The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the empress tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Empress General Meaning

If you are in the constant search for abundance and fertility, you might want to consider the power of this card. As an elegant woman dressed in a pomegranate-inspired robe, the empress epitomizes the goddess of fertility which deliberately showers blessings and abundance to those she meets.

Her blonde hair and star crown portray her relation to the mystical and spiritual world while the venus sign embellished on the cushion emanates from the fact that her world is led by the goddess of love and fertility, Venus. Thus, the empress is considered as a bearer of harmony and love.

The Empress Upright Meaning

The empress card is a strong indicium of femininity and motherhood. With its symbolical connection to maternity and fertility, the presence of this card in an upright position signifies pregnancy or perhaps the establishment of a new business, career or undertaking.

Its motherly and caring ambiance brings happiness and accomplishment to every endeavor she is bound to encounter. If you commit yourself fully to the grace and fortune it brings, there is no wonder that success can be attained easily.

Love Meaning - The Empress Upright

Fertility and meaningful procreation are the key indicators of this magnificent card. Of course, the logical outcome of this card is true stability: whoever you’re going to be in a relationship next could very well be the person you’ll get to live with for the rest of your life.

If you already have a romantic partner, then this means your relationship is going to be sustainable. Realizing the true meaning behind this card means you need to start preparing for the long term, from starting a wonderful family to managing your financial arrangements as a couple.

Wealth Meaning - The Empress Upright

This is a time of creation and much abundance. With the help of an upright Empress, you’ll be able to substantially expand your reserves, especially if you’re already restraining yourself from making needless purchases.

Not only that, if you’re into arts and the humanities, you may even gain creative inspiration for your next short story or poem, which would not only give you extra money, but also fame and a great readership. This also applies to musicians and performers, who will see their outputs before large audiences and their coffers fill up with money.

The Empress Reverse Meaning

This may mean that you have exceeded your boundaries. There is no wrong on being motherly and nurturing towards other people but the same must be exercised fairly and equitably.

This may lead to disregarding your own needs and wants if you focused too much on the welfare and condition of others. Save room for yourself.

Furthermore, it may also imply that you are depending heavily on the decisions and choices of other people. It is best to minimize and lessen this influence from them and start believing on your potentials and capabilities.

Love Meaning - The Empress Reversed

This result in a tarot reading represents a general doubt in your ability to sustain relationships. Everyone has doubts about commitment, but this card cautions about what could happen if doubt continues to cloud your judgment: it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and good relationships in the future might become more difficult to come by.

Overcoming the fear of moving forward with a romantic arrangement is never an easy thing to do, but sometimes, taking calculated risks may in fact be the best way to start. Talk about your problems with people you can trust, take courage and step forward!

Wealth Meaning - The Empress Reversed

In terms of wealth, you might see a noticeable stagnation in your career. You may not have the same passion in your job as you used to, for example, and it’s looking like you’re only there for the money.

Such a situation is not only draining, but can lead to great dread. Thus, you’ll want to think of other opportunities.

Ask carefully: do you still want your current job? Where would you like to work next? By doing so, you’ll be giving yourself the chance to get out of a real bind.

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