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March 24, 2021

Know What Tarot Card Represents Your Zodiac Sign


Tarot and Astrology share a history of tradition and occult symbolism. Viewed as transcultural forms of divination, the value of these two are closely intertwined. In this article, we’ll explore the tarot card that represents your zodiac sign.

But are you aware of their correlation? Did you know that for each zodiac sign, a corresponding tarot card exists? 

Both forms of divination share mystical ties with each other. Tuhs, getting to know your iconic Rider-Waite symbol will lead to a stronger sense of attunement with the divine! 

Come, and join us as we unravel the card for your zodiac sign! 

The Tarot Card for Every Zodiac Sign

Aries – The Emperor

The imagery of The Emperor reveals a dominant leader sitting on a throne made of stone. Adorned with four ram heads, it comes to no wonder why this tarot card shares a strong symbolic semblance with Aries. 

Holding both the egyptian symbols of life (ankh) and world (orb), The Emperor represents leadership that dominates all. Donning his bloody red robe, his power and energy commands respect from his constituents. 

Finally, we can see that behind the Emperor, a magnanimous mountain range exists, signifying his unyielding yet stubborn nature. Coupled with an impenetrable armor, the Emperor shows strength that blocks and conceals all. 

With that, you are: 

Good at Leading Others

You bear the strong ability of inspiring others towards your vision and mission in life. 

Bold and Courageous 

You won’t think twice, and will rashly jump right into the water. 

Determined and Unyielding

Once you decide to do something, virtually nothing can stop you from pursuing that goal. 

Tip: While you may resemble the Emperor, your inner feelings are usually trapped within. Try expressing them a bit more, and new doors will open for you. 


Taurus – The Hierophant

The imagery of The Hierophant exudes a religious and staunch stature. Ruled by Taurus, this tarot card resembles a spiritual leader who sits between two pillars of a sacred temple. 

Add to that, the Hierophant also wears a three-tiered crown. Symbolizing the mind, this crown represents control over the three Freudian aspects of the psyche. These are the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious mind.  

Finally, two followers are kneeling in front of the Hierophant. Representing the passing of tradition and wisdom, this tarot card truly symbolizes Taurus’ preference for deeply rooted cultures and practices. 

Sharing a strong sense of duty, tradition, and consistency, the Hierophant is strongly tied to the Fixed Earth sign Taurus. 

Being the tarot card that represents your zodiac sign, The Hierophant reveals your pains and powers. 

With that, you are: 

An Immovable Mountain

You are strong and stable, able to hold your ground despite the ravaging winds that blow against your path. 

Consistent and Traditional 

You’ll prefer the methods and practices that are already proven to be effective. 


Like the Hierophant, challenging your beliefs and notions is an impossible task. 

Tip: While donning the crown of culture and tradition is good, observing the signs of the times can unlock new ways of doing the same old things. 

Gemini – The Lovers

Perhaps the most famous among the tarot cards, the Lovers represent duality, spirituality, and sensuality. And just as there are twins in Gemini, this tarot card symbolizes the perfect embodiment of opposing energies. 

More importantly, the Lover depicts the Jungian concept of the Anima and the Animus. On the one hand, the tree of flames represents male passion and aggressiveness. On the other hand, the apple tree with the serpent signifies sensuality and sexuality.   


Both of these symbols represent union and duality amidst integration and destruction. Like Gemini, there is a perpetual tension existing between both symbolisms. And in this eternal push-and-pull, creation and destruction emerges.  

Given their quick yet fickle-minded nature, the Gemini is represented by the Lovers. 

With that, you are: 

A Quick Thinker

You love doing things on-the-go. Thus, when you’re in a pickle, that’s where you shine best. 

Comfortable with Change

Being the mutable air sign, you see change as an opportunity for newness and growth. 


Fickle-minded as you are, you love jumping from one person/task to the other. 

Tip: While you’re dynamic and ever-changing, don’t settle for less. And to be clear, it is up to you to define what “less” means. 

Cancer – The Chariot

The Chariot represents protection and inner will. Depicting a brave warrior wearing an armor with crescent moons, these symbols embody the strength of will and transformation towards higher self.  

Signaling an alignment with Cancer, the Chariot also includes a black and white sphinx. Like Cancer, the Chariot carries duality – 0 or 1, true or false, positive or negative.  

