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June 8, 2021

New Moon in Aries: How To Make Dreams Come True


This month, an amazing thing is going to happen – the New Moon in Aries will dawn its presence to you! 

Often, when we think of new moons, we think it’s a sad or otherwise mediocre time because you don’t get to see the jewel of the night sky. In astrology, however, new moons have a different function.

When you combine this with the energy and radiant power of Aries, you can end up with something truly magical. The night sky may seem black, but the blessings in exchange will be full of magic.

Thus, join us as we explore this new phenomenon. In this article, you’ll learn more about:

  • What happens in New Moons
  • When the New Moon and Aries will meet
  • What you can do to better exploit the positive energy

What New Moon in Aries Mean For Astrology

The Moon in astrology performs just like any other planet. It is a part of the astrological system and also rotates across certain signs. When it does rotate to each sign, it can affect every sign in a significant way.

But in order to understand the way the Moon interacts with the signs, we must first understand what the Moon is and what it does. In this regard, the Moon is considered an emotional anchor. 

Think of its relationship to our planet Earth, for example. The Moon often helps dictate the tides at night and is instrumental in bringing life to the planet. Without the Moon’s influence, Earth won’t spin in its usual pattern, eliminating much of its diverse wildlife.

When a “new moon” happens, therefore, it often means that the Sun’s positive energy and the Moon’s emotional connections are in line with one another. 

This indicates that once you make a shift in your career path or commit to your existing trajectory, you will be fast-tracked along the way by solid opportunities that you can exploit. This is a time when your abilities and your emotions will come together for a symphony of productivity.

Of course, not every miraculous time is filled with roses and rainbows. After all, you must pay attention to only accomplish what you can. Furthermore, you can only achieve within the new moon’s time frame if you are willing to accept changes in your life.

After all, success is partially determined by your ability to adapt and make use of the pleasant circumstances around you. The “New Moon,” therefore, is much like the pedal in a race car. It doesn’t matter how fast your car can run or how updated its engines and components might be if you’re not willing to push it.

What Happens When the New Moon and Aries Meet

Astrologers predict that the new moon and Aries will both converge on April 11th. Now, as with all phases of the moon, this one will happen briefly– one day. However, on this one day, many positive things will happen.

In astrology, Aries is the very first sign that kickstarts the astrological year. Both parties, therefore, indicate different yet convergent beginnings: for Aries, it means being able to kickstart your plans and begin new projects.

The fact that it’s also in Aries means that you will also have a good time on the social front. Aries is a natural bringer of exuberance and positive energy, and no matter what sign you are, you’ll be making progress across all your relationships.

In other words, you can probably start popping the question or toying with the idea if you have a long-time romantic partner. You can craft business ideas and embrace new strategies if you want to try them yet.


On the other hand, this is also a time for you to focus on yourself. What this means is that you can also think about your spiritual energy and how to manifest certain things. As you know, life isn’t just about action, but also the kind of energies you emit.

After all, even if you are hyperactive and full of energy, should you possess the negative vibes, others around you will feel it. The new moon may seem transient right now, but don’t let its swiftness deceive you. What you do on the 11th might help determine what comes next for your future.

Lastly, you can also think about your creative endeavors. Even if your sign prioritizes logic, you can afford to break norms at least this one time and explore something that you haven’t tried. 

The new moon is not just about reinforcing connections or creating positive energy. It’s also about the immense euphoria that one feels when you’re done making something. For this particular new moon, the saying ironically applies: it’s literally a brand new day.

3 Tips and Tricks for the New Moon

As mentioned before, this new moon does not discriminate between signs. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Aries who loves to get things started or a Taurus who likes keeping your ideals.

What you’re about to see below is therefore a summary of what you can do, regardless of your sign, to truly take advantage of this momentous occasion. Here are some of the tips we’ve managed to compile:

#1: Try something out

Some signs want to stay where they are and keep the tradition going. It’s fair most of the time, considering that there are stakes involved when you’re looking to implement groundbreaking change.

However, you must remember that this new moon carries little to no risk for you. If you’re very concerned that there are risks anyway, consider starting small. If you’re apprehensive about dating apps, try putting your profile up for a day and see what comes next. You can delete it right after and see the results.

If you’re the enterprising, go-getter type, then what else can be said? Go get ‘em, tiger! This is the one day that you can completely focus on your prey, so pounce without mercy and seize the day. Open your mind, and the future shall be yours.

#2: Details, details, details

This special day may seem excellent for heading straight to battle, but be forewarned. Without your own meticulous planning, you might miss out on certain opportunities that could arise from a well-calculated decision.

Yes, we’re looking at you, speedy signs of the Fire element. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all really great at starting things, but you all have one common weakness: not having a plan most of the time.

Remember that you can only pursue what you want to pursue with full confidence if you have a strategy. If you’re the type who wants to refine your strategy later, at least come up with a rough draft to guide you. Make specific objectives, and then stick to them. Modify only when things come up.

However, this advice just doesn’t work for the Fire signs. Even those who love planning like Virgo should not forget to triple-check their daily objectives. Your perfectionism and natural ability to predict change at concrete levels will serve you well here.

All in all, you should view planning as an important part of the New Moon. The day will seem uneventful to you, but in astrology, blessings are not just about the glory. Even the little time that you take for granted can be a gift. If you use this gift for planning carefully, the Universe will surely pay you dividends.

#3: Go with the flow

Now, this idea can certainly raise a lot of eyebrows among certain circles in astrology, particularly those who are into logic and reasoning. Here, we have to concede that “going with the flow” is not a very cohesive way of approaching life.


However, this is also where nuance sets in. “Going with the flow” doesn’t mean just completely letting preparation out of the window. On the contrary, having a mindset requires perfect preparation on your part, because you can only go with the flow if you have a mindset that follows this rule.

In other words, what you need is a positive, unbreakable view of life. This may seem difficult to think about considering the burdens you already weigh. However, this part of the astrological season is about taking a break from your burdens.

If you are feeling lost or even hate yourself, think differently, even just for the sake of trying. Look at a mirror and meditate on your true nature. With all your heart, tell yourself that you are worthy.

It is this simple act that ultimately allows you to let life do its work. Do not be afraid of the tension or the expectations you have of yourself. By loving yourself, you will inevitably do yourself a favor.

Final Word

As you can see, this New Moon is totally different from the one we’re used to. It’s not just about starting things, it’s about moving forward with a bang.

The positive energies that will swirl on this day will be enormous. What will you do with this advantage on your side?

Whatever you wish to do from here on out, know that the Universe is looking forward to it. Keep your cool and stay on your toes– life’s about to give you an exciting time.

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