January 12, 2023

331 Angel Number: Unlock Your True Potential


Are you puzzled, even a bit worried about the meaning of repeated numbers that constantly pop up everywhere you look, such as the 331 angel number? There’s nothing to fear, for these are signs from your guardian angels. This is their way of communicating with you and do this repeatedly until you finally notice it. 

Once you do, it’s up to you to search for their meaning. But basically, they want to give you advice on the things they want to convey to you. In this post, you will learn what the 331 angel number is and its symbolism. Hopefully, this will help you decipher the message from your angels as well as have a better understanding of the following: 

  • How big an impact will angel number 331 in love play in your life? 
  • What does number 331 mean for your personal and professional relationships? 
  • Does angel number 3 bring good fortune to you and your family? 
  • How powerful is the master 33 angel number? 
  • Will the appearance of angel number 1 be the sign what you manifest will finally come true? 

Time to dive in and discover what the 331 angel number means!

The Essential Vibration of 331 Angel Number 

The numbers 331 are mixed energies and attributes of the numbers 3 and 1. And because the number 3 appears twice, its influence is amplified and also creates the master number 33. This brings the number to its overall energy. 

Number 331 symbolizes independence, creativity, manifestation, self-expression, joy, optimism, open-mindedness, and happiness. It also resonates with the powerful energy of your ascended masters and indicates their presence in your life, who are always prepared to help you in times of need. The number 33 signifies blessings, guidance, compassion, discipline, honesty, humanity, and spiritual development. While number 1 shows independence, initiative, determination, progress, and new beginnings. 

The number 1 also signifies assertiveness and confidence. It helps in the creation of your realities and your power to use positive thoughts, expectations, and beliefs. Overall, these combined influences give the number 331 power to manifest growth, expansion, and the creation of a better reality. As long as you continue to have the enthusiasm and expect that all your hard work will bear fruition, it will come true. 

Spiritual Meaning of 331 Angel Number 

The angel number 331 is a message from your spiritual guides, encouraging you to pursue your chosen path. It reminds you to be wary of the thoughts and expectations that you allow inside your head. Do not pay attention to the negative, anxious thoughts that may lead you to believe in undesired outcomes. 

Your angels have your back, that is what they are constantly trying to tell you while going on this spiritual journey. They want you to know that you have their full support and guidance. All you need to do is keep a positive outlook on your future and have faith that everything is going according to the divine plan. 

When you are serving your soul’s true mission and purpose, this angel number is also reminding you to listen to that inner voice, your intuition, because it has all the answers you’re looking for. You are the master of your destiny, the creator of your reality. Therefore, it is extremely important to have full control of your thoughts and emotions. 

Only think about things that deserve to be manifested in your life and push out all the negativity that is swirling inside your head. Get rid of all the negative people, situations, or bad memories that are contributing to that excess baggage you’re carrying. They are doing nothing to help you. Instead, they are slowing you down, even blocking your progress altogether. So remember only to manifest what is well and good. 

331 Angel Number On Love 

Speaking of love, your angel number 331 brings good fortune, but at the same time serves as a warning. There is nothing wrong with trying to become the perfect lover, but do not get carried away at the expense of your other responsibilities in life. Don’t make this an excuse for not showing up at work, slacking off at school, or not being able to turn in your homework on time simply because you have put all your time and energy into your significant other. 

Your divine life purpose and soul’s mission is finding the perfect balance. It would be better if you find a partner to be in a committed relationship with who shares similar traits with you. Someone who also has high hopes and dreams for their future, who is continuously working to improve themselves, and most importantly, someone who will support you and not envy your achievements. This is the only way you can truly enjoy life with your partner. 

Angel Number 331 On Twin Flames

What does angel number 331 say about your twin flame? Simple, it’s time to be one with them. The search is almost over, for they are searching for you as much as you are searching for them. You will know this the moment you meet because there will be an undeniable spark and instant connection you will feel that is hard to explain. This is your divine message telling you to be finally united and become one complete soul. 

