstacles. This means that you have remained unfazed and subtle when the adversities of life tried to drag you down.

You seemed to be in control of any stressful situation since you prefer to resolve it with a steady and cool mind. Also, it indicates that you are at peace with your current disposition and in harmony with the people around you.

This enables you to be more efficient in dealing with your day to day endeavors.

Love Meaning - Temperance Upright

In life, perfection does not manifest as a lack of failure, but the ability to moderate oneself in all aspects. This is even truer in the context of love, where anything can appear from absolutely out of nowhere and potentially ruin the cultivated bond.

This card’s position tells you to always make sure you’re not focusing too much on just one aspect, such as sex, money or other material things. Sometimes, just bonding with your significant other and enjoying each other’s presence in silence can help solidify your love for one another even further.

Wealth Meaning - Temperance Upright

The virtue of temperance in a business is that it prevents you from being too ambitious, and if there’s anything in financial Tarot reading which embodies this, it is the very card for which it is named. When you draw this card, it means that you need to put checks on your ambition, or at least make a reasonable timeline for you to ensure that everything will be in order.

Success depends on a combination of consistency, effort and planning, and if you have all these, then indeed, your temperance shall pay off when you need it most.

Temperance Reverse Meaning

There may be imbalance and disequilibrium on certain areas of your life. There is a possibility that the harmony of your life is out of tune.

You seemed to experience anxiety and apprehension when life beats you with problems. With this, it is important to take a step back and reflect on the things to be changed and the right strategy to be used.

This will straighten your path towards success and keep you on the right track.

Love Meaning - Temperance Reversed

Having this card in the reverse position may mean that your relationship is far too focused on just a few things. While this could work for some people in theory, the reality is that relationships founded on just one or two things can easily crumble when those are taken away.

This is why a sexual relationship can end easily if the partners are no longer interested in physical contact, for example. Similarly, if you’re looking for a more committed relationship, you need to start branching out to other areas like emotional and financial to keep the fire going.

Wealth Meaning - Temperance Reversed

The price to pay for one’s arrogance is outlined in full by the reversed position of the Temperance card. Overestimating your abilities and procrastinating on your financial goals will most often lead to failure and even poverty down the line, especially if you’re gambling way more than you’re earning.

To prevent the catastrophe that comes with this card’s position, you need to weigh your resources with your own personal desires. Do not overspend or think too much about what you don’t have, and instead cherish the things which you own.

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