The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the high priestess tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The High Priestess General Meaning

The presence of the high priestess card indicates belief to the power of intuition rather than reason. As shown in the figure, she is seated calmly between the pillar of establishment and pillar of strength which suggests the dual nature of things (e.

g. good and bad, positive and negative).

The isis crown symbolizes belief to the power of magic while the pomegranate fruits represent her desires and ambitions in life. Also, the crescent moon seen on his feet implies that she has complete control over her emotions and feelings.

The High Priestess Upright Meaning

The high priestess card in an upright position signifies that you must put your trust in your intuition. It must take precedence over intellect and reason in order to know and discover your true self.

If you are seeking answers to numerous questions, it is best to explore and search it within you. Who knows, the answers might just be in it.

So, try to listen and ponder on the message it gives. It might be a big help for you.

Love Meaning - The High Priestess Upright

In the upright position, the High Priestess represents attraction, intuition and self-worth. Naturally, all three qualities are essential for having a great romantic relationship.

With the card signifying attractiveness, you’re bound to find someone who will show great affection. Not everything about love can be comprehended by reason alone, so you’ll need to heed your instinct when the time comes.

This also means that either you already have a high sense of self-worth or that you need to work on it. Love looms ever closer, so you’ll need to look ready for the part!

Wealth Meaning - The High Priestess Upright

The blessings of the High Priestess are headed your way with this card in its best position, and these blessings shall propel your financial prospects to new heights. For example, you may see an income surge, and your business may end up being more popular.

It could also mean being accepted for your dream job, or finally opening up more time with loved ones. It even represents simpler things, such as all the leave credits you’ve saved up throughout the year.

If you have this card, use them and reward yourself with some R&R after a stressful year!

The High Priestess Reverse Meaning

While the high priestess card urges you to cling on your intuition, it doesn’t mean that you must no longer trust your intellect. Belief on reason and conscious mind is still necessary in order to bridge the spiritual concept into the material world.

It only suggests that intuition must be put at the top of the hierarchy without completely abandoning the power of the mind. Furthermore, the reverse position may also mean that you are experiencing difficulties in heeding and listening to your instincts.

You seemed to be ignoring its message due to the many uncertainties and misconceptions you are currently facing. So, take some time to resonate the message it speaks and put it into action.

Love Meaning - The High Priestess Reversed

By contrast, the reverse position represents an excessive reliance on outwardly traits, which naturally has the potential for ultimately unfulfilling romantic arrangements. Focusing too much on how you appear, for example, can make it difficult for you to distinguish between people who are sincere and people who are looking to take you for granted.

Trusting your instinct too much can also make you careless and pave the way for disappointment. This could lead you to ultimately question your self-worth and even discourage you from ever trying again for a very long time.

Preventing all this means thinking before moving forward.

Wealth Meaning - The High Priestess Reversed

While a harbinger of bad news in its own right, the High Priestess in the reverse also indicates the message of hope. At the moment, you might feel tired and sore from all the work you’ve been doing recently, and unfortunately, more things will come that will test both your integrity as an individual and your capacity as an employee.

The battles ahead will certainly deplete some of your energy, but if you choose to keep on pushing, the blessings will be coming your way: a pay raise or your boss giving you paid time off, for example.

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