More importantly, the Charioteer confidently reigns over these opposing forces. The Chariot has the ability to navigate through these polarized aspects of the human self. This signifies how Cancer can traverse through the material and spiritual world

Finally, this unique connection between the Chariot and Cancer is shown by the wide river behind the charioteer. Signifying the need to be one with the flow, this holds true together with Cancer’s emotional, protective, and spiritual nature. 

With that, you are: 


A Natural Nurturer

Facilitating growth is something that comes out naturally from you. You are always happy to contribute to the greater scheme of things.  


You won’t let negativity get its way. Before it can even cloud your judgment, you’ll ram it up bigtime! 

Deep and Spiritual

Having a strong sense of understanding the intricacies of the world, you know how to comprehend things from within.  

Tip: One of your biggest struggles will be defining your own self. Try out these techniques, and nurture yourself first before others. 

Leo – Strength

Strength, obviously, corresponds with Leo. Depicting a woman taming a ferocious lion, this tarot card signifies power and generosity. Just as how she gently strokes through the lion’s hide, Strength signifies intimacy, warmth, and passion. 

Add to that, the woman is also wearing a white robe, showcasing purity and together with balance. This is important since Strength is often correlated with power and decisiveness. Yet in reality, it seeks balance and compassion.

Strength’s powerful and alluring combination depicts the royalty that Leo is born with. Seeking the spotlight, Leo’s desire for power and dominance coincides with Strength’s illustration of taming the lion. Coupled with generosity, it comes to no wonder why this card is aligned with the fixed fire sign. 

With that, you are: 

A Born Leader

Arguably, leading others is a talent that one’s born with. For you, it comes naturally. 

Charismatic and Dominant

Your quest for power pushes you to use your charisma to influence others, or even govern them. 


Seeks to be the center of attention

You love arriving late into the party, especially when it gets everyone’s attention. 

Tip: While it is good to be dominant, do not let power consume you. Define your own identity, and hold firm your morals and beliefs. 

Virgo – The Hermit

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the meaning of the Hermit. The outright illustration alone tells us that this card symbolizes spiritual growth and mastery. Whereas others have endlessly sought their higher selves, the Hermit has already achieved it. 

Signified by those white snow caps, the Hermit spiritually towers over all other cards. Add to that, the six-pointed star, together with Solomon’s insignia concretely represents the attainment of wisdom. 

These symbols coincide strongly with Virgo’s quest for self-knowledge. Analytical and objective, Virgo seeks the betterment of the world. To do this, a retreat to the mountains is necessary. What better card could represent this apart from the Hermit itself? 

With that, you are: 

Analytical and Objective

You look at things for what they are, instead of wishing it was something else.  

Calm and Wise

Knowing that things don’t always end well, you properly take your time before jumping into something. 


Like the hermit, you have that tendency to distance yourself from others, even when you know you could help them. 

Tip: Knowing when to fight or flight is a no-brainer for you. Just make sure to think of others, since you tend to prioritize yourself too much. 

Libra – Justice

Both Libra and Justice share a strong resonance with the symbol of scales. Representing balance, communication, and fairness, this tarot card certainly depicts Libra. 


On the one hand, the lady of Justice holds a sword that signifies logic, power, and necessity. Pointing upwards, the sword signifies decisiveness. Together with the dual edges of the sword, Justice is telling us that decisions always have consequences. 

On the other hand, she’s holding the scales which signifies balance, fairness, and equality. 

Add to that, this symbol represents intuitiveness, signifying that justice isn’t only determined by logic alone.  

These representations go strongly with the fixed air sign of Libra. Being the most diplomatic among the zodiacs, Justice will never fall short in representing this zodiac sign.

With that, you are: 

A Persuasive Diplomat

You know how to use your knowledge to win and even avoid arguments. 

Cunning and Cautious

You understand the nature of cause and effect. Thus, you always take the necessary precautions before making your move. 

Probably a Turncoat

You won’t think twice of flipping your position when it comes to justice and self-interest. 

Tip: Communication is your biggest strength, so knowing how to channel your throat chakra will allow you to reach places. 

Scorpio – Death

Being one of the most feared cards of the tarot deck, Death is depicted as the skeletal reaper. Wearing a black armor coupled with a white horse, this card is enough to bring those proverbial chills. With black themes all over the place, this card is often associated with mystery and negativity. 

Even then, the true meaning of this tarot coincides strongly with Scorpio. The real meaning of Death, afterall, is change and transformation. This resonates strongly with Scorpio, as this sign represents the unravelling of one’s inner feelings. 

More importantly, Scorpio cradles transformation from within. Unafraid to confront their inner demons, this zodiac sign corresponds strongly to Death. When faced with inner bouts of anxiety, they go at it head-on. 


