chakra crystals for divine healing

June 26, 2022

21 Chakra Healing Crystals for Holistic Healing


Because chakra healing crystals and stones form underground over hundreds of years, many people think that stones have the ability to store significant amounts of therapeutic energy and power. Despite the lack of scientific evidence that crystal therapy is an effective technique of treatment, an increasing number of people are getting interested in investigating the possible benefits that crystals may have to offer.

Certain crystals and stones are thought to have high vibrational energy that can be conveyed to you and help you restore your own energetic equilibrium. This belief is widely held. Chakras are said to be the most important energy centers in your body, and gemstones can help you retrieve your spiritual energies from these vortexes of electromagnetic energy.

Chakra stones and crystals, which are said to hasten the healing process of your chakras, can also be utilized to balance and heal each of your chakras. The idea is to help you choose crystals that resonate with you the most and, in the future, maybe help you build your own chakra crystal power system. Are you ready to discover which chakra crystal works best for you?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Choosing the right chakra healing crystals for you
  • Crystal healing and each stone’s healing properties
  • Getting to know each chakra and their healing crystals
  • How to expel negative energies and achieve emotional balance

What are the 7 Chakras for you?

Some spiritual traditions assert that the human body is comprised of more than only its physical and mental components; rather, it also possesses an energy system that is referred to as chakras. The word “chakra” originates from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “cycle.”

The base of your spine, all the way up to the crown of your head, is home to seven primary energy centers known as chakras. This time-honored idea can be found incorporated into a variety of New Age schools of thinking. It is believed that your chakras are the source of the subtle energy that enables your organs, mind, and reasoning to operate at their full potential.

Chakras and divine power have not been adequately researched in professional research, but they, like any religion or belief system, can provide you with more information about your own body and mind if you let them. The seven chakras that permeate your body, each of which has its own energy center, are depicted by the word “chakra.”

There are seven main chakras, and each one connects to a particular portion of the body as well as a distinct psychological reaction. It is said that achieving a balance between these energies will improve your mental, bodily, and spiritual well-being. Later on, you will know what the root chakra stones, third eye chakra gemstones, throat chakra gemstones, and sacral chakra gemstones are.

#1: The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

It is believed that the root chakra, which in Sanskrit is referred to as the Muladhara chakra, is located at the very base of your spine and is the most powerful of all the chakras. Both the color red and the element earth are connected to it in some way. It is believed that the feelings of survival, aspiration, reliability, and stability are governed by the root chakra, in addition to dictating how you connect to the outside world.

As the primary source of energy, an imbalance in it can cause feelings of intense anxiety and uncertainty, which can undermine your motivation to succeed, resulting in feelings of dissatisfaction and a lack of direction. As the primary source of energy, it can cause feelings of deep anxiety and uncertainty. It is stated that when this chakra is in a state of balance, it produces feelings of stability, positivity, vigor, autonomy, and fortitude in the individual.

#2: The Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana)

The orange light that emanates from the Svadhisthana chakra, which is situated below the navel, is representative of the quality of water. It is said that the sacral chakra is responsible for libido, creativity, and intuition, as well as self-worth, empathy, and adaptability.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, it is claimed to cause emotional reactions, a lack of imagination, and an obsession with sex. Additionally, it is supposed to cause a fixation with sexuality.

#3: The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

The term “city of jewels” comes from the Sanskrit word for the solar plexus, which is “Manipura.” It is believed that the solar plexus is situated between the ribs and the navel. It is yellow in hue and is related to the element of fire. Those who have faith in the existence of chakras assert that the solar plexus chakra is, in fact, the core of one’s self-esteem as well as feelings, including ego, anger, and violent impulses.

It is expected to present physiologically as problems with the digestive system, the liver, or diabetes. It is thought that when the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, it can cause people to experience emotions of depression and low self-esteem. When it is brought back into harmony, it transforms into a source of vitality, effectiveness, and self-assurance.

#4: The Heart Chakra (Anahata)

It is believed that the center of the cardiovascular system is where the heart chakra may be found. This chakra is associated with various organs, including the heart and lungs. This chakra is the connection point between the lower and upper chakras. It is represented by the color green and the element of air. Additionally, it is said that this chakra is associated with compassion, trust, passion, and love for both oneself and others.


An imbalance in the Anahata Chakra is believed to be the cause of rage, anxiety, envy, insecurity, and changes in mood, among other negative emotions. It is believed that an overactive heart chakra can lead to conditions such as hypertension, heart palpitations, and other heart-related problems. Later on, you will learn more about the heart chakra gemstones.

