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August 16, 2021

Angel Number 88: How To Use Karma In Attracting An Abundant Life


Angel number 88 is one of the guardian angels’ special messages for you. Meant to help you make sense of this current situation, you should look into its meaning and ponder on your life. 

The guardian angels don’t send random angel numbers to anyone. Every number has a specific meaning, and they carefully choose the people they show it to. 

If you keep seeing angel number 88, don’t waste and pay attention. 

What does it symbolize and how can it help you reach your goals? 

Angel Number 88 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 88?

Angel number 88’s spiritual energy comes from its core, angel number 8. As a repeating number, 88 doubles the urgency of number 8’s meaning, and the guardian angels want you to know its meaning as soon as possible. 

This sacred number is a telling sign of success. Whether in business, career, or your subjective definition of success, the guardian angels are telling you that you have what it takes to reach them. 

Angel number 88 emphasizes knowledge and wisdom. So, in everything you do, trust your intuition. As you climb the top, always hold onto your integrity. 

This number is also a sign of spiritual enlightenment. Angel number 8 is a powerful karmic symbol, embodying the natural laws of the universe. 

If your past self established good karma by doing your moral responsibilities in helping others, then the universe will give back everything you deserve in this present life. But if you’ve failed to do so, your present self will reap what you’ve sowed. 

Aside from emptying your karma bucket, the guardian angels are encouraging you to extend your sense of self and share a part of your light with others. 

Everything under this Universe is interconnected. What you put out there will eventually find its way back to you. 

Is angel number 88 a good sign? 

When the guardian angels send any symbol, it comes with the pure intention of helping you out. Angel number 88 is not an exemption. 

This is a sign for you to engage in a serious evaluation of your life. To start, answer these questions honestly: 

  • How is your relationship with your friends
  • When you extend a hand to someone, do you expect something in return?
  • Are you kind to yourself? 

The guardian angels may plan to lead you towards the right path, but in reality, you have the freedom over your actions. You can follow what’s right for you, and as much as the divine beings hope against it, you also have the freedom to waste your days away.

Angel number 88 is also a sign that the guardian angels are supportive of you. If you’ve been experiencing blessings upon blessings, they’re reminding you to keep your feet on the ground. 


Don’t let the sparkle of success, fame, and wealth blind you. 

At the same time, if most of what you’re doing is merely trying to manage challenges after challenges, the guardian angels are here to help you out. Reach out to them for help, and they’ll answer in the form of another symbolism. 

Keep in mind that in the interconnectedness of this world, your work is to establish good karma. Shine your light to everyone, especially when you’re in the position to help others. 

Is angel number 88 a lucky number?

The appearance of angel number 88 is such a rare experience that you can call it lucky. 

However, as a mere bearer of the guardian angels’ message, there’s no telling whether it’s truly auspicious or not. 

It’s people’s tendency to auspiciousness to numbers though, and people number 8 believe that it is a sign of extremely good luck. 

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is a symbol of good fortune. So, like two coins stacked on top of each other, number 88 doubles the auspiciousness of this number.

They believe that even numbers are luckier than odd numbers, and many Chinese people go the extra mile and pay more to use this digit on their phone numbers, plate numbers, house numbers, among others. 

But as an angel number, keep in mind that you have the power to create your own luck. If you like how 88 means abundance and wealth, then, by all means, pursue it. Do things that align with it. 

You have the freedom to paint your own picture of success. More importantly, you have the autonomy to go after it. 

The guardian angels are here to motivate you and nudge you towards the right path, but ultimately, the decision to act is yours. 

What does angel number 88 represent?

At first glance, angel number 88’s meaning can be so straightforward that you might find yourself wondering what good will come out of it. 

When you experience this, keep in mind that it’s your ego talking. Empty your cup, open your mind, and let the guardian angels connect with your spirit. 

The message you’re looking for may be hidden in plain sight. Now, pay attention to find out what it is.

To start, angel number 88 signifies abundance and prosperity brought upon by divine beings. 


Like how you have the freedom to define success, you also have the freedom to define the abundance you’ve been waiting for. It can be financial wealth, love, or happiness, paint your own picture and let everything fall into place. 

If you’re wondering what’s the catch, the guardian angels are reminding you that too much of anything is bad for you. Even if you’re about to receive abundance, see to it that you’re still balancing it with the other aspects of your life. 

Second, 88 angel number is telling you that growth comes before stability. 

Evaluate the things that are currently unsteady in your life. These fragile corners are teaching you a lesson to be more resilient, to cultivate grit, and to face tomorrow with a renewed sense of strength. 

It may seem daunting when you’re faced with these challenges, but growth lies in the entire process of getting through it. And when you get caught between a rock and a hard place, don’t worry. Reach out to the guardian angels and let them help you out. 

Third, this sacred number is a reminder to keep looking at the positive side of things. 

Life will always find a way to throw curveballs at you. Not everyone will understand your point of view. 

Sometimes, you won’t even understand yourself. But to build good karma, you need to start by being optimistic. 

Angel Number 88 and Love

When it comes to the matters of the heart, angel number 88 has a significant influence. 

Like everyone else in the world, you have the right to love and be loved by others. There may be times when you convince yourself that you’re not deserving of it, but you most certainly do. 

This number is a symbol of self-love

Before going around in search for a partner, remind yourself that you’re not looking for your other half. You’re already whole by yourself. 

Love yourself, not as an obligation, but as part of your living experience. 

Be grateful to your body. It’s been a flexible vehicle to carry your being. Accept yourself for who you are, there’s no one out there like you. 

If you’re single and ready to share your heart with someone, 88 angel number is a sign of proactivity. It’s not enough to wait for the right person to come around. You should also get out there and get your foot in the door. 


Be open in meeting new people. Whether it’s through your friends’ friends or through dating apps, there’s a lot of possibilities. 

If you’re in a relationship, the guardian angels are telling you to take care of your relationship. Love your partner the best way you can, and don’t forget to let them feel it. 

Some things may go unnoticed, so take note of their love language and align your efforts to it. 

It’s a magical thing to have a partner by your side as you figure your way through life. 

Don’t let go of it. 

Why do I keep seeing angel number 88?

Sending angel number 88 is the divine beings’ effort to help you make sense of everything happening in your life. The main reason why you keep seeing it is that you have a strong spiritual connection with them. 

Continue to strengthen your spirituality by connecting with your real inner self, that one that exists past all the layers in your being. 

Upon receiving this message, you’re about to embark on the spiritual journey of growth towards a life filled with abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Prepare to become the best version of yourself, one who’s capable of dealing with all these blessings. 

It’s normal to have doubts or feel anxious along the way. Just remember that the guardian angels are always on your side. 

If you need their help, they’re one call away. 

Final Word

Angel number 88 bears a special message from the guardian angels, concerning your goals in the future. 

As long as you continue living the life aligned with your soul’s mission, they’re promising a future filled with abundance and prosperity. 

Since this number also puts emphasis on your karma, the divine beings are encouraging you to look beyond yourself and see how you can shine your light on other people’s paths. It’s the natural interconnectedness in this world that will provide opportunities for your future, and in turn, you’re also providing other people the same. 

What do you think of this angel number’s meaning?

Let us know your thoughts! 


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  1. Wow wow 👏… thanks to the Divine Universe and all the Beings of light for this Angel number reading.. this reading is incredibly deeper that what it has to say… I think it’s more the energies and being well able… well able… capable of adapting to what life requires 😌.

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