Male archetypes

January 14, 2023

Male Archetypes: Everything You Need to Know


Have you ever taken an Archetype Test before? Then you might be familiar with the Male Archetypes and Female Archetypes, which were both created by Carl Jung. Four primary masculine archetypes make up masculine psychology. These are the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover. 

A man can’t attain mature masculine strength and vitality without connecting with his body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Hearing that something in your mind has to be fixed to achieve fulfilment, meaning, and passion in your life can be challenging, especially at first. Because of this, the Male Archetypes are present in your day-to-day existence.

Before we proceed, let us clarify something. Personality traits are not male archetypes. Jung did not believe a person could be classified as a specific male archetype. Instead, archetypes are merely patterns of behavior and cognition, or “energies,” that exist in variable degrees in all people. Are you ready to find out whether you are a king, warrior, magician, or lover?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Discovering the King Archetype in the Male Archetypes
  • Unearthing the Warrior Archetype among the Male Archetypes
  • Learning about the Magician Archetype within the Male Archetypes
  • Finding out about the Lover Archetype along with the Male Archetypes

What is the King Archetype for you?

Characteristic #1: Wisdom and Selflessness

A spirit of selflessness grounded in wisdom is one of the most essential components the King must embody. Be prepared for the passing of your previous ways of being when you finally are born into the energy of your new King role. You are undoubtedly familiar with the well-known lines proclaimed during the royal succession, “The King is dead; long live the king!” Or that monarchs frequently ascend to power by eliminating their predecessors in combat. 

To awaken and ascend to the power of the inner King, there is a noble death that must first take place. If it were simple, there would be a significant increase in the number of successful, influential guys in your life. The obstacle that lies in front of you is the elimination of the archetypes associated with boyhood. This will ultimately result in the birth of the Hero and will initiate the man you are meant to become.

Characteristic #2: Order and Stability

In the absence of structure, non-creation and disorder take precedence. To be more specific, this arrangement starts in the middle and works its way outward. For the avoidance of doubt, the King is the one who establishes order. The ordering function has been present in all sections of history where the King archetype has been found, which is one of its most remarkable things. 

It can be found on old maps, in sand paintings from Indian deserts, in the rose windows of churches built by Christians, and even in the visions and works of art created by men in modern times. Jung recognized this recurring structure in his research and appropriated the term “mandalas” from the Buddhist tradition of Tibet. 

These organized patterns sent energy that was beneficial to healing and sustaining life. The mortal King is responsible for walking the right road, also referred to as Dharma or the Tao. If this is done, everyone in his realm will behave according to the Right Order. After that, his empire will experience prosperous times. 

The first thing he needs to work on is refining his mature manhood. After that, he gains the self-assurance to assume leadership of his realm. Consequently, he will notice an increase in creative activity and a lessening of chaotic occurrences. 

For instance, dysfunctional households frequently consist of a father who is either absent or unable to provide enough care for his children. The King’s energy in its mature form and the order that usually comes with it are absent here. In practice, the situation in the family is one of confusion and chaos.

Characteristic #3: Blessing and Fertility

One of the essential energies that the King archetype brings forth is the creation of fertility and blessings. Gods have frequent sexual encounters with goddesses, demi-goddesses, and mortal women in the spiritual realm. Nevertheless, this second facet of the King archetype comprises more than just the concept of fertility alone. 

The ability of the divine masculine to procreate also extends to the prosperity of the land, an abundance of resources, and blessings of wealth. It is commonly believed in mythology that a sexually active king who satisfied his desires and those of his lovers would rule over a prosperous kingdom. 

In a nutshell, as long as he is physically fit, emotionally stable, mentally attentive, and emotionally alive, the crops would flourish, his cattle would put on weight, babies would be born, and even merchants would amass wealth. Now let’s apply this to a man living in today’s world. The main idea here is that when men are successful in all aspects of their lives, their tribe and realm are also thriving. 

Additionally, their relationship, work, and social standing play a role. Everything is at a higher level. It should go without saying that accepting the role of this archetype comes with specific responsibilities. You are at the service of the more extensive powers of the cosmos while also being at the service of your domain, in whatever form this may take for you in your life.


What is the Warrior Archetype for you?

Characteristic #1: Confidence and Strength

Nowadays, men have the propensity to question their abilities and, perhaps more crucially, their potential. The Warrior rises above these uncertainties, overcomes self-consciousness, and takes immediate action without hesitating. By developing a connection with this male archetype, men can tap into his masculine energy and transform themselves into men who are unafraid to stand their ground. 

Because pure Warrior energy prohibits a guy from striving to display his strength and power by stirring up drama, massaging his ego, or seeking external validation, this is one reason why authentic Warrior energy is so vital. It is indisputable that he is confident in his strength and does not seek validation from others on his abilities.

Characteristic #2: Control

When a man decides to take charge of his life, he frees himself from the positions of either defender or victim in his own life. He has resumed his offensive stance and is prepared to seize each day. This man throws himself into responsibilities and difficult choices like a samurai does in the heat of battle. He is aware that there is only one way to proceed: forward. 

When we talk about aggression in today’s man, it is essential to note that we are in no way endorsing any form of violent behavior, whether physical, emotional, financial, mental or any other kind. These individuals also know when to deploy aggressive techniques and when different strategies are required. 

How can a man recognize when it is appropriate to use his aggressive tendencies positively? So, the inner Warrior is always on guard and is awake at all times. The Warrior does not waste away their life by sleeping. In addition to that, he is an excellent strategist. As you can assume, he can precisely assess the situation and adjust to get the desired result by utilizing these skills.

The Warrior archetype includes the capacity to evaluate one’s capabilities regarding strength and skill accurately. That requires patience and a focus on the long game at times. On the other hand, when the Warrior cannot carry out these rational judgements, he begins to veer into the Shadow side of the archetype.

