The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what the wheel of fortune tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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The Wheel of Fortune General Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune represents change, luck and sweet beginnings. It talks about the cycle of life and how a person responds or deals with it.

The figure is composed of a giant beautiful wheel filled with fascinating cryptic symbols. The borders of the card are surrounded by four mythical creatures in the form of an eagle, angel, bull and lion.

It symbolizes the four zodiac signs namely the Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus and also stands for the four preachers of Christianity. This is the reason why these beings have wings attached to their bodies.

Also, a sphinx and a devil can be seen standing on the wheel, embodying wisdom and the underworld. It rotates unwaveringly to portray the ups and downs of life which is part and parcel of human existence.

The Wheel of Fortune Upright Meaning

The upright position of the wheel of fortune indicates acceptance to the normal cycle of life. As we continue to thrive in this complicated world, there are so many things we cannot put into control.

This includes the ups and downs of life and there is no other alternative but to go through it. We continuously experience good times and bad moments but none of these are permanent.

There is always a beam of sunshine after a pouring rain.

Love Meaning - The Wheel of Fortune Upright

If you see the Wheel of Fortune in the upright position, you’re in luck; everything will fall into their proper place. If you’re looking to establish a family, this bodes well for you.

If you’re looking to upgrade things from simple friendship to an actual romantic relationship, now’s a good time to act on it. Whatever your current situation is, especially on the romantic front, know that this Arcana is an indication of good luck, meaningful life-changing experiences and an overall reason to look at your romantic prospects with glee and happiness.

Wealth Meaning - The Wheel of Fortune Upright

The Wheel of Fortune represents good luck and even greater karma. In terms of wealth, this makes it a really great card when drawn upright.

At this point, you have cultivated deep connections with your friends and gained access to a vast network of highly capable people, able to advise you on specific areas in your life. You have doctors, businessmen, lawyers, academics, accountants and so many more people on your side that you’re practically bound to reap the full benefits in the form of successful business ventures, personal financial literacy and even actual money for future investments.

The Wheel of Fortune Reverse Meaning

This signifies that misfortunes and disasters have unceasingly placed you in a bad position and that luck has not rallied on your side. You may feel hopeless, depressed and exhausted but bear in mind that you can do something about it.

Instead of taking it undesirably, it is best to consider it in a good and beneficial way. Bad days are not permanent and there will always be hope and optimism after hardships and difficulties.

Love Meaning - The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Of all the outcomes one could pick in a Tarot reading about love, this may very well be one of the absolute worst. It means that the possibility of establishing a relationship with your person of interest may be low, or that it isn’t the right time to move things along.

Further, it also means that if you’re in a relationship, bad things could happen that could potentially destabilize the situation between you and your partner. However, all hope isn’t lost: you can easily turn this around by making sure you are fully prepared.

Wealth Meaning - The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Bad luck looms with this card in the reverse, and much of which could be the result of karma getting back at you for all the trouble you’ve caused. It’s possible that you’ve alienated people instead of making friends, which basically means you’ve not a lot of people to call for assistance should things get bad.

With this, you might be tempted to explore other sources of instant money, such as loan sharks. Wealth is tied to personality, so if you’re not known for it, then you need to change.

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