When we look at the stars, we learn just how powerful birth chart compatibility can be.

Perhaps one of humanity’s greatest obsessions is its relentless desire to find the one thing that just works for all their problems. Sometimes, it doesn’t even really matter what that thing is: it could be an eternal friendship, the blood of your enemies, a phone that has every conceivable feature, a magic pill that grants you powers untold– perhaps even a theory of everything.

Of course, there’s no question that among these things, love is one of the more important. After all, unlike the examples above, there’s no way love can hurt anyone else, be a source of immorality, or drive someone into abuse, self-inflicted or otherwise. Right? Right!?

Sadly no, the answer’s a bit more complicated. In fact, the more proper way to say it would be that we search for the most stable of love because we want to feel it more purely.

We want to feel love because it gives us a kind of happiness that just lasts and is universal enough to almost feel like an actual taste of heaven.

To reach this point, however, it’s necessary to gather as much knowledge as you can about romantic love before you go ahead and make a move. In this case, we’ll be guiding you towards an astrological way of looking at it by finding out how birth chart compatibility works.

How Astrology Birth Charts Impact Couples

Just like all fields of study, astrology is a constantly evolving science, which shuffles between ideas that have lasted for pretty much all of written human history, and fresh theories on what could be considered compatible.

All of this is largely due to the cosmos being a very dynamic place. In our solar system, for example, everything orbits around the sun, yet there are always minor deviations in trajectory and inconsistencies from the usual 365-day rotation rate. 

This causes problems for much of astrology, sometimes to the point where determining your actual sun sign is a matter of making reasonable estimates every year.

This is also why nearly every year, predictions for compatibility, birth charts, personality types (jungian archetypes), business ventures, and all other matters are in constant flux.

Of course, there’s nothing inherently bad about this, but this does make it difficult for astrology to truly establish a settled mnemonic for deciding which couples and personality types work best.

Thankfully, not all hope is lost. By virtue of looking at the meaning of each sun sign and symbol, we can at least come up with reasonable personality estimates that could at least work no matter which year we’re talking about. 

Of course, this also means you’ll need additional advice from your personal astrologer alongside their predictions, but for educational purposes, you’ll want to read on a bit further so you can understand precisely the wisdom behind your astrologer’s advice.

Birth Charts Use Sun Signs As An Indication Of Being

The Sun sign is no ordinary sign to be cast aside; it’s nothing like the outer planets like Neptune or Pluto, which you can safely ignore (although it’s still recommended you look at them, as your astrologer will surely tell you). This is because unlike all the other planetary objects, the sun directly represents your exactness

In other words, it represents the very thing that makes up who you are. Consider the sun in this sense as being the atom from which every single one of your cells, organs, and body parts arose; without it, the exact same you reading this would be nothing or completely different.

To put it in yet another way, the sun sign is a universal expression of one’s individual uniqueness. Having your specific sun sign is almost as important as having your own name– it is a symbol of your own true nature.

In the context of birth chart compatibility, Being is something that is established at the point of one’s birth through its movement to each of the signs, so when you are born, you are immediately guaranteed meaning and uniqueness, and you need only discover your true self as life goes on.

The Possibility Of Love

Similarly, when your own Being is established, so too is the possibility of romantic love. This is because astrology has an inherent belief that no person ever really is an island: whether you like it or not, your existence will converge with another and another, until at last, there is no other.

The rate at which you can find your true love is directly determined by both your sun sign and your own free will. Hence it is in the interest of both you and your astrologer to figure out what works and for you to specifically make sure that you stick to it.

This is because, in romantic love, there’s a set of unwritten principles that even those who have extensive experience can never fully articulate. This may limit astrology’s capacity to define love, but it also expands your possibilities in achieving it

Here’s An Example Of How Birth Chart Compatibility Works

This expansion is no less guaranteed in the fact that there are 12 signs as seen on the astrology wheel, yet out of all of this, your permanent partner will only ever possess one sun sign.

The aim of birth chart compatibility in this regard is to teach you prudence and judiciousness in narrowing down your possible options into what could work and what usually works.

These are the two most important categories which you’ll need to ask your astrologer, but here’s a basic example of how this is going to work for you: suppose your sun sign is Cancer

In which case, your astrologer will most likely recommend that you bond with other Water signs (Pisces and Scorpio) since all 3 of these are emotionally-adept and thus capable of supporting one another. This is what usually works.

But if you ask your astrologer if there’s another combination you can think of, then they’ll most definitely recommend the Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo).

This is because the Earth signs have the unique ability to temper the tendency of the Water signs to overextend their emotions and cause unnecessary stress. This is what could work.

Final Word

Regrettably, the subject of romantic love is too complex for an introductory piece like this to truly tackle, but do rest assured that not only are there more articles coming to give you a more comprehensive look on the matter, the eminent wisdom of an astrologer will be sure to fill the gaps presented here– so don’t hesitate to ask and probe further!

If you’d like to find more about your birth chart, you can go here to request a free birth chart reading!