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November 6, 2021

The Correct Way of Cleansing & Charging Crystals


Why is it necessary to be cleansing and charging crystals? Crystals are used by many people to relax their minds, body, and spirit. According to some, crystals have an energy effect, transmitting natural vibrations out into the universe.

Before a purchase, crystals frequently travel considerable distances from the source to the seller. Each transfer introduces the stone to energies that are potentially out of sync with your own. These stones are also supposed to absorb or divert the negativity you’re striving to expel when utilized for healing.

The only way to restore your crystal to its natural state is to cleanse and recharge it regularly. This act of kindness might also help you rediscover your feeling of purpose. Wouldn’t you like to learn how to harness your energy and expel unwanted energy?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • How to choose the right crystals for you
  • How to properly use your crystals
  • Ways of Crystal Cleansing
  • When to start cleansing crystals
  • Beginner’s guide to caring for your stones and crystals

Choosing the Right Crystal for you

Whether it’s your first or latest addition to your collection, there are a few options for selecting a crystal. Pick a good crystal that appeals to you. Because everything comes down to your intuition, this is one of our favorite methods! Purchase one that catches your eye, whether you’re in the area with crystals or looking online.

It could be sending you a message or serving a purpose that you aren’t even aware of! Choose a crystal that corresponds to the problem you’re having. This fight may be physical or energetic. Rose quartz, for example, is a useful stone to have on hand if you’re going through a period of upheaval or high stress, while amethyst is said to help with headaches and nervous strain.

Choose a crystal depending on what you’d like to see more of in your life. Select a crystal that is associated with abundance and finances, for instance, if you want extra income. If you want to attract love, use a stone that is about attracting love.

Properly Using Your Crystals

A lot of it boils down to personal taste. Crystals should be utilized in a way that is supportive and healing to you, much like any spiritual or energy practice. But first, let’s look at some of the ways you can use your crystals. Whenever you need a little extra comfort or reassurance, grab them. Include them in your meditation and/or yoga routine.

Put one in your bra for all-day support (just remember to remove it before washing it!). It’s a fantastic alternative for abundance crystals to keep in your purse or wallet. Take a bath with them – you can either submerge them in the water (confirm first to see whether your crystal is waterproof) or carefully place them on the bath’s side with a candle or two.

Customize your area with them by placing a few on your desk, a pile in a favorite dish with your jewelry, or even using a giant crystal or tower as a mantle display! Insert a relaxing crystal or two into the pillowcase’s underside.

Have them as an energy purifier, whether it’s your energy or the energy of tools like divination cards. If you don’t have access to a smudge stick all of the time, they’re a terrific option! Place them among your plants; simply make sure you don’t water them by mistake if they aren’t waterproof crystals.

When should you be cleansing crystals?

Cleaning and charging any new crystals is critical because, depending on where you bought them, multiple individuals may have held them in front of you and imprinted their energy – both good and bad – all over them.

In truth, whenever someone else has touched your stones, consider washing them to remove their spiritual fingerprint. If you ever come upon an old crystal that has been hidden and neglected for a while, it’s a good time to cleanse it.

It is necessary to cleanse your crystals on a few occasions. Also, it’s a good idea to purify your crystals when you first buy them and bring them home to get rid of any unwanted energies. If you’re going through a particularly stressful or challenging moment and need all the positive energy you can get, you might need to cleanse them.

Detoxify them regularly if possible – once per month is a great starting point. As a result, they’ll always be ready to help when you need them. Make sure to set a good rule with specific intentions that will help with the cleansing and charging.


The importance of cleansing and charging crystals

Crystals tend to retain the energy that they are exposed to, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you’re employing a crystal for protective energy, for example, as a modern mystic, Imani Quinn explains to mbg, that stones absorb the negative energy it’s shielding you from. Thus, it’s critical to remove any negative energy that has gathered in your crystal as soon as possible. Focus on balancing your own energy.

“It has to be refueled,” Quinn continues, “much like our energy demands to be recharged by resting every night.” Cleansing your crystal’s energy slate is a part of charging it, which is why some people still refer to charging crystals as “clearing.” Then it’s a matter of recharging your crystal, which usually involves grounding energy derived from natural sources such as the moon, soil, and water.

How are you going to pick the best charging method for you?

There are a plethora of crystal charging methods available, so how do you know which one to use for whatever crystal? Your safest choice, according to Quinn, is to trust your gut. “I believe that developing an intuitive relationship with your crystals is quite vital,” she adds, emphasizing that it’s all about “encouraging yourself to have that special bond.”

There is no one charging method that is superior to another for a large collection of stones. Just be aware of your exact crystal and whether or not it can be used in water or salt since some cannot.

What are the best methods to charge and cleanse crystals?

#1: Salt Water

Salt water can assist in the removal of undesirable energy from your stone. Utilizing sea salt should suffice if the stone is not fragile. Furthermore, a permeable stone with many small holes or ridges (like pyrite, hematite, black tourmaline, etc.) should not be placed in salt water since it will be corroded. To improve the purifying impact of the bath, keep the crystal in the water overnight and include dried sage, basil, or lavender.

#2: Running Water

Cleansing your crystal by holding it under flowing water is also quite efficient. While you’re doing it, ask the Universe to clear all of the negativity from your life. Visualize a ray of white light washing and infusing the stone with enlightenment, embracing a whole new energetic level while abolishing bad vibes in the process from each stone.

#3: Full Moon

The full moon is a significant period in the lunar cycle, and it may help you clear and charge your crystals as well. Simply “put the crystal outside on the ground, overnight on the night of the full moon, to charge it with lunar energy,” according to Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. Also, an open window inside will suffice!

