Numerology can be considered an advanced, and detailed divination tool. Used to understand and read the energy surrounding us, but it also has a long and ancient history stretching back to Ancient Egypt, and is used in many other disciplines such as Tarot, or Astrology. Even though Numerology is used in other disciplines it is a significant and powerful discipline on it’s own. It’s based on a divine, synchronistic, and meaningful relationship between numbers and how they correlate with the real world. Numerology is essentially a study of the symbolism of numbers.

Amongst many things, numerology can show different characteristics about a person, based on their date of birth. Anywhere a number is present, it’s energy can be read using Numerology.

How Numerology Works

I don’t know whether we will every truly understand how Numerology works because it’s so ancient, and a lot of ancient knowledge is now unfortunately lost to us. But what we do know is that each number carries a certain energy on it’s own, and when numbers are combined they create different energy. This energy can be ordered, or considered to be a symbol for meanings that we can interpret in life.

Symbolic Meanings Of The Numbers 1-9

1: Is the beginning, destiny, the spark of creation, it can be new experiences, emotional or spiritual energy, or new epiphanies. If you are starting out on a new venture the energy of the number one will be present. This is a time when the new energy is strong, vibrant and active because it’s the initiating force.

2: Represents, pairings, couples, balance and union. It’s a representation of peace, and harmony. The number two can represent relationships, or partnerships of any kind. The number two is a harmonious and pleasant number, but sometimes it can create situations where we become stuck in a rut.

3: Three represents, the body, soul and spirit, it’s a magical wholesome number that creates new energy, and a sense of completion. Three is creative, charming, witty and charismatic for it represents the vitality of life.

4: Represents life path, purpose, destiny and meanings, it also represents compatibility. Four’s are solid, with no weaknesses, it’s organised, solid and enduring and built to last.

5: Is adventurous and daring, it reminds me of the element of Fire, it’s dynamic, action based, but also freedom loving. Five is often social, fun, creative, and fast paced.

6: Home is where the heart is, according to Six. For this number represents loving relationships, compassion, empathy and deep compassion. Similar qualities to those of the element of water.

7: Number Seven is mystical and mysterious there are aspects about the number seven that we will never know. Seven seeks the truth and never takes anything for granted. It always wants to seek the hidden truths and is also the number that reflects deception and trickery.

8: Number Eight is authoritative and controlling, it represents leadership and business and material success. Eight is powerful, and efficient and street smart. Eights are also good judges of character.

9: Nine is a powerful symbol of ritual and initiation. It’ represents the end of a cycle and endings in general. It’s final, and patient, and also represents spirituality, and religion.