#5: The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The lips, tongue, neck, and other parts of the throat are all considered to fall under the purview of the throat chakra, also known as Vishuddha. Also, the color blue represents the throat chakra, which is associated with the element of earth. The fifth chakra, located at the level of the throat, is related to self-expression, communication, and having confidence in oneself.

It is stated that when the throat chakra is in a state of balance, hormone flow can be controlled, and it can also be easier to positively communicate one’s own opinions. Maintaining a steady state in the throat chakra is an absolute necessity.

#6: The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

The location of the third eye chakra, commonly referred to as the Ajna chakra, can be found in the space between the brows. Indigo is the color that stands for the third eye, which is not associated with any particular element. It is believed that your intellect, perception, wisdom, and spiritual strength are all controlled by the third eye chakra, which is the chakra that is most frequently used as a focal point in asana practice.

If you follow this school of thought, having an open and balanced third eye chakra gives you the ability to see connections that exist not only in this world but also in others. People who suffer from an unstable third eye chakra may experience symptoms such as a headache, migraine, or blurred vision. It is believed that achieving harmony in the third eye will free you from the constraints of earthly relationships.

#7: The Crown Chakra (Sahastrara)

The crown chakra, also known as the Sahastrara chakra, is the most prominent of the seven basic chakras and can be found at the very top of the head. White or violet are the colors associated with the head chakra. One of its common names is the “thousand-petal lotus,” and it is generally considered to be the most spiritual of the seven primary chakras.

It is generally accepted that when a person’s crown chakra is open, they are connected to their higher selves. This is due to the fact that the crown chakra is linked to concepts like enlightenment and energy thinking. It has ties not only to one’s own inner wisdom but also to the cosmos.

It is stated that when the crown chakra is out of balance, it can have an effect on depressive states, a sense of disconnection from the outside world, feelings of dissatisfaction, and even negative emotions. Many people find that spirituality is an effective means of achieving their goals.

It is essential to ensure that all possible avenues of assistance are available at all times, despite the fact that this concept may be helpful to some individuals in comprehending the lifestyles they lead. If you are having issues with your mental or physical health, you should consult a healthcare expert as soon as possible.

The 21 Chakra Healing Crystals

#1: Amethyst

There is a good reason why this particular crystal is one of the most sought-after. It is thought that the purple-colored stone can have a variety of effects, including reducing feelings of worry and helping one have a good night’s sleep. Amethyst is beneficial to both your physical and emotional well-being since it stimulates the crown chakra (which is located at the highest pinnacle of your head and is related to the mind).

In addition to relieving headaches and migraines, reducing pain, and enhancing intuition, this plant’s particular therapeutic characteristics encompass all of these benefits. A lot of people think that if you put an amethyst crystal on or near your nightstand, it would help you get a better night’s sleep. It also helps aid your root chakra.

#2: Rose Quartz

This stone has a pinkish hue to it, and it is wonderful for bringing about love and new connections. Alternately, if you are already going through a roller coaster of emotions, rose quartz might help you reach a place of understanding and reconciliation. In addition to this benefit, the rose quartz is said to bring about inner harmony, regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship at the time.

#3: Black Tourmaline

It is said that the insulative crystal has the capability of absorbing any and all negative vibrations that may be affecting you, so releasing you from the effects of toxicity. When life gets overwhelming, some people find that turning to black tourmaline, a stone that is related to the root chakra, can help them feel more stable and rooted.

#4: Selenite

Do you find that you are always exhausted? It’s possible that your aura has to be cleaned up. When it comes to reviving our auric field, selenite is the crystal that excels beyond all others. It is stated that the crystal may rid you of the day’s negative vibrations and place you in a state of energy flow that is more tranquil.

Selenite can be used as a wand to help rid your energy field of all the energetic obstacles that stand between you and obtaining a state of inner peace. It is important to keep in mind that selenite is soluble in water; therefore, the crystal should be kept dry. If you don’t take care of this crystal, it won’t be able to benefit your solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra.


#5: Citrine

It is believed that persons who are trapped can benefit from the use of citrine, which is a vivid yellow variety of the mineral quartz. Citrine can give you a rapid burst of self-assurance if you apply it to your solar plexus or stomach while you are relaxing. It is stated that the crystal can restore positive vibrations and untangle the knotted energy that is contained within.

#6: Jade

Because we all could use a bit more good fortune in our lives, jade has become increasingly popular. It’s like a portable lighthouse that you can take with you wherever you go. It is believed that jade will offer its owner wealth and abundance in the social as well as the material realms (think money signs).