However, alternatively, you can also do this in direct sunlight, placing your stone directly under any natural light or radiant light will do. At most, it’ll take a few hours for your crystals to clear, whether it is the full moon or the new moon.

#4: Moon Water

Quinn recommends producing your moon water for another moon-related crystal charging method. You may either soak your crystals in this lunar-powered water for an hour or simply pour the moon water over them. Remember, only use stones that can withstand being wet in this manner. A singing bowl can be helpful with this method.

#5: Underground

To help cleanse and charge your crystals, Leavy recommends burying them: “Dig a tiny hole where you want to bury your stone, placing the dirt you have taken into an earthenware pot or jar,” she recently told mbg.

“Within the pot or container, bury the crystal in the dirt. After that, place the pot in the hole and fill it with the leftover soil. Leave your crystal buried for at least one week after marking it with a flag or other marker.” This will assist to infuse your stone with the potent characteristics of the soil from whence it came.

#6: Sound Bath

When it comes to altering frequencies, sound may be a powerful tool, according to Karen Frazier, author of Crystals for Healing. She earlier told mbg, “I like to set them in singing bowls and ring them.” This can be effective for smaller stones or smaller crystals, given certain crystals don’t find this to be efficient.

#7: Burning Incense and Herbs

Frazier and Leavy both use herbs or incense to charge crystals. “Pass your crystals through the mist (like a sage stick, sweetgrass, Palo Santo, or cedar) or incense (also including sandalwood, lavender, or jasmine) for around 2 – 3 minutes to cleanse your stones by burning sacred herbs,” Leavy recently told mbg.

#8: Salt

You may also charge your crystals with salt (ideally sea salt), according to Quinn. Immerse your stone in salt and leave it overnight to purify. Softer stones, such as rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, turquoise, opal, and calcite, should be avoided using this procedure since they are easily damaged.

#9: Breath

Leavy previously told mbg that your breath may be used to clean crystals. “To use your breath to remove a stone, you must first empty your mind of any external thoughts,” she explained. “Next, with your dominant hand holding the crystal, aggressively exhale while briskly sweeping your other hand over the stone.”


#10: Spirit Guides

Quinn adds that if you deal with any spiritual guides or deities, you may connect your crystals with them. Take a minute to ask your guides to connect to your rose quartz and clear quartz (for example) and your goal for them, whether via meditation and prayer.

#11: Visualization

Finally, Leavy previously proposed charging your stone with a visualization technique: Imagine a universal healing light entering your crystal until all of the negative energy has dissipated. “Allow the light to grow until it surrounds the stone and fills your palms.

Aim for all negativity to be cleansed and dissolved from the stone”. She gives instructions. “You may cease the visualization when you instinctively sense the stone has been cleansed.” Sometimes, you can even sense dramatic shifts/external shifts which will let you know that they have been cleared.

#12: Tuning Forks

You will find that a tuning fork can be an effective instrument to use when it comes to cleansing your crystals. A singing bowl is needed for this one, whereas you place your stones into it then clash your tuning fork against the side of the bowl. Do this for a few minutes and you’ll be helping the stones harness more energy that is beneficial for you.

Important Information to Consider

Find out if your crystals can withstand salt or water. Quartz, amethyst, agate, moonstone, and citrine are a few typical crystals that work well with water. Not all crystals are for everyone. If you’re unsure, try an alternative cleaning approach with other healing properties.

Determine which element the crystal belongs to. Quinn advises, “Look up the qualities of each gem and discover what they are founded in.” Because malachite is related to the Earth, it makes logical to charge it in the ground by burying it.

Because crystals might pass through several hands before landing in yours, clearing them as soon as you receive them home from the shop is always a smart idea. You never know what type of energies they’re carrying around with them!

How often should you cleanse your crystals?

This is a difficult topic to answer since it depends on what the crystals have been exposed to at any one moment. Like Quinn puts it, you might not shower on a day when you didn’t accomplish anything, but you should shower if you worked out and sweated. Crystals are the same way.

With all this in mind, you should always give the new crystal a thorough cleansing when you first receive it. Then it’s a matter of determining how much you’ve used it if it’s been subjected to bad energy, and so forth. Once you’ve used it a lot, it’s always a great way to give it a fast charge.

There is no “best method” that “makes sense”. So, go with your gut on this one.

Programming your Crystals

  1. When crystals are “programmed,” or devoted to a certain purpose of your choice, they gain their power. Once you’ve cleared your stone, now is the perfect moment to do it. I’ve tried a few various approaches of programming my crystals with intents, but the following has proven to be the most effective:
  2. In your palm, hold the crystal. (It’s best if you use your left hand because your left side is the receiving side.)
  3. Outside or close to a window, sit in natural light.
  4. Say it out loud: “This crystal is dedicated to the ultimate good. I request that it be used in the spirit of love and light.”
  5. The crystal should then be programmed for a specific purpose. Consider what you’d like the crystal to help you with, whether it’s finding a new career or speaking to yourself more gently. Visualize and experience what it would be like to attain that purpose even while holding the stone in your left hand.
  6. “I devote this crystal for the [your purpose],” say aloud once you’ve visualized the crystal’s purpose.
  7. It’s not required, but I prefer to keep my stones on me for 7 days to strengthen my bond with them. This is the most effective approach to re-energize them.

Final Word:

It is important to have a sound cleansing to ward enough negative energies with a long or quick cleanse. Trust your own intuition when you charge your crystals with prolonged exposure. This cleansing will change your life!

Which in particular was a very helpful tip for you?

Comment your answers down below!

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