With that, you are: 

A Truth Seeker

Like Death, you don’t fear the fragility of your existence. Instead, you’ll face the truth no matter how ugly it may be.  

The Fountain of Transformation

You know the power underneath your fingertips – the ability to touch and change one’s soul. 

Too Emotional

While you do share a strong resonance with your inner emotions, you also face challenges in managing them. 

Tip: Dealing with your own anxieties can be quite troublesome. Try out these healing crystals to break your inner walls. 

Sagittarius – Temperance

Temperance corresponds with the philosopher among the zodiacs. Depicting an androgynous angel, this divine being represents wisdom, balance, and spiritual depth. Such themes coincides strongly with the mutable fire sign Sagittarius.  

Add to that, the mountain ranges in the background represent life’s journey. Like reaching for one’s higher self, pursuing the mountains signify the attainment of greatness. This coincides with Sagittarius’ pursuit for personal and spiritual development. 

Finally, themes of moderation and mediation are present in this tarot card. Just as how Sagittarius pursues the good life, they are known to pursue the former as well. Thus, when they seek out their own purpose, they take into account ‘how’ they live their lives.  

With that, you are: 

A Truth Seeker

You are a philosopher. You will stop at nothing in your quest for truth. 

Meaningful and Purposeful


You don’t do things simply because they are the trend. Instead, you always try to find the value of your actions.  


You’ll take your time exploring things. Thus, there will be moments where you won’t commit at all.  

Tip: In order to properly explore life’s limits, timing is extremely important. Get to know your divine timing and you’ll find it easier to move forward. 

Capricorn – The Devil

Often, the Devil is one of the misunderstood cards among the tarot. After all, who isn’t afraid of the devil, right? Yet in reality, it represents the material world. As such, this theme coincides with Capricorn. 

As the Sea-Goat, it comes to no wonder why Capricorn coincides with the Devil. The main symbolism of Baphomet alone is enough to signal us why. But on the deeper side of things, this card represents our worldly whims.  

If you look closely, you’ll see two individuals who are chained loosely. Signifying that we can always break free from these chains, the Devil subtly tells us of one’s need for balance and purpose. Such themes strongly resonate with Capricorn who’s known to focus on worldly things. 

With that, you are: 

Practical and Realistic

You understand the importance of financial wealth, and how it can move you towards success. 

Hardworking and Rational

You know the importance of  putting in the effort. Thus, you think rationally as you become critical of your own actions. 


Perhaps the most materialistic and pleasure-seeking among the zodiacs, you prioritize your own utility.  

Tip: While it is good to become the master of the world, some things can be more important. Try seeking spiritual awakening, and it might trigger ways for personal growth.  


Aquarius – The Star

The star is one of the most mysterious cards among the tarot. This card signifies transcendence, rebirth, and rejuvenation. Like Aquarius, the Star strongly resonates with the need to move forward. 

As a zodiac sign, Aquarius seeks transformation. A visionary by birth, Aquarius corresponds well with the Star. After all, both symbols resonate with creation and innovation. 

With that, you are: 

Innovative and Imaginative

For you, there are no limits. The only real limit is your mind. 

Hopeful and Forward-Thinker

You never settle for what is already there. Instead, you try to think of new ways to do the same old things. 

Distanced from the World

You have the tendency to detach yourself to the world. That’s why you’re the star. 

Tip: Connecting with the grassroots is key in creating the most effective innovations. Feeling distanced? Try out these tips to ground yourself. 

Pisces – The Moon

Signifying emotional and spiritual transcendence, this tarot card relates deeply with our inner feelings. And among the zodiac signs, Pisces is the pinnacle of personal depth. By default, they strongly understand who they are and their place in the world. 

Moreover, the moon also signals one’s subconscious mind. Laying out the path to the unknown, Pisces corresponds strongly with this tarot card. After all, you are set to take this journey on your own. 

With that, you are: 

Intuitive and Spiritual

Transcendental by nature, you constantly immerse yourself in mysticism. 


Dwells in the Collective Unconscious

You understand the interconnectedness of the world like no other. 

Sometimes delusional

You have the tendency to become obsessed in your own spiritual journey. 

Tip: Your power is in your mind. Learn how to manifest your inner thoughts through the law of attraction

Final Word

Understanding the correlation between tarots and zodiac signs will deepen your spiritual knowledge. 

With that, which tarot card represents your zodiac sign?

Let us know in the comments below, and we can compare each other’s tarot card! 

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