It is said that putting jade on your left wrist can help you attract favorable cosmic occurrences. On the other hand, rings made of jade are exceptionally appealing to the eye. Not only that, but they benefit your solar plexus chakra in more ways than one, as well as the sacral chakra and root chakra.

#7: Clear Quartz

Clear quartz, an essential component for every crystal collection due to its versatility, can assist you in “rebooting” your life. Clear quartz, which is sometimes referred to as a “master” crystal, is largely about decreasing inner turmoil and focusing on your goals. It is stated that the well-known crystal possesses curative properties that can be used in any situation.

Place your new clear quartz crystal in a location near a window to allow it to soak up solar energy. This energy will be transferred to you, and it may also help to deflect any negative energy. The clear quartz is also among the root chakra stones that help aid the physical body as the master healer.

#8: Rhodochrosite

How exactly does one go about repairing a broken heart? Obviously, with the assistance of these hints that have been established scientifically. On the other hand, some who believe in healing crystals assert that rhodochrosite is the stone that was practically made to help people get over a breakup and go on with their lives.

Use rhodochrosite, a stone that stimulates the heart chakra, to promote feelings of self-love and self-assurance while you are meditating. Because it encourages a constructive frame of mind, the pink crystal could potentially prepare you for another love journey.

#9: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is, without a doubt, the most suitable type of crystal to keep on display at your workstation. The open and free discussion of ideas among coworkers is encouraged by the blue crystal. This crystal can also help with your heart chakra as a good crystal healing stone – in turn, it takes care of your physical body.

Lapis Lazuli also encourages clarity and candor, which is especially helpful during Mercury retrograde, which is an astrological passage that occurs three times a year and is known for causing communication breakdowns. This passage can be particularly difficult to understand and communicate throughout.

#10: Chrysocolla

Consider chrysocolla to be an all-in-one crystal due to the fact that it is beneficial to all of the chakras. In this manner, chrysocolla helps the body tune into the spiritual insights that it already possesses. It’s possible that you’re getting a sneak peek into the future right now as a bonus among its healing properties.

During meditation, place a chrysocolla on each of your chakras, which are energy points located throughout your body. This will assist reactivate your chakras and ensure that they are operating as effectively as possible, specifically your solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, and root chakra.

#11: Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a type of translucent quartz that has a high percentage of fuchsite inclusions embedded within its structure. These inclusions are responsible for the aventurine’s characteristic green coloration. A variety of distinct inclusions can be found inside other colors of aventurine, such as blue aventurine or red aventurine.

Green Aventurine is a stone that soothes the heart and brings comfort. Clearing and activating the Heart Chakra contributes to overall wellness and emotional stability when done using this tool. It is also an effective shield for defending the Heart Chakra against individuals who would “tap in” and use the energy of another person.

#12: Blue Lace Agate

The Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful stone for caring and providing support. It is also effective at calming anger and reducing infection, inflammation, and fever. A deficiency in the thyroid, throat or lymph infection or weak bones can all be helped by Blue Lace Agate, which also helps to strengthen and speed up the recovery process.

Bearers of this crystal are said to have “emotional facelifts.” In order to maintain one’s physical health, the stone is employed as a therapeutic tool and a method of fortifying one’s mental and emotional well-being. Because this crystal is associated with the heart chakra, it can assist all of us in opening up our energy levels to be able to give and receive love without conditions.


#13: Orange Calcite

The mineral known as orange calcite is used in the formation of rocks and can be found in a variety of nations. Because of its qualities, it is frequently linked to higher states of consciousness. A frequent type of crystal is calcite. Having said that, the crystal in question is quite complicated.

Orange calcite is very beneficial for the chakras or energy centers located lower in the body. These chakras are connected to our sense of belonging in the world, our connections to other people and the earth, as well as our creative processes. It is a fantastic stone to choose if you want to remove feelings of fear and worry and bring equilibrium to your emotional state.

#14: Red Jasper

The grounding, concentration, and strength-building properties of red jasper make it an excellent stone. It is said to be a stone of endurance and nurture, which means that wearing it may provide you with the inspiration and vitality you require in order to complete a task. In addition to being a gem that helps you feel more rooted, red jasper can also help you feel more emotionally and physically balanced.

Red Jasper is one of those stones that screams intensity all the way down to its own core, despite the fact that it is daring, delicate, and the dreamiest shade of fire red. Red Jasper, which is exquisitely connected with the base chakra, may appear to be problematic.

But in reality, it comes with wonderful grounding powers, asking you to keep one foot firmly planted on the floor no matter how high you are flying. It is a stone that bestows equilibrium, endurance, bravery, and the inner fortitude of a warrior. It is luxuriant, it is profound, and it is completely nourishing to the spirit.

