What religion uses healing crystals

October 1, 2022

What Religion Uses Healing Crystals: Is It Possible to Become a Crystal Christian?


Humans have utilized crystals for various therapeutic and ritual purposes for hundreds of years. Throughout several millennia, people from all corners of the globe and various cultural backgrounds have looked to crystals and gemstones to fulfill various requirements. This raises the question of what religion uses healing crystals. 

Crystals, both precious and semi-precious, have been used for healing on all levels, including the mental, the physical, and the spiritual, for thousands of years. Also, Crystals and other stones have been used for various purposes, including treating ailments, preventing illness, disease, and injury, promoting mental stability, and religious and spiritual practices. 

These uses are performed in addition to more conventional medical procedures. Moreover, in terms of using it in religious or spiritual practices, crystals are a crucial aspect of witchcraft. This is why the bible tends to deem crystals evil and why crystals and Christianity don’t seem to mix well. Thus, do you wish to know more about Crystals, Christianity, and other religions?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Discover why Crystals and the Bible don’t go well together
  • Learn about what crystals represent and their many uses
  • Master the religions and spiritualities that use healing crystals
  • Wielding the New Age Spirituality’s Healing Crystals to your advantage

Crystals and Christianity: In-Depth Insight

Crystals are unquestionably beautiful items, having been created by God. Crystal will be used to build parts of God’s majestic celestial metropolis, the New Jerusalem. It’s written in the Bible, in Revelation 21:11 and 18-20 NIV.

“It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a precious jewel, like a jasper, clear as crystal. The wall was made of jasper and the city of pure gold, as pure as glass. The city walls’ foundations were decorated with every kind of precious stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald, the fifth sardonyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst.”

When assessing the suitability of utilizing crystals for treatment, remember that most professionals who promote crystal therapy are active in the occult. The term occult refers to something hidden. 

Occultism is the study and application of supernatural forces, powers, and phenomena that are ordinarily hidden from the ordinary physical senses and are generally regarded as outside the scope of traditional scientific observation. 

Occultists believe that unseen mystical energies pervade human beings and the universe in which we live. They believe that ‘sacred stones,’ like crystals and other talismans, can focus and direct these energies to cause bodily healing and spiritual enlightenment. 

Other mystical activities related to occultism include astrology, numerology, divination, tarot cards, psychic healing, mediumship, spirit channeling, Eastern religions, ritual magic, and sorcery – therefore, making the use of crystals against Christianity.

What do Crystals represent to you?

The theory behind crystal healing asserts that the mystical properties of crystals are due to the make-up of their internal structures. It is thought that the crystal’s energy runs via the geometry of the stone and that different crystals provide different kinds of therapeutic energies. Various crystals are believed to have distinct qualities. 

They can produce energy when subjected to pressure, and we may use this energy to locate, enhance, and channel power to a specific location. Does something like this ring a bell? This is the primary presumption underlying the casting of spells. Crystals are exceptionally potent tools for the process of manifestation because they naturally reflect our inherent power. 

The act of imbuing a crystal with spiritual energy results in the formation of a synergistic relationship between the two parties. Additionally, the crystal, after it has been charged with energy, is capable of causing transformations on its own.

What religion uses healing crystals?

#1: Ancient Sumerian

The ancient Sumerians are credited with making the first historical references to using crystals since they incorporated them into various magical formulations. Crystals are claimed to have been quite popular on the continent of Atlantis, which is now thought to have been lost to history.

#2: Roman

Crystals were known to have been utilized in Roman culture to create talismans and amulets, most commonly aiming to improve one’s health, draw desirable people or things to oneself, and offer protection when engaged in combat.


#3: Egyptian

It is well known that the ancient Egyptians utilized crystals in various ways, including burying their dead with crystals, carrying and wearing crystal jewelry for health, protection, well-being, attracting love, developing sex appeal, and other purposes and burying their dead with crystals. It is known that they fashioned amulets and jewelry out of lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald, pure quartz, topaz, and peridot, among other precious stones.

#4: Greek

Crystals have been used for various purposes in Greece for a long time and to such an extent that some of the names of minerals have Greek roots. The word crystal originates from the Greek word for ice. This is because ancient people believed crystal to be nothing more than pure water that had been frozen to such a depth that it would forever remain solid. 

Before going into battle, ancient Greeks would frequently apply hematite on the bodies of their soldiers in the mistaken belief that it would provide them with invincibility. Hematite, a type of iron ore, gets its name from the Greek word for blood, and the ancient Greeks connected iron with the god of war, Aries. 

Amethyst means “not drunken,” and it was traditionally worn as an amulet to ward off both intoxication and the hangovers that often followed. Amulets played an essential role in ensuring the safety of Greek sailors while they were at sea.

#5: Indian/Hinduism

Crystals have a long tradition of being revered as useful tools for treating emotional and metaphysical discord in India. Crystals and other valuable stones are used to craft the Hindu religion’s “wish-granting tree,” also known as the Kalpa tree. 

In the Hindu Vedas, a large body of ancient text, the use of healing crystals is documented. The Vedas reference numerous stones and their healing abilities, such as sapphires, which are thought to bring astuteness, clarity, and mental balance. Jasper, on the other hand, is said to bring harmony, sexual vitality, and balance.

#6: Chinese

Stones and crystals were widely utilized in Asian culture, with the Chinese adopting crystal into various medical practices such as acupuncture using needles with crystal tips. Jade has been documented to be utilized in China from well before the year 3000 BC and has always been held in extremely high regard there. 

The precious stone was fashioned into a wide variety of objects, such as beads, chimes, ornamental decorations, musical instruments, and even armor. The Chinese believed that jade had powerful curative properties, particularly for kidneys, and that it was also a stone that contained the essence of focused love. It was a widespread practice in Japan to read one’s fortune using crystal spheres.

#7: Maori

In another part of the world, the Maori people of New Zealand wore pendants made of jade that represented the spirits of their ancestors. They continue to think that the stone brings good luck. In the Americas, jade was revered as a kidney-healing stone in South America, and jade masks were used in burial rituals in Mexico. 

In addition, jade was thought to protect against evil spirits. Since ancient times, members of the Zuni tribe from New Mexico have carved fetishes out of stone to represent a variety of animal spirits. Other Native American tribes continue to place high spiritual importance on valuable stones, particularly turquoise, azurite, and phenakite. 

It has been believed for a very long time that jaspers and turquoise can provide strength and calmness. Turquoise has been worn all over the world to give strength and health. Amber has been one of the most commonly utilized materials in talismans, and amber beads reaching back approximately 12,000 years, have been found throughout Europe.

Final Word:

Now that you know what religion uses healing crystals and thank your lucky stars that you have been enriched with all this knowledge. Go forth and spread this information to your friends and family!

Which spirituality/religion that practices crystal healing intrigues you the most?

Comment your answers in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “What Religion Uses Healing Crystals: Is It Possible to Become a Crystal Christian?”

  1. The Wiccan and Pagan religions also use crystals for healing, in or around spells and as alter decoration, among other things.

  2. Thank you Divine Universe for sending me this Divine Energy of healing and grand dull-devers. (Not “endevers” ).

      1. My second time reading 📚. I’ll say… I love every one of them (the ascient practices)… I will one day use all… if not more(🔮)… and I’m seriously thinking of using more crystals in my home 🏡… and place work or business… I can’t wait to start!

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