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June 15, 2018

3 Easy Ways to Raise Your Emotional Vibration


Everything on this planet is energy.

That energy includes you and your emotions. Your emotional vibrations can run from low to high, and they’ll match your own energy levels almost 100% of the time. You know exactly what it’s like to feel drained. When emotional energy levels are high, you naturally feel more upbeat, in love, and content with life. When emotional energy levels are low, you’re most likely feeling insecure, depressed, stuck, or even victimized. Not only does the negative emotional vibration affect your mood, but it becomes a vicious cycle that can actually push you further away from your goals, hopes, and dreams. Even worse, your low emotional vibration can actually start to affect your friends, spouse, children, or even your coworkers.

There are almost as many ways to raise your vibration as there are stars in the sky. What works for you may not work for me; however, there are a few tried and true methods of raising emotional vibes that do work for most people, most of the time that you may not have tried just yet.

How to Raise your Emotional Vibration?

1. De-clutter – A Cluttered Home is a Cluttered Mind

Clutter attracts clutter. Calm attracts Calm. It’s your choice what you surround yourself with every day. Anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, doesn’t help you reach your goals, or doesn’t make you happy needs to go. Letting go can be hard for a lot of us, and for some it can seem almost impossible. Holding onto clutter – and negative emotions – can start to become a deeply ingrained habit. Just like the smoker who is trying to quit, the longer you stick with it, the harder it is to stop.
Once you push yourself through letting go of clutter, you’re telling your brain it’s okay to let go of other stuff too. As your house becomes more organized and takes less time to clean or locate what you need, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on what matters to you. Raise your emotional vibration by donating your clutter, or even have a sale and earn cash to treat yo’self!

2. Say YES! Seriously… say it. “YES!”

A huge block for someone with low emotional vibration is the habit of saying or expecting the word, “No.” You’ll also find them looking for the worst to happen in most situations and have a hard time achieving goals or maintaining relationships. The brain has been trained to use, “No” as a go-to response or protection from leaving the comfort zone. Start saying yes, repeatedly, and loudly on your own. Even the act of saying it while driving to work in the morning can make a huge difference in your day!
If you want to really kick the emotional vibration levels up a few notches, challenge yourself to start saying, “Yes” when you would normally go right for a no.

For example, that goal you have? Is it possible? Yes!
Should you share that cost-saving idea at the office? Yes!
Did people from work ask you to hang? Say Yes!
Should you donate a lump sum of $200,000 in my bank account by tomorrow afternoon? Yes! (just kidding… had to throw that one in there)

The point is, sometimes you’re the only person standing in your way. You’ve got the ability to do amazing and beautiful things and feel incredibly happy while you’re doing it. Say Yes.

3. Get Physical – and We Don’t Mean Exercise

While regular, old-fashioned exercise is one of the best ways to raise your emotional vibration, we’re not talkin’ anything old fashion here.. unless you’re talking drinks before hand, that is. The 3rd and arguably most fun way to raise your emotional energy is to… Have Good Sex!
Connecting with someone we truly love and are positive loves you right back on an intimate, deeper level is an incredibly soothing way to raise your emotional vibration.

While a good romp in the hay is always a fun time, it’s not even the act of sex that raises the vibration. It’s the connection, the intimacy, and the love making that does the trick. If “doin’ it” isn’t your thing or you aren’t able to pick up the phone to make a “spiritual booty call,” you can still connect on an intimate physical level in a thousand and one different ways. A night out dancing with friends can still do the trick and can be a TON of fun.

Take Control of Your Emotions And Your Vibe

Say YES to raising your emotional vibration. Clear your mind, home, and life of clutter. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Make an intimate connection. Life is too short to live every day feeling drained, stuck, or on auto-pilot. Take control of your emotional vibration and take control of your life. It’s all yours. You just have to try.

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