Characteristic #3: Discipline and Loyalty

If there is one thing you are to take away from the Warrior archetype, it should be the incredible power that comes from maintaining self-control. After the warrior has mastery over his mind and attitude, his body will soon follow suit. 

Once a man controls his ideas and actions, the unconquerable spirit can surface. He is willing to put in the hard work and even suffer to emerge on the other side of the experience stronger. The proverb “no pain, no gain” is an apt description of this situation.

Whether it’s to a family, a task, a nation, God, or a partner, the Warrior will never put his safety before allegiance to the people or things he is committed to. In that case, he would have no choice but to become a merciless mercenary. A man can clear his mind and think more clearly when working toward a more significant cause. 

His razor-sharp attention swings away from anxious overthinking and toward doggedly working to reach his full potential. All of this is to achieve the end goal he has set for himself. Something spectacular occurs once the Warrior’s energy is combined with other mature masculine energies.

What is the Magician Archetype for you?

Characteristic #1: Aware of a Higher Realm

The Magician archetype’s primary territory is the realm of the unknown. We are living in a time when personal identification is a complete mess. The energy of the Magician as a whole is suffering from a severe case of imbalance. Also, the Magician is aware that what we ordinarily consider to be accurate, both about ourselves and the natural world, also hints at the mysteries and immensity of the universe.

Characteristic #2: Energies of the Unconscious

The power held inside unconscious energies is certainly something to behold. Carl Jung was famous because he would only divulge his knowledge regarding profound ideas like masculine archetypes to individuals who had been initiated into the highest levels of psychic awareness. This choice reflects a great deal of insight on our part. 

It is necessary to prepare a guy and direct him before revealing the hidden abilities that are all around him. It must be done in stages, just like waking up every morning, so that the dream world can have enough time to rewind itself up into the caverns of the mind. The Magician’s energy is also associated with awareness and insight as its domain. 

In a nutshell, this is the aspect of him that understands things without consciously being aware of them and sees things that are not entirely visible. The primary responsibility of the Magician is to step back and take an objective look at both the situation and the Self. After that, this energy examines every minute detail and then uses his wisdom and insight to make essential judgments that will affect the rest of his life. 

Tantra encourages its practitioners to engage in activities that help them separate themselves from their egos and move into what Jungian psychology refers to as their “observing selves.” By removing yourself from the normal flow of life and the events that occur daily, you can make the decisions that will lead to positive and long-lasting changes. 


Even if it feels like you’ve been in the same place for weeks, years, or even decades. Another advantage is how much of the magician’s energy can be used to help other people. In a nutshell, those who strike a healthy equilibrium between the Magician and the other male archetypes can leverage raw power to their advantage.

Characteristic #3: Introversion

“Introversion” should not be confused with “shyness.” Introversion is not shyness but the extraordinary capacity to step outside one’s internal and external storms and hook into profoundly internal truths and resources. It is impossible to fathom the steadiness and centeredness that this trait possesses. 

Also, we’ll witness how the Magician comes into his own during the tense moments of the situation. A “voice” from within the individual enables him to take control of the situation and make the necessary adjustments to bring it under control. When in the phase of either fighting or fleeing, the excellent perceptive capacities of this archetype come into their own. 

Without the Warrior’s energy, he cannot move because he is paralysed despite the extraordinary mental clarity and profound awareness provided by the Magician’s energy. The energy of the Warrior motivates others to take action and carries out the Magician’s will. Also, the Magician, on their own, cannot take any action. We are starting to see how each archetype plays an essential part in constructing a man’s life to reach his full potential.

What is the Lover Archetype for you?

Characteristic #1: Sensuality and Pleasure

The Lover has a natural tendency to feel empathy for the people around him, and he is very attuned to his environment. He perceives various stimuli, including colors, shapes, noises, odors, and tactile sensations. Play and sensual pleasure are embodied in the Lover when he is most complete. 

In a sense, he is not ashamed of his body and emits the manly self-hood and confidence that comes along with that. In addition, the Lover’s most significant advantage is not his capacity for intellectual comprehension. Leaning into the unpleasantness of emotions and taking ownership of his interior experience is where he finds his power. He is a fantastic lover and can win women’s trust quite quickly.

Characteristic #2: Intimacy

The Lover craves both giving and receiving physical contact. His connection to the collective consciousness and the world beyond what we can see is strengthened via intimate touch. In the end, the Lover wants to throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into a world filled with sexual sensations. In actuality, love is accompanied by both happiness and suffering. 

Despite this, the Lover does not shrink from danger and routinely pushes the limits of acceptable social behavior. The Lover does not mind living an unorthodox life since he does not want to let regulations come in the way of the sensual pleasures he wants to have. In ecstatic consciousness, men take great pleasure in praising and adoring their women’s physical and spiritual attractiveness. 

The man is transformed into something more profound due to the connection of their bodies and hearts. He is swept up into a Divine World filled with unfathomable bliss and delight. But on the other hand, there is also suffering and anguish. The Lover is an embodiment of the complete masculine experience in its entirety. 

All in the name of trying to cram as much significance and vibrancy into one’s life as possible. So, where exactly does the Lover stand in relation to the other archetypes of the male gender? You’ve probably noticed that the first three revolve around control, discipline, and organization. The Lover brings harmony to the other masculine archetypes, freeing them to express their creativity and sensitivity and keeping them from becoming insensitive stone statues.

Final Word:

The Male Archetypes assist you in being able to reach your fullest potential as a man. You simply need to find out which archetype you fall under.

Which of the Male Archetypes do you feel like you fall under?

Tell us in the comment section down below!

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