You see, you and your twin flame have the same souls split into two hearts. Thus, you will only be completed once the two of you reunite. Once you find each other, don’t expect it to be an easy life, so you will still need a lot of patience and sheer determination to succeed in life. However, it will become more bearable since you have each other to lean on, so cherish this time and never take each other for granted. 

What To Do When You Keep Seeing Angel Numbers

So, what should you do when you keep seeing angel numbers? The best thing to do is reflect on how grateful you are to receive one. When you show gratitude for these angelic beings surrounding you, protecting you, and taking care of you, you’re making a pivotal step in making the most out of their important message. 


What you can do next is create a new mantra or a to-do list that will prevent procrastination or make sure you’re putting time purely allotted to self-care. Whatever steps feel right to you, based on this specific message you have received. For starters, you can try this writing exercise: 

Light your favorite candle (lavender, rose, vanilla, etc.), get your journal, and find a comfortable, distraction-free area. Next, shut your eyes, place your feet flat on the ground, sit up straight, and breathe deeply. The moment you feel calm and centered, open your eyes and ask out loud your angel guides to help you work using your pen. Jot down one question. 

Slowly you will feel an answer, write down immediately whatever it is you are hearing. Once you’ve written down the answer, thank your angels and blow out your candle. Remember that you might have gotten too little or too much information. If, for whatever reason, you don’t like what came threw, it’s okay to get rid of that piece of paper. Then go on with your day and try this exercise some other time, don’t worry because it takes time and practice to master. 

Be Pro-Active

If after doing all of this you’re wondering what to do next, rest assured that the next step will be revealed to you as long as you open yourself up to it. Also, your angels are expecting you to be proactive since they welcome any conversations you wish to have with them. You’re encouraged to ask for messages, guidance, and clarification, just be sure to open yourself up to their signals and they will surely get back to you. 

Keep Track of Your Progress

It’s best if you keep this journal for consistently recording the angel number messages you get. Nothing beats the feeling of looking back at those times in the past when you received a much-needed nudge from your guardian angels and realizing how much they helped you to be where you are right now. 

Deadly Words That Can Block Your Manifestations

No matter how much your angels are helping you in making your manifestations come true, it will be useless if you constantly use these deadly words (knowingly or unknowingly). 

So you need to know what these words are as well as the antidote. You often use these words automatically since it’s been programmed in you since childhood. So what happens is you manifest in reverse, in other words, you manifest what you don’t want instead of what you want to happen. The key is to become conscious of these words so you can transform your thinking for the better. 

I’m Trying

What are these words, then? It’s “I’m trying”, or “I’ll try”. Why? Because this indicates that you haven’t really fully made up your mind. You are not 100% committed and determined to manifest the things you desire. It doesn’t matter what it is, be it a new car, money, business, the love of your life, or your dream luxury vacation. 

If you are going to manifest what you believe you desire, you need to have absolute certainty. It’s either you are going to manifest the things you desire, or you’re not, it’s that simple, and there is no in-between. This is the law of attraction, and it’s critical that you keep a sense of absolute certainty about the things you are manifesting in life.  

I Can’t

These two words are also deadly since this is a belief system, you believe you can’t. Why say that when you can just as easily say I will, I am, or I can? So again, you need to be conscious of these words and learn to gradually remove these from your vocabulary. It won’t happen overnight, but if you’re aware and determined, it can surely happen. 

The Antidote

So what are these words? It’s “take inspired action”. Once you do this, you will start to feel unstoppable, everything will flow in your direction, and you will feel better about yourself, the people around you, and all the opportunities as they unfold. But it’s only you who can decide what specific inspired action this will be to empower yourself. It could be getting a life coach, learning to meditate, or switching to a better, healthier lifestyle. 

Final Word

The angel number 331 will guide and help you find the right path, but ultimately, it will be up to you if you act on these clues coming your way. 

How about you, do you resonate similar vibrations as the angel number 331, too?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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