#15: Tiger’s Eye

The gemstone Tiger’s Eye, often known as the “Stone of Courage,” can help you increase your self-assurance and physical strength. It is a stone of the root and sacral chakras, which means that it assists you in being more grounded, constructing a secure and robust foundation, and rediscovering your motivation.

In addition to this, it is effective at warding off negative energy. There is a connection between this stone and the Manipura chakra, which is the third chakra and is located close to the solar plexus. This energy center is responsible for regulating one’s personal power and sense of self-confidence. Stones having a Tiger’s Eye pattern can be used to help correct imbalances within the Manipura chakra.

#16: Yellow Jade

Yellow jade, which is a form of quartz and so belongs to the same family as citrine and other types of quartz stones, is utilized by crystal practitioners for many of the same purposes as these other types of quartz stones. It is supposed to be a stone of knowledge, providing its users with the ability to build self-confidence and learn from their past experiences.

Warmth and happiness are also associated with the color yellow. It is also thought that this stone can have an effect on the digestive system and can speed up the metabolism. Because of its capacity to relieve stress and anxiety, yellow jade, which is a type of jade that has a yellow coloring, is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

It is not a modern birthstone, but traditionally speaking, the summer months and particularly the sign of Leo have been associated with this gemstone.

#17: Green Calcite

The Green Calcite is a highly powerful heart stone that can assist in calming and rejuvenating our most important organ. It is here to assist in this process. It is the ideal stone for assisting in the reduction of unnecessary day-to-day tension and easing the release of pent-up energies that may have been building up all day.

Simply hanging on to a piece and taking some deep breaths can help us forget the source of all of our anxiety in a short amount of time. Working with this stone helps to deepen the connection to our hearts and provides insight as to where we need to focus our emotions. Working with this stone also helps to bring balance to our emotions.

Because we so frequently make the mistake of leading with our heads rather than our hearts, we frequently fail to see that our heads are full of distractions and constantly shifting emotions. Since the most important information that we carry is stored in the heart, every process that involves decision-making should begin there.

#18: Blue Apatite

Blue apatite is a dual-action stone that is well-known for its ability to harness one’s personal force in order to accomplish one’s objectives. Confusion, apathy, and negativity are dispelled as a result of it. This healing gem stimulates the mind, allowing us to achieve a comprehension of truth as well as an expansion of our knowledge, both of which are gifts that can be used for either personal development or for the collective good.

The throat chakra sometimes referred to as the Vishuddha Chakra, is related to the blue apatite mineral. It should come as no surprise that the color blue is associated with the throat chakra, which is primarily related to our capacity for verbal expression.


#19: Smoky Quartz

Fear, depression, and negativity can all be lifted and dispersed with the help of smoky quartz. It has a calming effect on emotion and helps relieve stress and anxiety. This reduces suicidal tendencies while encouraging optimistic thinking and behavior. This strange and black stone is a potent one that may be used in a variety of ways and has beneficial effects on healing.

This is the perfect crystal for you if you have trouble letting go of old habits, ways of thinking, feelings, and beliefs since it will assist you in doing so. It is said to draw pure light energy from the crown chakra down into the root chakra, so assisting one in being more grounded in the physical world.

#20: Moss Agate

The use of Moss Agate has been shown to hasten recovery from illness. It reduces inflammation, purifies the circulatory and elimination systems, and helps the immune system fight off infections. It makes their jobs easier by reducing the intensity of the labor pain and making sure the baby is delivered safely.

Moss Agate can treat infections, colds, and the flu, as well as prevent hypoglycemia and dehydration. Additionally, it can bring down fevers. The heart chakra is related to the moss agate stone. It is supposed to be able to bring balance to an individual’s aura as well as dispel any negative energies. It has a very significant impact on cleaning the body from the inside out.

#21: Black Onyx

Because of its calming effect, black onyx can be helpful while dealing with difficult emotions such as sadness and worry. In addition, black onyx contributes to maintaining yin and yang equilibrium. It assists us in regaining our sense of center, making decisions that are in our best interests, and determining the underlying causes of problems.

Black onyx is a stone associated with the root chakra because it is said to deliver beautiful grounding energy and help keep one grounded and connected to the ground below their feet. Because it allows for the discharge of unwanted energy from the body, the root chakra is considered to be one of the most significant of all the chakras.

Final Word:

All chakra crystals or healing stones are meant to expel negative energy and protect you from them. Chakra crystals are healing stones that even give you psychic abilities that cleanse your spiritual energy and a particular chakra.

Have you found the best chakra stones for you? Which one do you find is a powerful stone?

Let us know through the comments down below!

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