The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the hanged man tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Hanged Man General Meaning

The hanged man depicts sacrifice, martyrdom and responsibility to the consequences of one’s actions. It portrays a period of transition and highlights the advantages of moving forward and changing bad habits.

In this card, a man can be seen hanging upside down from a tree which is believed to be brought by his own free will. This explains the calm and subtle expression on his face.

The tree that is firmly rooted on the ground represents the underworld and this supports and sustains the heavens. Furthermore, the colors that can be found on the appearance of the man also have its respective meanings.

The red pants symbolize passion and dedication while the blue shirt represents his calm and relaxed disposition. The yellow halo, hair and shoes also signify intellect and wisdom.

The Hanged Man Upright Meaning

The hanged man understands that he needs to experience pain and sacrifices in order to obtain success. It becomes essential for him to undergo through hardships for the attainment of all his goals.

As an old adage goes, “No pain, no gain”. Aside from this interpretation, the hanged man Card in Upright also stands for a suspension or interruption in formulating decisions.

You may be stuck in a state of indecision but it is definitely okay. It will give you more time to reflect and ponder on the right thing to choose.

Love Meaning - The Hanged Man Upright

This card portrays the sacrificial aspects of love and the loneliness it can potentially bring to you. This seemingly paradoxical image is a direct consequence of surrendering part of your own liberties in order to be with your significant other.

In fact, reconciling this paradox is the ultimate challenge of sustaining your love for the other person while still keeping enough of yourself. For this card, you may need to ask which way you’re currently tilting so you can improve your relationship experience accordingly: which of you matters more, and what might be causing this feeling of imbalance?.

Wealth Meaning - The Hanged Man Upright

In terms of financial resources, an upright Hanged Man symbolizes financial dependence, making this a particularly bad card for people without work. You probably just resigned from your job recently and now you’re not sure where to go next, or that you’ve stayed in your parents’ house your whole life, relying on stipends instead of working.

This isn’t ideal for you because your current state could turn into a catastrophe should unprecedented incidents occur, thus you’ll need to step out of your shell and lose the fear of asking for help.

The Hanged Man Reverse Meaning

You may feel that your sacrifices and pain have yielded nothing. You came to realize that the sufferings you have endured were all put in vain.

It seemed that you are continuously trapped in a stationary world. However, do not let this stagnant condition drag you down.

Unleash the courageous soldier in you and make an excellent battle plan. Be religious and aggressive in implementing it.

Love Meaning - The Hanged Man Reversed

If the upright Hanged Man represents a potential imbalance, the reverse represents the deep personal turmoil that comes from it. This confusion about one’s true priorities in life and relationships could end up causing a string of heartbreaks, each more devastating than the last.

This is complicated further because confusion manifests itself to everyone in unique ways. For your specific case, you will need to carefully reconsider whether going to a relationship would be good at this time.

Needless to say, this is because rushing forward to get a quick dose of happiness is a recipe for disaster.

Wealth Meaning - The Hanged Man Reversed

In the reverse, the Hanged Man represents a profound discontent in terms of your current financial state. You want to get richer, but you don’t quite know how or when to start.

The problem with this scenario is that you’ve probably already established enough connections to make a difference, but you’re not exploring them, let alone aware that they exist. If you want financial advice, try reaching out to friends who might be able to help you, as with any luck, you might just reach a breakthrough and achieve great things sooner or later!

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