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February 18, 2022

Angel Number 1119: Secret Meaning & Symbolism


The way you live your life is hugely influenced by your mindset. 

Cynics would believe that we do not share this world with other entities and we’re left to figure things out on our own. Nihilists would believe that there is nothing absolute — in meanings, purpose, and even in the existence of God.

However, if you keep seeing a certain number over and over for a period of time, would you believe that it is the divine realm’s communication efforts? 

It’s called an angel number, and it is the guardian angels’ way of sharing their divine insight.

There are a lot of angel numbers, but perhaps you’re reading this because of 1119’s appearance in your life. Now, what does angel number 1119 mean?

Angel Number 1119 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of this number?

Even though not everyone believes in them, spiritual authorities exist. These guardian angels are always looking over you even though there’s no possibility of communicating directly. 

This doesn’t stop them from reaching out, that’s why you keep on seeing a certain number again and again.

Angel number 1119’s meaning roots from the spiritual energy of the single-digit angel numbers 1 and 9, together with their combinations — 11, 111, and 119. When a certain number repeats in an angel number sequence, its influence becomes stronger and it doubles the urgency of the message.

Angel number 1 is the sign of new beginnings. It tells you that change is brewing on the horizon. 

Prepare yourself for all the opportunities coming your way and don’t forget to lean on your strengths. You are highly independent with strong leadership skills, coupled with high charisma and creativity.

On the other hand, angel number 9 is a sign of spiritual awakening and growth. 

In Christianity, it is the indicator of finality, the fulfillment of God’s promises, and the charismatic gifts — wisdom, faith, knowledge, healing, prophecy, miracles, discernment of spirits, and speaking and understanding in tongues.

More interestingly, this angel number also bears master number 11, which is the most powerful among master numbers, arguably. 

It is telling you that your intuition is rooted deep because of your strong connection with the universe.

Therefore, angel number 1119’s meaning is a message filled with divine affirmations. Tap into your spiritual side. 


You’re in for a series of experiences that will lead you to grow as a better individual.

Is it a good sign?

1119 angel number shares both the lowest and highest-ranked numbers among the single digits. 

Number 1 and 9 are special in their own sense, and there is an important reason why both are sent by the guardian angels.

This represents the range of effort you’re willing to make to reach your dreams. 

Big goals don’t come easy. As for you, you’re ready to pay the price no matter what they cost. 

The road towards success is daunting, that’s true. But the guardian angels are with you all along. 

Just like how they will nudge you towards the direction of opportunities, they will also help you heal from the pain when you make mistakes or stumble along the way.

In the cusp of change, angel number 1119 is a positive sign from the guardian angels. 

It is an affirmation that they see you. 

They feel you. 

And they’ve seen how you toil hard. 

This is a sign of opportunities and growth, so, chin up! Things are starting to look up.

Is it a lucky number?

An angel number can be a sign of good luck or a warning, depending on the human interpretation. When it comes down to the single digits’ meaning, both are considered lucky numbers across different cultures.

Number 1, the first in ordinal rank among single digits, symbolizes winning. It is a sign of dominance and leadership as well. 

Number 9 has mixed opinions. While it sounds like the pronunciation of the Chinese word for “long lasting,” it’s bad luck in Japan because it sounds like the Japanese word for “suffer.” 


There are 9 universal elements in the Indian culture.

Going back to 1119 angel number, this is sent as a reminder from the divine beings that you are in charge of your own reality. 

You can recognize luck as opportunity in the future because of the accumulation of the good things that you have done in the present.

On the flip side, if you have been doing the opposite, angel number 1119’s meaning is a warning that there will be a reversal of fortune in the near future. You’re also in charge of dealing with the consequences of your actions.

What does angel number 1119 represent?

Angel number 1119 is a special message from the heavens that is uniquely for you.

It means that while you are persevering and putting in the work day-to-day, the divine beings are stirring something for you too.

Big changes are coming soon. 

These will bring about experiences that will actualize your dormant potential. At this point in time, prepare yourself by adopting a healthy mindset. Focus your eyes on the positive things in life, even if you face challenges from time to time. 

Always remember that the spiritual authorities don’t allow challenges that you cannot overcome.

Even though change is looking up, you also have the capacity to bring about these changes to yourself. Take the initiative in becoming a better person inside and out. Let go of what no longer serves you and walk with confidence.

Angel number 1119 is a reminder that you have come so far. When you feel discouraged because things aren’t panning out like you planned, remind yourself of the time when you were still wishing for the life you have right now.

Angel Number 1119 and Love

When it comes to the matters of the heart, angel number 1119’s meaning also holds significance.

You are a natural empath. If you are in a relationship, you understand your partner on a deeper level than you think. 

You easily pick up the small cues in their movement and evaluate how they are feeling.

Currently, the guardian angels are encouraging you to become more tolerant in the relationship. Just because they get tired and stressed at times, this doesn’t mean that they love you less. 


Keep in mind that your significant other is called a partner because it’s a partnership. It involves give and take. When you have more, it’s your part to give more.

If you are single, evaluate if you’re truly ready for a relationship before you commit to one. Only you can tell the readiness of your heart, so listen to it.

Love is one of the best things in the world. It can make you grow and change you for the better. 

However, love can bring about some confusion as well. When you’re unsure of what to do next, don’t hesitate to ask your guardian angels for help.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 1119?

If you look into the bottom of it, the reason why the guardian angels are showing you angel number 1119 is to help you out.

As an indicator of change, this number usually appears at a low point in your life before things transition for the better.

1119 angel number is also called a triple mirror hour. This is the reason why there are times when you look at the clock and it’s exactly 11:19.

This mirror hour means that the guardian angels protecting you are bringing peace and calm in your heart. They will help you manage your emotions to stop you from comparing your progress to others, being dissatisfied with yourself, and focusing on negativity.

Instead, they are giving you motivation and discipline to focus on your responsibilities. Be busy with self-development that you won’t have the time to look around and see how other people are doing. 

This is crucial in readying yourself for all the changes happening soon.

Also, make space in your heart by letting go of what weighs it down. Resolve conflicts. Forgive others. Cut the ties if things are no longer healthy.

Start to shift your mindset and envision that you are already living the life you wanted. 

Would a winner still choose to deal with the things that should’ve been left in the past? 

Or would a winner choose to learn from their mistakes and move forward?

Final Word

There is a reason why certain numbers appear to people. Some miss their chance in looking into its meaning, while others completely disregard them.


Angel number 1119 is a message from the guardian angels that you shouldn’t take for granted.

Read between the lines and look at how you can apply the lessons in your life. Continue to stand firm on your principles, but be flexible enough to flow wherever life takes you. 

When you reach the top, do not forget to be humble. Humility will take you even further than your goals. 

Change is going to be good. 

Are you ready for it? 

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